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Chapter 44: The members of my group were decided by royal order

{TL Note: Permanently changing servant (student) to valet and leaving servant as contract beast}

There was a problem with my engagement with the Forest family due to the invasion of Mifa, so I had a discussion with the people of both houses in my room.

If you find a marriage partner by yourself during the student period of 16 to 18 years, it’s an old noble custom that parents must accept it unless it’s a partner who’s not very suitable for the family. Well, it’s just a convention, and it doesn’t legally protect the will of the child … like with me.

Although Mifa is not a student, she used that convention to convince her parents to marry her to the person she was looking for. And the result of the discussion between the three of us, so that Emilia, who’s sick, won’t be unhappy is “to procrastinate the problem in the form of engagement.”

Engagement is established if parents of both sides agree with the partner decided by the child. In that case, other families can’t intervene unless there is a large disparity in the rank. It’s highly likely that if a member of the royal family, fell in love with a girl and says he wants to marry her though she’s engaged to a Count family, It could happen but never in reverse.

Duke Guile won’t look for a new fiancé, and Emilia, who has androphobia, can eliminate men who come to her with calculated intentions.

Mifa and Emilia reported the details of the discussion to their fathers immediately.

Duke Guile was very pleased with the result.


I think I’m a little overrated, but I don’t feel bad cause Luke’s treatment was so terrible in his country.

“Luke, My father wants you to come to the castle when you have time.”

“The King? Yeah…He’s going to be my father-in-law, I have to go and greet him properly…I see. but I have to go to the Duke’s house first. I’ll be leaving school on Monday, I have permission to take a five-day break until Friday. “

“Aunt Sasha’s treatment, right?”

“Yeah. Going to the castle will be in the holidays at the earliest.”

“I understand. I’ll tell him that.”

“Mifa, I can cure this illness, which is said to be incurable, but even if someone asks me, I refuse, so can you tell the king about that too?”

Here Iris gave her opinion.

“It’s a disease that no one can cure except Luke. Isn’t it God’s will to save as many people as possible?”

“The people around me will think selfishly, that since I can cure it I should just cure it irresponsibly, like Iris just now, but how far should I go? “

“How far? You have the power to cure from God, and should save as many people as possible?”

“Then, why is Iris acting as my maid here now? If you go to a temple or a slum where they are injured or sick yet can’t afford to pay and keep healing them until your magic is exhausted, they’ll be saved right? Aren’t there a lot of people? “

“… That’s right …”

“In the long run, everybody is more or less a hypocrite. They have the power to cure people, but no one is doing it for free. They line their pockets and unconsciously cut out someone they can’t see, There are so many people in the slums who die because they can’t afford to be treated. If you say save as many as you can, go to the slums right now. Shouldn’t they be treated for free until your magic power’s exhausted? “


Iris couldn’t say anything more … Actually, she’s aiming to be a healer, but she’s doing something like being a maid. It seems that she wants to become my disciple and gain more power, but in my opinion, that also has selfish intentions.

“I’m sorry that I can’t use recovery magic from morning till night till I have dark circles under my eyes like the Pope. I can’t be a saint. When I become a king, I could sell a favor to my subordinates using this ability, I should think along those lines. “

“Does Luke not want to use the power that much?”

Even Mifa complained to me.

“It’s not that I don’t want to use it. I don’t want to be taken advantage of. I have a lot of things I want to do and have to do. I don’t want to waste my time on it. It was because of Lara that I treated Sasha. I think I’d help those in front of me, but I don’t want to cure a person I’ve never met just because of the intentions of a third party. If I have the travel time and magic power to cure that person, I’d use it for myself. “

“Oh! That’s right …”


Iris probably remembered what happened in the temple.

What I want to do … I’m going to raise my level for the time being. Iris thinks I’m an apostle nominated by the goddess and will help.

Some people may be suffering from illness … but just because they can be cured, if I get involved in everything, I wouldn’t have time to raise my level. If the evil god is resurrected, people will die in units of 10,000 … It’s not necessary to consider which one should be prioritized.

One hour passes in the blink of an eye, and the bell that ends the first hour of class rings.

“We have to go back to the classroom. Let’s hurry back.”

* * *

By the way, it seems that the next class is a precaution for tomorrow’s “summoning ceremony”.

“Everyone’s here? Then we’ll change groups first. Since Luke and Mifa are new I’ll start with a brief explanation.”

The teacher explained the class to us who didn’t know anything.

There are 6 classes in 1st grade, and 30 students per class.

The reason for 30 people is that [Crystal Plate] has a party organization function, but the upper limit for a normal party is 6 people. And If it’s a large-scale party, a raid party, the upper limit is 30.

Therefore, the upper limit of one class is 30 people, and 5 groups will be created in one class.

There are A to F classes, and it seems that the grades of the entrance examination determine your class, but only class A is a special class. Here there are people with a family rank of Marquis or higher and those with high grades.

Isn’t the treatment too good for high-ranking aristocrats?

“Teacher, Class A accepts higher-ranked aristocrats, regardless of grades, isn’t it a bit too partial?”

“Luke, this isn’t partiality. It’s a security measure that considers safety. The reason why only high-ranking aristocrats are in A class is If we put you all together, even if it’s outdoors. It’ll be easier to take measures in case of emergencies. “

“That’s true on the escort side, but is it possible for high-ranked noble children to keep up with class A students who have achieved excellent results and entered with their own abilities?”

“Aren’t you allowed to have excellent full-time valets for that purpose?”

“Oh, I’m convinced. The delay in class means you can learn from your servants later.”

“This school solicits donations from nobles at the time of admission that is equivalent to their family peerage. Although they’re not favored, there are some preferential treatments for aristocrats, such as dormitory rooms and seating order.”

“I see, but doesn’t the general public complain about the preferential treatment?”

“No. Rather, thanks to the donations, they’re grateful that their entrance fees, school uniforms, dining room usage fee, daily bath, etc. can be used at a low price. Even the royal family can’t advance with a red dot so be careful. “

“I understand”

“Then I’ll continue with the lesson. There are 30 students in each class, but every year there will be vacancies in every class by the mid-term test. Those who can’t keep up with the class, those who lose confidence in their magical talent due to practical skills, and those who quit. There will be dropouts in the class. Classes will be organized again when going up in two years, but during that time there will be groups with vacancies. “

It seems that there were only 26 people in this class, 4 people had already quit.

“Originally, the members of the class are free to discuss and form a well-balanced group, but Luke, Mifa, Emilia, and their attendants are asked to be in the same group.”

“Wait a minute! Emilia wants our team to stay as it is!”

“♪ He’s a member of a Marquis family. He knows Emilia’s true face and seems to have feelings for her. He has intentions of marrying her. “

“Wow, when I hear that, I feel sorry for pulling them apart, but from Emilia’s point of view, it’s not a good thing.”

“♪ That’s right. Emilia is sensitive to his eyes and feels annoyed. He’s the fourth son of his family, so he can’t be the successor. When Emilia was placed in his team, he seemed happy not to miss this opportunity. I’ll add that he’s not a bad person. “

Navi’s ability to explore the past is amazing. In this world, there is a Yggdrasil system set up by the Creator God, and it seems that all living things are individually recorded and preserved. It seems that Navi can peep at it, and current information is extracted from the past log.

“I’m sorry, but this is a royal order and a decision of the school director, so it’s a definite matter. The reason is the crime prevention I mentioned earlier. For guarding the princess, Erica is very strong … Natalie also, and Iris, who is with Luke, was also a graduate last year. It would be safer for the royal family to have these three people. “

“But my valet is as strong as Natalie!”

I’ll do my best …

“I didn’t want to say this much, but Emilia is of royal descent. If she gets injured during team action, it will also bother your house. It’s better to leave it to the royal family. “

“Even if I get injured, I won’t blame them if the team members are not responsible! The Forest family will not do that!”

Emilia, who I thought was quiet, was biting at the teacher?

It’s true that the teacher said it badly, but … I’m a little surprised.

“Excuse me! I didn’t mean to insult the Duke’s family. I just wanted him to follow the royal intentions. I’m sorry if I misled you.”

Because of that, my team members were decided to be these 5 people without discussion.

The rest of the groups are the same, and Alfred, the Marquis son whose group Emilia left, became the leader of his group, and the class change was completed easily.

“Then, tomorrow’s notes”

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  1. I’ve been thinking this for a while but can’t Luke do anything about mifa’s eyes? I’m also hoping the author doesn’t force Emilia to be with that Alfred kid. I don’t like pushy characters like him, she clearly has no interest in him and is in fact quite annoyed/disturbed by his leering, I’m hoping he’d get a clue and leave her alone.

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