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Chapter 40: A Magical Tool for Cognitive Obstruction

{TL Note: Changed Navy (the AI’s name) to Navi.}

After finishing the exchange with the goddess, we go back to the city.

“You’re buying so much again! Don’t waste! The Duke is watching how you spend your money!”

Well, she says that,

But is it because of concern that her wording is becoming more like an older sister?

She looks like an older sister scolding her bad brother …

“♪ Iris seems to have recognized the Master as an” Apostle. ” An “apostle” is a person who has been given some kind of mission by God, but Iris seems to want to help herself in order to fulfill “God’s wish”. “


“That’s why she stopped doing things that would be disadvantageous to me and stopped acting according to duke guile’s wishes …”

“Iris, in fact, one of the benefits I received from the goddess was the ability to stop the time in my [Subspace Warehouse].”

“Time stop function! That’s a super rare ability only few people in this country have! And one of the benefits … Did you get any other great benefits?”

“I can’t talk about any other benefits yet, but don’t tell anyone about this one. I don’t have to tell you why right?”

“Yes. If a third party knows that the things you put in won’t rot, adventurers and merchants won’t leave you alone. Once, an adventurer with the same gift became a merchant and from a seaside village, the story was he bought seafood, carried it to a commercial city, and sold fresh raw food to make a lot of money. “

“That’s right. On the contrary, meat and vegetables cannot be harvested in the coastal areas, so if you can transport mountain and sea products, you’ll save money immediately. As an adventurer, even in the summer, the hunted prey will not rot. If you have one, you can go hunting for a long time. Well, that’s why, no matter how much I buy raw meat, it won’t be wasted, so don’t worry. “

“Okay, but don’t secretly make and eat it yourself in the middle of the night?”

Iris warned me because my brother said something extra.

“Fairy, where should I go next? 』\

” It’s Navi. I have a proper name now, so please call me by name. “

“That’s right … Navi, where should I go next? 』\

“♪ Please go to the blacksmith and buy some iron ore and Mithril steel. After that, you’ll purchase shampoo ingredients at the Yakushi Guild. You can also buy spices there. “

“I understand. But what’s the ore for? I don’t need weapons or armor yet, right? 』\

“♪ Your weapons and armor are so good that even your current equipment is disproportionate to the low-level master. The main aim is to make materials used to strengthen the workshop, but I think it’s a good idea to start operating the [Weapon Workshop] from an early stage to improve your skill level. “

“That’s right … Even if I suddenly want a good weapon, I can only make an iron knife, so we should buy it. Oh yeah, you can crush the scrap weapons collected from the thieves. “

“♪ I understand”

We bought the things needed by Navi and went home to the dormitory.

Iris also seems to be quite tired.

Let’s go to bed early today

* * *

The next morning,  Iris woke me at exactly 5:30 and we took a 30-minute walk.


It’s my first time going to school today …

I’m taking a walk around the school, but I’m a little nervous when I think of Emilia.

Looking at Iris walking next to me, I’m still a little nervous.

“Is Iris also nervous because it’s the first day of school?”

“Yes. I’m three years older than a graduate, I’m even more conspicuous since I’m a transferring in the middle. Also, I’m Luke’s exclusive maid. It’s quite unnerving. Luke doesn’t seem to be very nervous, though? “

“No, I’m nervous? Emilia didn’t come to say hello yesterday … I said she didn’t have to come, but I didn’t think she wouldn’t come. I don’t think I’m willing to accept that. I don’t want to see her when I think about it, but when I go to the classroom, well,  I don’t like it …

I think she’s heard about her mother’s illness from Duke Guile and Anna. I helped her dying mother, but she didn’t even come to thank me …

I don’t want to call it a favor, but I think it’s natural for the other side to say thank you, but not even doing that is a declaration that you have no intention of getting along. Well, let’s go.

“I haven’t met Emilia so much …”

“Well, if you have an age difference of 3 years, you won’t have many chances to meet.”

“Emilia didn’t even participate in tea parties …”

“Is that so? Not only male phobia, but people themselves are no good?”

“No, I hear that she’s very kind to women. However, it seems that the women who participate in tea parties recommend their sons and relatives’ sons to her as son-in-laws every time. It seems that she never appeared in such places again. “

“That’s understandable, It’s not fun to go to such a tea party.”

* * *

First, I go to the staff room and say hello to my homeroom teacher.

“Oh, you’re here. Good morning students.”

“”Good morning””

“I’ll go to the classroom with you after the pre-bell rings, can you sit on those chairs for a while? Iris knows, but I’ll give Luke a few notes.”

“I’ve been told the school rules.”

“Yes, but there is a rule to be taught directly by a teacher. To make sure that you can’t make excuses by saying ” I didn’t know that ” later. , Transfer students are told individually in this way. “

The teacher is a male teacher about 40 years old. Certainly, his name is Eric. He’s speaking lightly to the prince of a great power …

The teacher explained some precautions in this school.

・Teachers do not give honorific titles to students

・Everyone is equal in this school, and there is no intimidation or oppression due to family lineage.

・ If you get a red dot, you cannot advance

・Attack magic outside of class is prohibited

・Prohibition of violent acts such as fights

There is no particular problem because it’s all common sense.

This teacher seems to call boys with “Kimi” and the girls with “San”.

* * *

The pre-bell rings and the teacher takes us into the classroom.

The noise became quiet in an instant, and everyone pays attention with a gaze as if waiting for this.

I’ve received this kind of attention many times in my work days, but I’m still nervous.

“Oh, isn’t it really quiet today? Well, the rumored prince you’ve been waiting for has arrived. Luke, introduce yourself …”

Don’t say it so badly … What ‘the rumored prince’! Are you talking about that rumor?

“I’m the rumored ‘Orc Prince’ of the neighboring country!”

hm? No reaction …

Iris also held her head next to me … Did I mess up?

Did I suddenly screw up on my first day?

“No, Luke, you weren’t introduced that way … I’m sorry …”

Teacher, I’ve lost face! It’s cause you pretend to be weird!

“♪ Why do you blame other people … It’s your own fault to let it slip due to self-deprecation. I wish you’d just greeted normally. “

Ugh … I can’t talk back.

“Then again … I’m Luke A. Wolg, the third prince of the Kingdom of Wolg. I was sent as the son-in-law of the Duke of Forest in this country by royal decree … Which girl is Miss Emilia?”

I dared to harass Emilia-chan, who didn’t even come to say hello, and to eliminate the low-ranking aristocratic girls who might come to me in the future.

“” I heard it? Even a son-in-law! “”

“Engagement with Emilia!”

“With that man-hating Emilia?”

Suddenly the class became noisy —

Apparently, Emilia didn’t say anything to her classmates … maybe she wanted to hide it?

“♪ That’s right. You’re grimacing right now. Oh, but this girl — “

“Everyone, be quiet! Luke, can’t you say hello to your fiancé during breaks?”

“Okay, but can you tell me who she is? Actually, I haven’t heard anything, so I don’t even know her face.”

Iris knows as much as her face, but I want to see what kind of girl she is.

“Emilia is the girl behind that window. For security reasons, Luke’s seat is behind her because there is a rule that a high-ranking nobility sits far from the entrance.”

“♪ In the past, a commoner’s daughter suddenly stabbed the son of a Marquis from behind during class. The girl was sent by the assassination guild, apparently due to a faction struggle. Since then, it’s become customary for people with higher family peerage to sit in the back seats to prevent unexpected attacks. “

“I see … Then, is that girl Emilia-chan? 』\

Yup? Unlike rumors, she’s not that cute, is she? She’s quite normal …

There are many girls in this class who are cuter than that girl. Originally I didn’t want to get married, but though I think it’s rude, it’s a little disappointing.

“Hello Emilia”

I say hello to her.



Don’t get angry for such little things—

“♪ Master, she’s not ignoring you, she’s nervous about her male partner and can’t make a voice. And, as I said earlier, she seems to be wearing a cognitive-blocking magic tool around her neck. Above the collar is the effect of change, and she looks different to master than her real face. “

“Huh, did you say something like that before? Was that the case? 』\

“♪ That’s right. Even if I said it that time, you won’t have understood, and even after actually seeing it, the facts won’t change. “

“I wonder if she hates me? 』\

“♪ No, she already wore it when she entered this school, so it seems that she was wearing it from the beginning for boys at the school, she didn’t prepare it in a hurry for master. Guile said, “She didn’t want to go to school at first, but one day said I want to go by myself”, right? 』\

“Yeah, he did say that”

“♪ Emilia changed her mind after she got this collar. It’s the credit of her current maid. It seems that the maid persuaded her that no one would approach her with that appearance. “

Some girls know her true face, but little is known to boys.

Even if there are rumors that she’s wearing a collar, it seems that this face can reduce the number of boys who approach just by looking at this appearance …

“It’s pretty hardcore. She’s scared of men. “

At that time, the door of the class was opened —

“Yes? Who is it? Please ~”

” Eric-sensei, is this a good time?”

“School director? Yes, what is it?”

“Hmm, I’m sorry to bother you, but two more transfer students will be accepted into this class from today …”

“From today? I haven’t heard of this at all. What do you mean?”

“I just made the decision, so I didn’t have time to let you know. That’s why I brought them directly.

With the help of her maid, Princess Mifa came in.

Princess Mifa and Erica.

And on my [Crystal Plate], a call from Duke Guile rings at this timing.

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