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Episode 25: The brave is too persistent

Since then, Aleria has grown steadily and become a powerhouse surpassing even the braves, she won’t be caught by strangers and sold anymore.

I’ve saved a lot of money, and before I knew it, I had 500 gold coins.

Excellent adventurers make a lot of money, This is because the higher the difficulty level, the higher the quest reward, it’s basic supply and demand.

We decided to share the funds so, I have 250 gold coins.

Put simply, that’s about 2.5 million yen.

It sounds like a lot of money, but adventurers can get injured. The reality is it’s an unreliable amount of money that will run out quickly if you can’t move for a year.

As an aside, Aleria became a bit of a celebrity since she started to stand out.

She’s rumored to be a beautiful female swordsman, and for some reason, only the beautiful girl aspect is emphasized.

I also heard that she was “deceived” and “poor”, probably because of my reputation.

I ordered Fabrice to clear my name, but the promise seems to have been broken.

What a shame.

“Even so, it’s ridiculous for one quest to have 100 gold coins as the reward.”

“It’s an enemy that’s supposed to be defeated by forming a subjugation team. If 100 people participate, the share per person will be just one gold coin. It’s the market price.”

Today, I received the most difficult quest that can be received at C rank.

It seems that an area boss suddenly appeared near the royal capital.

A subjugation team will be formed later in the day, and even low level adventurers can participate.

If a quest is duplicated, the one who clears it first receives the reward.

So I thought I’d beat it first.

The fact that 100 C-rank adventurers can defeat it means that if Aleria and I can defeat 100 opponents, our ability is sufficient.

Even if it doesn’t work, we can always run away.

Participating in the subjugation quest and earning two gold coins altogether isn’t bad, but the cost performance is ratio too low.

“It’s about time we arrive. Is that it !?”

“Maybe. I’ve never seen such a prominent one in the Carlon Plain …”

The target monster was wandering in the middle of the Carlon Plains, It looks like a giant red demon.

The total length is likely up to 3 meters.

“As they said, it’s like a giant …!”

“Size isn’t that important. Power and agility are. Apparently, his are both low. We can beat it if we take our time and reduce its vitality. C rank equivalent is reasonable. Yosh.

I confirmed it with “Evil Eye” to be safe.

It’s not good to be overconfident as we don’t know its hidden skills, but it really looked weak In my eyes.

In contrast, its HP is quite high, we have the choice of finishing it with a strong attack or shaving it’s health down over time.

“Well, I’ll leave it to Aleria. If it’s you, you’ll be done in about a minute, right?”

“A minute right. Leave it to me!”

Aleria now had enough room to have such a conversation.

By gaining experience, she’s now able to tell her opponent’s strength at a glance.

Her accuracy is quite high because her self-evaluation has caught up with her true abilities.

“Then here I go!”

Aleria’s body glows pale golden.

——This is the skill “physical strengthening” that Aleria learned. It’s like a lesser version of “God’s Blessing” that I use and can strengthen physical ability. It’s not flashy, but it’s a useful skill.

The difference from “God’s blessing” is the level of strengthening and whether it can be used on others, however, since they can be layered, neither of them will deactivate and you get double the buff..

After watching Aleria use it several times, I was also able to use it.

It’s become clear that skills are fairly important, not to mention the importance of the underlying status.


Aleria’s sword cuts off the red demon’s right arm.


A loud cry rings in my ear.

Without being frightened, Aleria continues to attack. The left arm gets cut off, now It can no longer attack

“——This is the end!”

In the end, she pierced Its chest, which was the weak point of the demon.

The weak points of monsters vary depending on the type, but they are mostly the same as humans’.

If you aim at the head or chest, you can aim for high damage or instant death.

“Yuki, I defeated It! How many seconds was that !?”

“48 seconds — cleared with time to spare. It was a delicious quest with an hourly wage.”

“It took 48 seconds to defeat It… It took a little over an hour to get here …”


“Yeah, 50 gold coins for 2 hours.”

“50 …! It feels like a lie that we had trouble with accommodation fees…”

“Now that I think about it, that was the hardest time. When we settle down, let’s save money and buy a room for ourselves. Today let’s have a feast”

I started to daydream, but someone got in our way.

A brave man.

“I found you, Matsuzaki Yuki. And Aleria Villas!”

“You again, Fabrice, So what is it this time?”

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