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Episode 24: She’s more talented than a brave man

Aleria began to move more lightly, probably because she was more confident in herself.

“I can still beat them, but it feels like they’re getting stronger …?”

“That feeling is correct. The further in you go, the higher the average level of the goblins.”

“Huh !? Is that okay?”

“If it’s not, I’ll help. Just do your best to the extent that you can alone. I think you’ll know your limits from this”


That said, there may not be a situation where I have to help, Aleria has, surprisingly, growing rapidly in this short amount of time.

Even when I check her status with evil eye, her status, such as attack power, has gone up by one level.

Although she’s not aware of it, Aleria is growing rapidly as the enemy grows stronger.

Her initial status was equal to a kingdom-based C-rank adventurer, however, the Goblin she’s currently dealing with can’t be beaten by a C-rank.

Then why is it issued as a C rank quest? Cause, this quest is specifically meant for a party. It’s assumed that two or more people will work together to deal with the enemy, Aleria is able to handle such quests on her own

How far can she go—maybe she can go all the way and clear this cave..

“Oh, this is the last room!”

“Looks like it. But you should be careful. The goblins in this room are different from before …. Can you wait a minute?”

“……? Yes”

Even though Aleria is growing fast, if she deals with an enemy much stronger than she is, she’ll get killed before she can get a feel for it. I can help, but the whole point was for her to get through the goblin nest alone.

Only one goblin in this room can be beaten by the current Aleria.

“Sui, can you lure just one?”

“I can, but is it all right?”

“It’s okay if it’s just one. If not it’s useless.”

“Okay! Then I’ll bring one.”

When Sui replied, unnaturally, a goblin left the room and headed towards us.

Kiki Kiki!

It chose Aleria who was in the front as its target and swung down the club. Aleria parries the goblin attack with her sword and steps back, with this, Aleria got a sense of the goblins’ speed and skill.

And ——

“I beat it!”

“Okay, then two next.”

Next is two. I gradually increase the number as she gets used to it.

By doing so, she can gain experience in dealing with a large number of people at high speeds.

Then, before I knew it, the goblins were annihilated, and the cave became a hollow shell.

“Well done Aleria. I’m telling you now but, this quest was originally meant for a C-ranked party. Yet you cleared it all by yourself.”

“Do you mean I’m at least B rank or higher?”

“That’s right. You’re okay with the rank up now, right?”

“Yes! Thanks to Yuki!”

“That’s good. Then, let’s go back to the city.”


By the time I returned to the royal capital, it was already dark.

It’s almost time for the guild to close.

“Miss Aleria, you’ve decided?”

“Yes. Thanks to Yuki, I feel a little more confident!”

“What on earth could happen in such a short period of time …?”

The receptionist was suspicious, I haven’t done anything special.

“She annihilated a goblin nest by herself. Since she could do it alone, she was able to build some confidence.”

“Wait a minute! Goblins … what did you say?”

“A goblin’s Nest … what’s wrong? I know it’s a quest for C rank, but it isn’t a problem if we go on our own”

We didn’t accept a quest, but we shouldn’t be blamed for clearing it.

“That’s a quest for a B-rank party, not C-rank! Why would you make such a mistake …”

“Hmm? It was posted on the requests board there, but wasn’t it C rank?”

I point to the C rank board from the bulletin board installed on the left-wing of the guild.

“No, there is no quest to get rid of goblins among the C rank quests…”

The receptionist checks the quests board.

“Why is a quest for B rank in such a place !?”

“See it was there”

“This is the fault of the person in charge! … Oh, that’s why this quest was still untaken…”

Eh, is that so?

So, it was a B rank quest, thinking it was C rank I let Aleria do it alone!

In other words, Aleria is more capable than a B-rank.

“I knew Yuki was abnormal, but to think there was another ridiculous person hiding behind you …. It’s not okay to be deceived and take on B-rank quests !? Are you listening? Ale-ria-San! “

Aleria looking at the receptionist said with a clueless face.

“Did I do something outrageous?”

Yeah, that’s right.

Probably not in strength, but in terms of potential, she’s far superior to the heroes.

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