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Book commemorative side story: Licia’s Change


In the carriage on the way home, Licia looked out the window while resting her hands on her chin.

It had already been a little over ten days since she had left the village of the Ashtons, and Clausel was already right under her nose.

She was looking out all the way, even after she had gone through the castle gates.

(…… frustrating)

All she could think about is this.

After two stand-offs with Ren Ashton, Licia hadn’t once been able to display an antagonistic sword. This has been on her mind for a long time, and she’s tormented by an emotion that she has never experienced in her life.

I want to win the next duel.

I can’t stop thinking like this, but I can’t imagine how I can win.

After all, there was really nothing I could do.

On the contrary, Ren could have been going easy on me.

He had the luxury of doing that to myself, who even used sacred magic.

“……Ah, Ku!”

She banged the window frame with both hands.

Weiss who noticed this approached from outside the carriage.

“Is this about that boy?”

“Yes! It’s been a while now! I can’t stop thinking about that disgraceful thing! He’s so strong and I don’t even understand how!”

Licia’s normally mature appearance is somewhat childish for her age, which makes Weiss smile.

Weiss, still on his horse, looked out the window at Licia and smiled so she wouldn’t find out.

By the way, Weiss was sure that Licia wouldn’t give up here.

As if to prove it, she said.

“At least stay with me until nightfall today. If I don’t start training right away, I’m going to lose my mind.”

“I’ll train with you.”

Weiss, who is usually so busy that he doesn’t often accompany her to training, readily agreed.

But as soon as she shut up, a confrontation with Ren immediately came to mind.

…… However, this time was a little different from the previous ones.

Licia recalled something about their first standoff.

『—- I win. 』

She remembered Ren who made a decisive declaration of victory being so close to her that she could feel his breath.


I recall. No, it comes back to me on its own.

That was an unbelievably close distance.

The eyes staring down at me. The neutral face for a boy, and the strength out of proportion to it.


The first time I saw him, I was almost in awe of his swordsmanship as he was repeatedly taunting me.

I think I probably have the edge in skill, but the strength and causticity that surpasses it took my breath away.

I was shocked to learn that it was a boy just like me.

『—- I win. 』

Suddenly, Ren’s words come back to me once more.

In addition, I thought back to the position I was in at the time, and my cheeks heated up on their own.

Licia, however, vigorously shakes her head from side to side and slaps her cheek.

“What the….! I’m going to say the same line to him next time!”


Before long, winter came.

Licia returned from the village where Ren lived and went to train as soon as she got home today.

Her father, Lessard, laughed at her, saying, “She’s so energetic in spite of the cold…….”

Weiss, who had also just returned to the mansion, walked over to him.

“I have your report for you, sir.”

“I’ll read it later. So, how did it go this time? Licia seems to have improved a lot in the last few months.”

Weiss smiled at the question, as if he had a hard time saying it.

He then shook his head and replied.

“The boy has grown up to be even stronger than the young lady.”

“I don’t understand…. I think Licia was strong enough to be considered unbeatable in her own age group, even if you take out the favoritism of her being my daughter.”

“I think you’re right. But the boy is even better than that.”

The surprised Lessard got up from his seat and stood by the window, not quite sure what to make of it.

He looked out and saw his daughter, Licia, training with the knights.

Weiss said, “I’ll be joining them soon,” and Lessard nodded.

 …… But even so, he remembered the way Licia was looking right now. When she returned to the mansion after her first meeting with Ren, she must have been absorbed in training in the same way.

Apparently, as Weiss said, the gap in power had widened.

From the way the girl was so immersed in training, he could only imagine that she was easily defeated.

“Someday I, too, would like to meet him.”

He’d definitely love to talk with a boy who can surpass Saint Licia Clausel’s sword.

It’s clear that this would be difficult due to the difference in where they live, but he looked forward to the thought that they might meet on some occasion.

‘Licia is indebted to him, so I should also thank him’.

Looking down at his daughter, who continues to work hard despite the snow, Lessard prayed that one day her hard work would be rewarded.


The training on her first day back home continued into the night.

Licia was satisfied with her work and took a hot bath, and had her hair dried by a servant.

“I lost again. It’s so funny now.”

“You look like you’re having a good time, then.”

“…… Really? I’m still angry at myself for being so inadequate.”

“You may think so, young lady, but look in the mirror.”

Licia did as the servant asked and looked in the mirror.

The reflection of her own cheeks was relaxed, and she couldn’t see the indignation that she had expressed.

She could be said to be in a good mood, but she couldn’t deny it.

“I don’t think you noticed it yourself, but you seem to be enjoying yourself more than ever when you talk about Ren-dono, don’t you?”

“…… Not really.”

Licia then turned away with a stunned attitude.

The servant who was drying her hair found her behavior amusing and giggled.

“But you had a good time, didn’t you?”

“It was. I can learn a lot from dueling with him, so it’s a meaningful time.”

“I’ve heard he’s very strong, so it’s understandable why you’re interested in him.”

“That’s not what I’m talking about!”

Licia said in a low voice, “And —-.”

“Just because he’s strong doesn’t mean it’s why I’ve been dueling a lot.”

Licia muttered in a falerring manner.

The servant was involuntarily titillated by this.

This has to be explored further.

“Then why did you ask for a duel so many times?”

“Because I think his way of thinking is likable and although it sounds pompous to say, I think he’s more gentlemanly and more respectable in character than the children of the aristocrats who have been courting me.”

“—- Oh, dear.”

Licia’s lips twitched as she looked through the mirror and saw the servant smiling happily.

“What is it?”

“Huh…You’re trying to make fun of me.”

“No, I’m not trying to make fun of you.”

“No! Look! You’re smiling more than usual!”

The servant squints at Licia’s blushing cheeks in the mirror.

Licia’s hair, which was already very dry, shook softly and showed off its silky sheen.

“Tell me the truth. You were really trying to make fun of me, weren’t you?”

“No, I really wasn’t trying to make fun of you.”

“If you weren’t…… then why were you smiling all the time?”

Licia who was still doubtful was dyed in red up to her neck.

Definitely not because of the hot water.

Obviously, this is due to an embarrassment that cannot be hidden.

“Then, if I may be so bold,” 

The servant said as she ran a comb through Licia’s hair.

“Are you sure that’s not the kind of thing you’re looking for?”

That kind of thing?

Licia thought about what this word meant for several tens of seconds.

She was puzzled, having her hair brushed by the servant.

But a moment after she realized what it meant, she —-

“I’m not talking about that! That’s not what I meant!”

She uttered an unreliable denial, her face and neck further upturned.



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