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Chapter 47: I Learn the Secret of Mifa’s Eyes

The third period was terrible.

It seems that basic physical fitness and physical education are in the third period of Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. 

Three times a week … I’m very welcoming to exercise because I want to lose weight, but when I do it with everyone, I stand out and I feel ashamed. 

The dragoon school I attended also had physical education, but it wasn’t too hard. Because the dragoon’s legs are the drakes. You don’t have to run on your own. 

“♪ It wouldn’t have been like this if you enrolled in the dragoon academy.”

“I guess …” 

“♪ Master, you seem to think that you have less muscle mass, but you have more muscle mass than the average person.” 

“Is that the case? Isn’t it just fat? 』\ 


“♪ You’ve been wearing 75 kg of meat dumbbells all over your body for years, right? It’s like wearing wrist weights and ankle weights all the time. Almost like wearing a turtle shell. ” 

“Don’t say that! I haven’t been trained by a white-bearded hermit wearing a turtle shell! 』\

{TN: I believe this is a Dragon Ball reference} 

However, if she says so, I may be stronger than boys of the same age.

I didn’t know because there were only my brothers and knights who were training around me, but I may be stronger than the other boys in this class. 

“♪ You have more strength than someone who doesn’t do anything, but your endurance is devastating. So, the challenge is to improve the quality of your muscles, increase the amount, and lose fat. When the weight of the meat is removed, the endurance and quickness will inevitably increase. It may be good to wear weights to maintain the feel of the reduced fat. ” 

“I see. If it doesn’t change from my original weight, it means that I can do weighted training without any discomfort … ” 


* * * 

Fourth period was training for magic manipulation. 

“Luke, from what I was told your magic manipulation is excellent. Can you tell me what your [magic manipulation] skill level is?” 

“Navi, should I tell him? I can’t pass if they don’t know how to evaluate my grades, right? I don’t think I should expose my abilities in public though…” 

“♪ No need to tell him. Evaluation is not judged by skill level, but by clearing a given task.  “

If all the attack magic and the auxiliary magic that I have are revealed, It’ll be a considerable disadvantage for me. It’s easy to contain a person whose main attribute is fire magic by attacking with water or soil attribute. Royalty like me should never be exposed. 

” Eric-sensei, at the Dragoon School in my country, it was a silly act to expose your proficiency to anyone other than a trusted companion, but is it different in this country? I was taught to pay close attention, but … ” 

“I’m sorry, of course in this country, It’s not so serious so I asked easily, but I meant no offense. The practical class is a group action class, but those who can clear the task can act freely. So, if you’re good at magic manipulation, I ask you to give guidance if there’s anyone who’s having difficulties. ” 

“Is that so? I’m not that good, but I think I can help. But with our group, it seems that everyone can already clear the tasks.” 

“Erica-san should be fine, but what about Mifa-san?” 

He knows Natalie and Emilia have been in class, and Iris is a graduate, so he didn’t need to ask.

“I was born with a bad eye, so I didn’t intend to go to school, I’ve never practiced that. I’ve never raised my level, so my race level is low, and I have almost no skill levels in magic. ” 

Mifa seems to be as skilled as a normal person. 


” Eric-sensei, I’ll teach Mifa.” 

“That’s fine. But if you have any questions, ask me immediately. Because I’m here for that. The task of the first semester is the handling of magic power manipulation. You can use any attribute, If it’s a fire attribute If you move a candle flame in the direction you’re instructed, you’ll pass the evaluation with a perfect score. If you use water, you’ll pass if you make a stream of water in the direction you’re instructed. Since this is the final task, those who can release beginner magic at this point will clear the task of manipulating magic power and can practice as they like during class. ” 

Looking around, it seems that each group is separated and practicing separately.

The teachers go where they are called and give guidance. 

After the teacher’s greeting, the individual practice began in each group. 

By the way, the leader of this group is me. I insisted that Iris, a graduate, was the right person, but she rejected, saying, “Aside from the master, there can be no leader!”  

“I said I would teach Mifa, but I guess there’s a lot of difference between the way I was thought and the way they teach here.”

“Yes. Please teach us your own method.”

“Okay, though do you need to hear this Iris…” 

“Yes. I became a disciple because I wanted to receive Luke’s guidance.” 

“What’s your level of [Magic Manipulation]?”

“Wha? Didn’t you just say don’t say it lightly to the teacher …” 

“How does the master teach without knowing the disciple? You’ll have to show them all on your [Crystal Plate] later.” 

“Well, that’s a little embarrassing. I feel like I’m naked.”

“What are you saying …” 

“Maybe she said that in the sense of exposing all of herself.”

” Mifa-sama, that’s right!” 

“So what’s the level?”

“It’s level 4. I feel like I’m about to go up to 5. It’s pretty amazing, isn’t it? I went to the temple for three years as a part-time job and practiced recovery magic.” 

“Oh, that’s good. My [magic manipulation] is at level 6. It will soon be level 7.”

“Level 7!” 

Iris! What a big voice! 

“Is this that talkative mouth? Is this the cute mouth that lightly and loudly yells her master’s secret even though she’s a disciple?” 

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” 

I plucked and pulled Iris’s mouth from side to side! 

“Iris’s training method is not wrong. The only way to improve proficiency is to actually use it. However, there’s a trick.” 

“Really, I want to learn that! Why is there such a difference in proficiency even though I started training three years earlier? The higher the level, the harder it is to go up right? ” 

“How old were you when you started? I did from about 6 or 7 years old.”

“From so early!?” 

“Well, the main attributes of Iris and Mifa are the holy attribute right? In a sense, it’s the easiest to raise.” 

“” Eh? “”

“Hmm? What’s wrong? Did I say something strange?” 

“Luke, my main attribute is not holy. Perhaps you judged by my hair color, but my main attribute is water> thunder> fire.” 

Certainly, It’s because of Mifa’s hair color that I judged her to be a holy attribute. 

“What, that’s quite bad balance-wise… Fire and water don’t go well together, and water and thunder are also incompatible.” 

Wait! White hair, blue eyes, and amblyopia……This is that, right?

“♪ Albino … It’s a genetic illness that naturally impairs the body’s ability to make melanin pigments. It seems that about 1 in 20,000 people are born with it in this world. ” 

“What’s the cure? I was thinking of healing her eyes … ” 

“♪ No cure for albino has been found so far. It’s a disease that won’t progress any further, but they’re vulnerable to UV rays, so they have to be careful in the summer. ” 

“Can’t her eyes be healed … I feel like I can heal them”

“♪ How? It can’t be cured by modern medicine. ?\ 

“On the contrary, because it’s this world, there is a possibility that it can be cured. When the race level exceeds 40, you’ll be able to learn special skills, right? Among them, there’s a [site defect treatment]. I think it will be cured if I make full use of modern medicine and magic … ” 

“♪ There is a possibility. However, the site defect treatment magic has no effect on congenital illnesses. ” 

“Can you find out the structure and treatment of the eyes for the time being? Anyway, I can’t even try it cause my level is too low right now. ” 

“♪ I understand”  

Even so, all of them are incompatible.

The magic of this world is a little different from the five elements of China’s five major elemental magic. 

It is not “tree”, “fire”, “earth”, “gold”, “water” but “wind”, “fire”, “earth”, “thunder”, “water”. The relevance is also different. 

“Is it strange after all?”

“It’s more of a loss than strange. It’s better to have an attribute that enhances the effect of others than an attribute that offsets them. For example, like this —” 

After using the wind magic [Airball], I released the fire magic [Fireball] and remade it into a [Firestorm]. 

“” That’s amazing! [No chant] and [Composite magic]! “” 

” Well you won’t know cause you can’t see it Mifa …”

“No, you mixed red with green to make it a bigger red! Did you mix wind and fire to make a more powerful magic?” 

“Your eyes see something different, don’t they?”

“Yes. I can see magic power in color. emotions also appear in color so I can also see that.” 

Feelings …

Even if I keep silent just because I don’t want to tell a lie, will Mifa somehow see it in color? 

I don’t want to be disliked, so I’ll be careful to stay honest.

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  1. The athor may not know it, but water, thunder, and fire is an extremely deadly and amazing combination. By using thunder on water, you can remove the oxygen leaving only the hydrogen. And when you use fire on hydrogen, it is enough to destroy a whole d@mn mountain.

    thunder x water = hydrogen
    Hydrogen x fire = hydrogen bomb

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