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Chapter 24: Tears of a saint.

At the far end of the hall, a table is set like a dais.

it’s a gorgeous seat surrounded by colorful flowers and numerous gifts, 

As the people gathered here chat over glasses of wine, today’s headliner appears.

Licia Clausel seemed to shine in Ren’s eyes.

Her silver hair, with a color reminiscent of purple crystal amethyst, shone brightly against her crimson dress.

Her fairy-like appearance, unchanged, now resembled that of a noble princess.

“Come on, Licia.”

She was being led by her father, Lessard, with a dignified yet dainty smile on her face as she was applauded by everyone.

Suddenly, Ren’s gaze met hers.

“Does it look good on me?』

She asked this with just a movement of her lips, and Ren responded in the same way, ‘It looks good on you,’ with just a movement of his lips.

Licia then moved her lips, ‘It looks good on Ren too’.

—- Eventually she takes her seat.

Then everyone picks up a new glass, and the head of the family, Lessard, sees it and spoke.

“The Clausel family is what it is today thanks to Ren. Licia has turned 11 years old today. I thank everyone who has gathered for this evening from the bottom of my heart.”

Standing next to Licia, Lessard said these words, and finally signaled a “toast”.

“My dear lady. Congratulations.”

On behalf of the servants, the butler went to hand over the gift.

Following the words of the butler, a man of great age, the servants gathered here also expressed their congratulations.

Licia received them happily.

The items she received from the butler appeared to be several articles of clothing.

“They’re lovely. Did you all pick them out for me?”

“Of course we did.”

(Amazing —-)

Speaking of Eupheim, isn’t it a big city ruled by the Marquis Ignat?

If this is the place where the royal family is said to frequent, there must surely be some gems there that would charm any young lady.

At the thought, a bead of sweat trickled down Ren’s neck.

As one would expect from a saint. Her gifts are also special.

“My Lady. We, the knights, have also prepared a gift for you.”

Weiss picked up the gift that had been prepared in advance near Licia’s seat and held it out in front of her.

“The lady has been wanting this for a long time. I got it from a store in the Imperial City that I worked with when I was a knight of the Kingsguard.”

“Really? Thank you!”

(His time as a knight of the Kingsguard…).

A knight of the Kingsguard is, in fact, the highest rank of knights in the service of the country of Leomel.

Except for the generals, the only other knights above that are the captains of the Kingsguard and the guards of each member of the royal family.

He had no idea that Weiss was such a person, and he was stunned again.


In any case, it was time to go.

According to the prior arrangement, it was his turn to present the gift.

He pretended not to notice the growing tension as he walked forward, approaching Licia one step at a time.

“I guess I’m next,”

Lessard said.

He, too, begins to hand Licia the gift he had prepared in advance.

Ren, who was about to go towards Licia, stopped dead in his tracks.

Seeing this, one of the knights who had been asking about the situation said.

“I’m sorry. We didn’t expect this.”

“…… Perhaps Lessard-sama thinks I haven’t prepared a gift for her?”

“No, perhaps he’s acting as if he’s certain that you’ve prepared a gift. Look at the master.”

The knight told him to look at Lessard, When he did, Lessard secretly looked at him and laughed.

(Well, okay.)

The first thing that comes to my mind is that it’s not manly to be too frightened and flinch. I slapped my cheeks to get into the spirit.

I couldn’t see what Lessard had given her, but no matter who gave her what, it wouldn’t change the course of events from here on out. On the contrary, I decided to consider that I didn’t see a surprising item.


The sound of Ren’s footsteps echoed in the air.

The hall was crowded with the voices of others, but somehow only Ren’s footsteps reverberated through the air.

Then, noticing the sound, Lessard retreated to Licia’s side.

The knights and servants cleared the way and led both Ren and Licia out.

Licia walked herself to the front of the table to get closer to Ren, who was looking over the table.

The two faced each other in the center of the great hall.

They both cringed at each other and took a dozen seconds before uttering the next phrase.

But firmly, Ren spoke.

“Congratulations. The dress —- looks good on you.”

Hearing this, Licia’s head tilted back in embarrassment.

“You told me that earlier as well.”

“Ah… I thought it’d be better to do it directly.”

When I thought it was too much, Licia said,

 “Thank you. I’m glad,”.

Her voice was different from usual and somewhat impregnated with heat. 

But the two of them fell silent in the face of this exchange.

However, the air between them was not depressing at all.

In fact, they seemed to be enjoying even the silence.

“I have a gift for you, too.”

Licia blinked repeatedly.

“For me?”

“Well, if anyone is going to give it to you here, it’s only me, Licia-sama.”

“I’ve been giving you a lot of trouble.”

“I don’t think so, so don’t worry about it.”

A different kind of awkwardness begins to drift between the two.

But Licia’s expression was shimmering.

There is certainly some hesitation as to whether she should really receive it.

On the other hand, she also remembered the inexpressible joy of receiving a gift from Ren.

She had been happy when she had received a dress before, but now it was her birthday, it was even more special.

She was worried that Ren would find out that her heart was beating so fast.

“Would you accept this gift?”


Licia nodded happily in response.

His hand inserted into the inside pocket of the jacket and finally reached the wrapped box. Carefully taking it out and holding it in both hands so as not to crush it.

To Licia, who’s in front of him, more gorgeous than a flower.

“Happy birthday!”

I added a few words of congratulations and handed her the box containing the gift I had prepared for her.

Licia brought the box to her chest and hugged it with both hands.

But she quickly pulled it away from her chest, stared at the box, and then turned her passionate eyes to Ren.

“Thank you. Can I look at —- this?”

“Of course. I hope you like it.”

“What are you talking about? I’m confident that I would be more pleased with this gift than any other, even if it were the only gift I received.”

“I’m glad you care, but that would be rude to the others…..”

So Licia, too, is half-serious and half-joking.

It was only to relieve Ren’s tension and to let him know that she was that happy.

The knights and servants weren’t offended and laughed at her joke.

And Lessard was also watching them, looking forward to seeing what Ren had given her.

“……What is it?”

Licia mumbles as she unwraps the ribbon from the wrapping.

The first thing that she noticed immediately was that the wrapping was from her favorite store.

So, would it be something from that store?

She put her hand on the lid with a leaping heart, wondering what Ren had really given her.

—- and opened it.

The glittering feather ornament inside reflected the light of the chandelier in a chaste manner.

Licia was speechless. She knew immediately what it was, even though it was the first time she had ever seen it.

A single tear trickled down her cheek.

It should have been just a tear, but it was filled with a beauty similar to that of a jewel.

“What should I do?”

She wiped the tear running down her cheek with her fingertip.

“I’m so happy, I feel like I’m going to die.”

Tears overflowing from her jade eyes wet the fingertips of her skin, which was white like fresh snow.

Her thinly rouged lips are lifted to her cheeks, creating a smile. Licia Clausel, the saintly woman, is long gone. There was only one girl, delighted by the gift.


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