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Chapter 14: Under the rift in the earth [above] (Part two)

The werewolf was surprised to see Ren in front of him, and his eyes widened.

“Eh! Hero-dono!”

“This is no time to be surprised! You must hurry up and run!”

Ren, with his iron sword at the ready, defended the werewolf.

The earth on which he stands is gouged and cracked.

Despite the physical strength of the gargoyle, Ren doesn’t retreat even slightly, but instead flips the steel-eating gargoyle’s body.

(With the strength of his body and the wooden magic sword, he cuts his way in….)

Seeing the two in danger, he jumped in without much time to prepare himself.

Therefore, he’s not very well prepared for battle.

“…. kruuuu』

The steel-eating gargoyle that agilely jumped and put its foot on the wall to restrain itself is heard squealing.

Sweat trickled down Ren’s cheeks from the chill air.

“Tell me one thing. Why is that monster here?”

“I don’t know! But maybe it moved here from where it used to live!”

That’s about all the werewolf could tell.

He and his partner had also been watching the young adventurers, who had come to gather underground resources in this rift.

(I see, that makes sense.)

Surely there are minerals in those underground resources that steel-eating gargoyles feed on.

The possibility is not zero.

“Can you evacuate your partner and the fallen?”

“Oh! If you distract him, I’ll make a few round trips to carry them up there!”

Ren nods.

“Please do that.”

The hostility that was coming from the steel-eating gargoyle was growing by the minute.

It was wary of Ren who faced it and wouldn’t attack carelessly. Unlike Mitsume, Earthworm, and the others, this proves that it is smart.

I am sure that if anyone moves, it will instantly attack.

“I’m sorry! I owe you!”

As soon as the werewolf moved, the steel-eating gargoyle also jumped.

Ren knew what to expect and moved quickly to confront the steel-eating gargoyle that was aiming for the werewolf’s back.

He swung his iron magic sword at the black iron arm extended to the werewolf’s back.


“Tsu… It’s really hard!”

The iron magic sword has a tremendous sharpness.

The other day, when my level was raised, it increased even more and I thought there was nothing that couldn’t be cut. 

Yet the arm of the monster wasn’t cut off.

Like a sword with a large blade, the arm was only gouged and cracked slightly.

The reddish-brown bodily fluids that flowed only slightly stained the iron sword.

“Kurukk_—- kaaaaaaack! 』

It leapt.

Flapping his wings, it jumped and glided with vigor, swinging his black iron arm.

Whenever the wind pressure passed his cheeks, he would break out in a cold sweat on his neck.

At some point, the arm that he couldn’t avoid brushed against his thigh, ripping his clothes, tearing his skin, and sending fresh blood flying.

(Don’t forget. This isn’t just any monster.)

But there’s no need to overthink it.

It’s still a D-rank unique monster like the Thief Wolfen, but it’s not as much of a threat as the Thief Wolfen.

As for defense, the steel-eating gargoyle will win.

However, the Thief Wolfen is clearly superior in other abilities.

This is clearly evident when facing them in this way.

To be honest, there was a difference to the extent that even the same D-rank unique monster couldn’t be considered identical.

“…… In addition…”

It’s not the same as before.

Ren had become stronger.

“It’s just a matter of whether it’s slower or faster to defeat, that’s all the difference!”

I was going to fight the steel-eating gargoyle sooner or later.

Still, this fight was unscheduled because I thought it would be better to get permission from Lessard first.


Ren restrained the black iron arm that had snatched his thigh with a tree root that he had created with his wooden magic sword.

Ren’s thigh was carved with a deep cut, and although it caused him pain, it didn’t matter.

“Grraaah!! 』

(It’s all right. It’s not as much of a counterattack as the Thief Wolfen.)

The steel-eating gargoyle swings his arm around, marveling.

He looks into its non-metallic twin eyes and straightens his steel magic sword.

Although it grazed Ren’s thigh or his body, it didn’t carve as many cuts as the first time.

Because Ren was getting used to it.

Little by little, he was able to see through the steel-eating gargoyle’s movements and habits.

Ren found an opening and put his strength into it as soon as he could.

“It’s not hard there!”

Without missing a beat, he thrust the steel sword.

The next moment, a reddish-brown liquid splashed out of the steel-eating gargoyle’s eye.

The steel-eating gargoyle, gasping in pain, forced itself out of its restraints and stuck to the wall at a distance from Ren.

But no respite comes.

The pursuit was coming, the edge of the steel magic sword was closing in.


The echoing sound like gunfire.

Enduring the roar that made him want to cover his ears, Ren pressed on.

Wielding a wooden sword in one hand, he sprouted tree roots around the steel-eating gargoyle.

But this time, it was dodged.

The steel-eating gargoyle had learnt from the first attack and has changed its behavior.

Damp air fills the lowest level of the crevice.

As the tension in the air, laced with the scent of blood, increased, Ren saw the werewolf return to the surface with his companions.

Not minutes later, he returned to collect the new adventurers.

“Hero-dono! Are you alright?”


Fortunately, it was Ren who had the upper hand.

The steel-eating gargoyle had already lost one eye and is facing Ren with extreme caution.

After the battle with Thief Wolfen, he further refined himself in the village forest and grew a lot during the battle with Jerukku.

And with the magic sword that he has raised levels of in this forest, Ren’s strength is incomparable to his previous strength.

(It’s okay. I can fight well enough.)

He thought so, but he never let his guard down.

On the contrary, his body, which was rising with a sense of tension, was gaining strength, and he possessed a physical strength that couldn’t be produced during normal training.

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  1. It’s official: all D rank monsters in the world are abnormal and always able to wound the MC. No “regular” or “inferior” D ranks exist. Let’s see how many weeks/months it’ll take for him to recover this time. Becuse of course it can do something absurd, right???

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