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Volume 2: Days in Clausel

Chapter 1: Fiona Ignat

In Legend of the Seven Heroes I, as the story neared its climax, many incidents broke out in the Imperial City.

A certain nobleman died of unknown causes, and a knight of the Kingsguard, terrified by something, turned his fangs on the Third Prince.

The third prince was taken away. And the tragic corpse of the knight who was supposed to have taken him away was found.

There was no end to the number of high-profile nobles, regardless of faction, who were attacked, and in a short time, the prosperous Imperial City of Leomel was plunged into chaos.

Some called it an invasion by another country.

Others bellowed that it was the wrath of the Lord God.

But that wasn’t the case.

No one expected it.

That this was an attempt by a single nobleman.

That this was a declaration of war by him.

That all of this unthinkable behavior was the work of a man driven by vengeance.

The protagonists thought it was impossible.

But to find out, they leave the imperial capital and travel to a large city.

— To see what they can find out about the noble who rules the city.

But there’s no possibility left for that to happen.

The future of Marquis Ignat had changed drastically because of the presence of Ren Ashton.


About a month from Clausel was a picturesque metropolis known as the City of Water.

The streets are lined with white brick houses and waterways are everywhere, and the sight of boaters is a popular tourist attraction.

The city’s almost circular structure is based on the original seaside terrain and its huge harbor is also famous.

It has also been called the “white crown” because of its majestic and elegant appearance.

The royal family that ruled the Leomel Empire visited the city many times.

The name of this great city is Eupheim.

The distance to Clausel has just been explained, but Eupheim is about two weeks away from the imperial capital.

Therefore, it was an important aspect not only in land transportation but also in shipping.

In other words, the nobleman who governed Eupheim had to be competent and wise enough to leave no stone unturned to the neighboring countries.

— Because of this, no nobleman would fight with him.

The great city of Eupheim.

The current ruler—- his name is Ulysses Ignat. He’s a handsome man with jet-black hair that has a blue sheen and is a young nobleman of thirty-five years of age.

“Hello, Edgar.”

He welcomed Edgar, who was back from Clausel.

In the garden of a mansion in the center of Eupheim, a place worthy of the name of a small castle.

“I’m back.  It seems you haven’t changed, Lord.”

“Of course! It’s a beautiful day. I was just thinking of messing around with the heroic faction!”

Ulysses then looked at a table in the garden.

He took his seat and urged Edgar to sit down as well.

But it was outrageous for him, a servant, to sit with his master. He had only been home for a short time, but he refused to sit down.

“Don’t you want to sit with me?”

“I’m sorry, sir, but I’m a butler.”

“You just don’t listen…. Which then shall it be? Should I stand as well? Then we’ll be equal.”

However, he can’t let his master stand.

In the end, Edgar agrees and takes a seat.

“I’d like to hear what happened at Clausel.”

“Yes. I’ll give you the report now.”

Edgar told the story of what had happened at Clausel in detail.

First, he mentioned the civil servant who had been guided by Viscount Givens, from the first day of the trial to the final judgment. He then touched on how they were almost taken to the imperial capital, and mentioned the return of Ren and Licia.

Finally, he told Ulysses how they had played an active role.

“Heh… so he really is a great boy then?”

“Yes, without a doubt.”

“Even compared to the children of heroes?”

“That’s how I felt. I’m certain the Lord would agree that Ren Ashton is worth more than gold.”

Hearing this, Ulysses smiled carefreely.

He also praised Edgar’s deed when he heard that Edgar had handed him the black piece of paper.

“I heard a good story. I think it has helped to ease some of the irritation I feel toward his Majesty.”

“My Lord…”

“Don’t say it. I know that the reason Ηis Majesty didn’t provide the materials was for the sake of the royal family.”

He knows that.

But he’s not convinced.

“That case also involved Fiona. I’m well aware that it wasn’t a simple matter.”


“Sometimes I think about it. I wonder what I would have done if Fiona had lost her life.”


“I might have staged a coup. I might have assassinated the third prince, who is touted as the next emperor and wished for the destruction of Leomel. —- sorry, don’t give me that look.”

Edgar’s cheeks twisted in nervousness as he listened to the story.

Every word spoken was too swashbuckling, even though he knew that common sense wouldn’t allow it to come true.

But that’s just common sense.

Edgar knew that Ulysses, sitting in front of him, was capable of doing that.

“….. But it’s fortunate, the young lady’s condition couldn’t have been suppressed without the Thief Wolfen material.”

Ulysses nodded with a mysterious look on his face.

All this while keeping in mind that he owed it all to Ren Ashton.

“So, I’d like to be on good terms with the Clausel family.”

“Don’t you mean the Ashtons?”

“Well, technically, both of them, but you see, nobles are a pain in the ass. If I mess with the Ashtons, I’m no better than that stupid viscount.”

“I beg your pardon.”

Ulysses said in a cheerful voice, “It’s fine”.

“Shall we work?”

The true meaning of Edgar’s question is whether or not to bring the Clausel family into the faction.

“Baron Clausel is a noble among the neutrals, with no close relatives. If the Lord moves…..”

“Stop it. Such a vulgar behavior is the same as the heroic faction. Baron Clausel is almost considered to be a member of the royalist faction, and if I avoid doing something bad, I’ll be repaying the favor.”

Ulysses shrugged his shoulders with a bitter smile.

Then a voice reaches them, “Father?”

Soon after, a young lady appeared, bringing with her the scent of flowers.

“Edgar! You’re back!”

The young lady appeared, her jet-black hair reminiscent of obsidian with purple crystals fused into it.

Her waist-length hair is swept by the spring breeze, and as she walks with the sunlight on her cheeks, she looks so pretty that she could be mistaken for a fairy or an angel.

Her skin is snow-white and deceptive. Her well-defined features make her look more mature than her age.

Her age is two years older than Ren and Licia.

Her mysterious loveliness only makes her appear precocious.

“Welcome back. How was Clausel?”

Her amber eyes, dignified and proud, turned to Edgar.

“It was a good trip. But, Fiona-sama,”

Fiona is the daughter that Ulysses had mentioned earlier.

Edgar advised the young lady without fear of being rebuked.

“As I have already told you, please don’t use that kind of tone with your underlings.”

“Huh… Edgar should know better. I’ve always spoken this way because of my mother’s influence. So I can’t fix it, even if you say so.”


“Please give up. Because there’s nothing you can do to fix it now.”

Fiona said with a smile on her face. Contrary to her light manner of speaking, she showed a strong will that would never break.

“Father. I, too, would like to go to Clausel and express my gratitude to Ren Ashton.”

“I’d like to do the same, but Baron Clausel has asked me to wait. We’re from different factions, and since I’m the Marquis, It’s not so easy.”

“So how about a letter?”

“I think it’s a good idea, but we should respect Baron Clausel’s wishes in this case.”

“You’re right.”

Fiona turns over in disappointment.

Fiona, whose life was saved by Ren, wanted to avoid causing trouble for the Clausel family.

But she definitely wanted to express her gratitude to them someday.

Fiona looked up to the sky and prayed to the Lord God Elfen for that day to come soon.


Author Note:

From today, we will be updating every day, just like Chapter 1, so I hope you will add this work to your day…!

Also, I have only one message.

“Due to various circumstances, I would like to raise the age of Ren and Licia by about three years.”

In the plan, we will further delay the time when Ren started learning the sword from Roy to make it more consistent.

In the future, we plan to adjust it little by little within Kakuyomu, but for the current situation, please take a look at the situation in which the two are three years older.

Example after adjustment: Ren was eleven years old when he defeated Jerruku, and Licia was ten years old because her birthday was summer.

Other than that, there are no particular changes or adjustments.

We apologize for the sudden change, but we hope that you will enjoy Volume 2.

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