Chapter 41

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Chapter 41: The Love of Princess Mifa

At this time, Duke Guile called me.

The call function is a function that allows you to make calls in the same way as a smartphone but only from people who are registered as friends on your [Crystal Plate], and it’s an excellent function that allows you to make video calls.

I’m in homeroom, but will I be excused?

“Teacher, I’m getting a call from the Duke. Can I take it?”

“Maybe it’s about this. It doesn’t matter, you can take it.”

I’ll accept the call since the school director has given permission.

“Yes. Duke Guile, I’m in homeroom right now, is it urgent?”

“I’m sorry. I just got in touch with my brother … It’s a little tricky. Can you call me during the next break, I want to explain in detail? 』\

“Okay. Is it about the transfer of Princess Mifa?”

“Yes, but why do you know that, I was just told? 』\

“No, I don’t know the circumstances, but Princess Mifa and Miss Erica just came into the classroom as transfer students, so I just wondered if your emergency contact at this time was related. “

“They’re already there? That’s my older brother’s daughter … She’s quick to act. Please tell me later what happens. “

“Alright, I’ll call you later?”

I hung up the call —

“Sorry. Thank you for your patience.”

“Hmm, it looks like he was trying to tell you about this …”

“School director? Can you explain what this means?”

“Hmm, I think it’ll be a pain for Eric sensei, but from today, Princess Mifa and Miss Erica, her exclusive maid, will also be transferred. This morning, the King directly contacted me and ordered me to put his daughter in the same class Luke is in.

“Isn’t this kind of king’s command unusual?”

“Hmm. It’s the first time since I was appointed as the director of this school. He’s a person who doesn’t confuse public and private affairs, so there may be some reason. Princess Mifa, please come over …”

Erika-chan pulls her hand and they come to the front of the podium where I and the school director are.

“Luke, I’ve been chasing you ?”

“What? Me?”

What does she mean ‘chasing’?

“Huh? ‘Me’? Did you change your name?”

“No… you said you gave up last year’s enrollment because you had a bad eye, but what happened?”

“That’s … that …”

“Do your best, Princess!”

Erica is cheering, from the side, the princess who’s squirming.

“That, let me ask Luke first!”

“OK, but now?”

At that time, the bell that signaled the end of homeroom rang.

“Hmm, we have a 15-minute break until the first class starts, but you haven’t introduced yourselves yet, so please continue.”

“Is that okay? Isn’t it a break?”

“It’s better now …”

When checked with the director of the school, he nodded, so I went ahead with the princess.

“Um, Luke told me that I was cute in the carriage …”

“I told you for sure! What an embarrassing thing to say in front of everyone.”

“It’s very important to me! Please tell me again!”

Well, I have no idea what Emilia, Mifa, and Iris are thinking!

“Yeah. I think Princess Mifa is very cute …”

“It’s not a lie after all ?”

“It doesn’t work if I lie to you …”

“Luke, if you think I’m cute, please go out with me on the premise of getting married!”

“” Wha! Propose from the princess! “”

“It’s a Lie ~ Princess, don’t you know his rumors?”

“You declined the matchmaking my house applied for …”

“Isn’t it a lie? He’s the rumored ‘Orc Prince’? What’s so good about him?”

I’ll remember that last guy!

“be quiet!”

It was a big fuss —

How did this happen?

“Navi! What’s going on Couldn’t you predict the behavior of the princess in advance? 』\

“♪ Navi is always on the lookout for surrounding changes, but not everyone is directly involved with master. Even for Navi, this is a surprise! I’ll look it up, so please wait a moment. “

?That’s right … Hmm.

“♪ I think Mifa will explain to you now.”

“Princess Mifa? Why do you suddenly want to get married? Did you get ordered by the king to like me?”

“No, that’s not the case. I was worried about Luke while returning from Uncle Guile’s commercial city to the royal capital. The farther we got from the commercial city, the more painful it became. I wondered why, and when I dared to consult with Erica, she said that it was “love trouble”. The moment I heard that, I was convinced of everything. I seem to have fallen in love with you. “


In addition, the girls started going Kya kya …….

“But we only spent about half a day together, right?”

“The time doesn’t matter! You’ve saved my life many times, you were so fond of Lara, that heart-pounding piano performance, a fun dinner, and the wonderful recovery magic you gave to my aunt … Just thinking back, I immediately wanted to return to the Duke’s house. “

When put in line like that, I felt that all the conditions for setting the flag were in place …

“But I’m already engaged to Emilia, and I can’t reply to the princess’ proposal at my discretion.”

“I was also wondering what to do. I decided to transfer to the school because I received a consultation from Emilia last night. I heard Luke told Emilia, that she had to come say hello to you who had arrived. She consulted with me cause she couldn’t do it. If she hated it so much that she couldn’t even say thank for saving her mother, she thought that if you and me, who likes you got married everyone would be happy even if she didn’t. “

Emilia was willing to thank me and was worried, but the princess is also quite bold.

“Then, did was this planned in a hurry?”

“Yes. I rushed to my father early in the morning and said my mind for the first time in my life.”

“Is it the first time in your life?”

“Yes. I told him,’ I’m in love with Luke and I really want to marry him, so let me transfer to that school!'”

Such straightforward words, my classmates started making noise again.

To be honest, I’m thrilled to be told by such a cute girl.

“What was the King’s answer?”

“After thinking a bit, I was told, ‘He’s already engaged to Emilia,’ so I pressured papa, saying, ‘Then, I’m not going to marry anyone anymore!’ ‘Okay, let’s talk about engagement and transfer with you right away’ he said. “

The king’s ability to act is also amazing.

Did he start the transfer procedure and contact Duke Guile within hours of making the decision? Did Duke Guile accept it? He wasn’t so convinced by the situation just before.

“Have you finished talking to the Duke’s family? I was called cause there was no trace originally?”

“My dad said that if Emilia didn’t work, he could use Anna as the successor, but my uncle seems to have a different idea.”

Princess Mifa …

She’s so cute and I like her, but I can’t accept it when I think of subduing the evil god.

After subduing the evil god, I would like to get along with her from there. If she couldn’t lie and I was right next to her, it would be a lot of trouble …

“I know you can’t see it, but I’m so fat that people call me ‘Orc  Prince’ or ‘Pig Prince’.”

“Even if I can’t see what you look like, I can only say that it doesn’t matter. From my point of view, what’s inside is more important than the appearance.”

“♪ Mifa says this, but the appearance of the master has been confirmed. It seems she wants to get married even so. ”

“How? she can see it? 』\

“♪ I’ll explain later.”

I want to know now!

“Princess Mifa, I don’t want to interfere with your proposal, but the class is about to begin. Will you give me a break?”

“Sorry! Luke, are you dissatisfied with me?”

If you beg with such tears …

A serious confession from a woman … I don’t want to say the wrong thing.

“Princess Mifa, I’m very happy about your feelings. If it’s not about getting married right away, but about getting married, I’d be happy to accept it.”

“” Kya! Engagement! “”

“‘Pig Prince’ is OK!?”

“Seriously! Shit, I’m angry!”

“It’s a ‘pearl on a pig'”

“No, that’s ‘Beauty and the Orc’.”

You can say whatever you want!

I’m surprised to hear the saying, but it doesn’t mean anything!

“Pearl to a pig” means that it doesn’t make sense to give something of value to someone who doesn’t know the value. I know the value of the princess! You just want to call me a pig!

I think it’s better to have Emilia, who has androphobia, than Princess Mifa, if I’m supposed to run away and build my strength, but I don’t want to turn down a girl who has confessed seriously.

Unlike Luke’s ex-fiancé, Lulutier, who said she liked me. It’s not me who Lulutier likes but Luke before I replaced him. Luke’s feelings for Lulu, are also stuck in my heart like a thorn … ..

If the premise is to run away, it’s a good idea to refuse properly, but honestly, it’s impossible to leave such a girl hanging. I’ll never do it in my life here.

I will seriously discuss and decide.

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  1. She knows what she wants and goes straight for the attack, nice!

    Thanks for the chapter!

  2. If he’s too dense for not noticing Lulu’s feelings, just cut her off for real so she won’t suffer any longer and just have a compressed heartbreak instead of letting her wait for nothing~

    Also, those who can’t say their true feelings(man or woman), I don’t really like them~
    I like the straightforward Princess Mifa to him more and she can help as his backing too when the Demon Lord is about to resurrect~

    1. he notice lulu feeling, and he know real luke love her too… and even if he doesn’t love lulu, luke feeling to her still affect him, but the one she love is the real luke, not him. that the reason why he feel pain when he let her go but still let her go…

      1. Agreed.

        Unless there’s some Manhwa-level “split soul” retcon by author — or “goddess told Lulu and (old) Luke beforehand and had informed consent” — (new) Luke is a completely different person than (old) Luke. And (new) Luke has no way to know, nor obligation to fake for a potential lifetime together, the personality and behavior of (old) Luke.

        The only remnants of (old) Luke are fading lingering regret of the body. Exactly the same as (new) Lukes fading memories of his family’s names. It’s debatable, but I agree with (new) Luke it would be more irresponsible to Lulu to fake that.

        Keep in mind the Mental Strength number of (new) Luke on his character sheet from Ch1. He didn’t make the harsh decision to abruptly and cleanly sever ties with Lulu lightly.

  3. Very well, Luke is not a heartless man. Although he still needs to organize his life to defeat the Evil God and decide his romantic relationships, he is not doing things so badly. However, I expect a harem, so I really want Luke to think about his female relationships more seriously on the future.

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