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Chapter 29: Prince Kurobuta Goes to the Opening Ceremony

 –The Sword Dance Festival (Kenbu Matsuri)

It is a festival in honor of Nerfa, the “Sword Saint” who founded Pistel.

During the three main days of the festival, people from all over the country, as well as tourists from other countries, gather in the royal capital, Fall Flat, and the city becomes a scene of festivities.

One of the special events of the Sword Dance Festival is the battle tournament between the students of the Royal Windstar Academy of Magic.

The Royal Windstar Academy of Magic is one of the most prestigious schools in the Kingdom of Pistel, and has a reputation for attracting high-level students. A battle tournament between the students of Windstar would naturally be a battle to determine the strongest warrior of that generation in the country, and it’s popular both inside and outside the country, as it allows ordinary people to see high-level sword and magic exchanges that they wouldn’t normally have the chance to see.

The opening ceremony of the battle tournament was currently being held in the central arena.

The central arena was huge. 

Without any exaggeration at all, it was the same size as the huge sports stadiums of Brad’s Previous life, with a capacity of up to ten thousand people. 

The battle stage is located in the center of the lowest level, and is surrounded by five levels of spectators’ seats all around it.

And now, the countless spectator seats were filled with people. I wondered where in this country were so many people.

And at the lowest level of the arena, overlooked by the countless spectators with tremendous enthusiasm, a total of more than 200 students of the academy, the participants of this battle tournament, were lined up in a row, looking up at the seats of honor.

Brad was among them.

(Opening ceremonies are boring in every world, aren’t they?)

Brad yawned while listening to the host, a nobleman. 

The moderator’s voice echoed in the arena with a loud voice due to the magic item with loudspeaker magic, but the speech was boring enough as it is.

Well, it was the opening ceremony, so there was no need for an interesting speech. It was inevitable.

What was a blessing in disguise was the presence of my fiancée, Marie, in the dignitaries’ seat. It was nice to know that she was here to watch the show, and seeing her beauty for which she was called the “fairy princess” distracted me from the boring speech.

(But they’re too close to me, so I can’t distract myself)

Anyway, when Brad glanced around, he felt a stinging gaze from both sides filled with a great thirst for blood.

Since the start of the opening ceremony – or even before it started, he has been stared at from the right by Albert and from the left by Carol.

The other day, he seemed to have earned Carol’s complete dislike and there were talks about he and Albert beginning a battle for the throne, so it’s not hard to understand why they’re staring, but it’s really uncomfortable when it’s so obvious. I’m not interested in the throne, though.

(We used to be good friends…)

He gazed at his scowling brother and took a deep breath.

Originally, Albert was a straightforward and cute guy. He was always following me around like a chick following a hen. Why did he become so touchy and twisted? No, it’s not for me to say that when I myself turned into a bum.


Suddenly, I felt eyes on me again. 

And it wasn’t from the left or right, it was from someone behind me.

(Did I do something to make so many people hate me?)

Yes, I did. I mean, at least I was fat and hard to be around.

I turned my head 90 degrees and glanced behind me, pretending to look to my right so that the person I was looking at wouldn’t notice.

Then, I check the owner of the gaze and understood.

It was Dino Schwarzer, Albert’s companion, the second son of the count’s family, and a huge student who had been bullying Brad.

The other day, when he came to school for the first time in a long time, he had angered him badly, and if it was Dino, it was understandable that he would give me a stinging look.


But when Brad tried to avert his gaze, in panic Dino averted his gaze to cover it up.

(he’s quieter than I thought he’d be.)

I was surprised because I was expecting him to start a fight right away. Dino has always been rough and quick to fight, and behaves in a very coercive manner towards those who are weaker than him. It’s rude to him, but I felt rather uncomfortable that he didn’t pick a fight with me here.

 So he wasn’t insane enough to start a fight during the ceremony.

However, even though it was during the opening ceremony, the crowd was in a festive mood and it’s so noisy that it almost drowned out the MC.

As I was thinking about this, the voice of an austere and dignified man, different from the nobleman who had been presiding until then, echoed in the arena. 

I looked at the nobleman’s seat and saw a man with an imposing appearance standing there.

The man was the father of Brad and the current king, Castral von Pistel, a fearless, mature man with trimmed silver hair similar to Brad’s.

(I haven’t seen him in a long time. ……)

When was the last time I had a real conversation with my father? Ever since I became a “black pig,” I hadn’t talked to him.

In the first place, we rarely see each other, and even when we do see each other at some events, he basically ignores me, or we only have the minimum conversation necessary. Even those minimal conversations seem to be very troublesome, so I guess he treats me as a nuisance.

(I wonder what he thinks of me now. ……) 

I’m wondering what he’s thinking when he sees the sudden change in me, but the day will come when we’ll have to talk openly anyway.

I don’t need to force myself to talk now.

“And with this, I hereby declare the opening of the… Sword Dance Festival Battle Tournament!”

When Castral announced this, the crowd erupted in a wave of excitement.

Normally, it would be considered disrespectful to shout such cheers when the king is speaking, but this is a once-in-a-year festival and it was a special day when such things were allowed and it would have been rude not to cheer.

(…… Festivals should be a lot of fun.)

Brad nodded his head in satisfaction at the crowd’s excitement.

In his previous life, he had been reluctant to participate in events called “festivals” because his former self was a loner, and in this life, he was not very good with them either, but this was a festival in his own country that he was familiar with and he was genuinely enjoying the excitement of the event.

“The tournament will begin with the preliminary rounds, but before that… I must introduce our guests.”

Castral said and set his gaze on two people who walk up to stand side to side with him.

The fact that they were standing in the same line as him meant that their positions and status were equal to his.

(Who the heck are those?)

As if In response to Brad’s question, Castral speaks.

“As we all know Lord Glace, who has a place in our country as an honorary knight, but today two of his friends who are members of the “Seven Heroes”, came all the way to visit the royal capital! No further explanation is needed. It’s Merlin the Great Sage and Celie, Saintess of Salvation!”


Brad’s eyes widen.

Although Glace is friendly to him for personal reasons, the “Seven Heroes” are legendary figures in this world, most of whom are leaders of countries and cities and important figures with core positions.

To be honest, it was impossible for three of them to gather in the kingdom of Pistel.

(looks real… doesn’t it?)

However, when I looked closely at the dignitaries’ seats, I recognized the two people there.

The first thing I saw was a beautiful elven boy.

The skin is clear and human-like, the ears are pointed, and above all, his magic power like the deep sea is a sign of the Ancient Elves, a higher species of elves.

When I look closely, I can see that he’s sitting on his haunches, floating in the air with magic power. The only person who can use magic like that at will is Merlin, who is known as the greatest wizard of all time.


The next thing I saw was an immensely beautiful woman.

Her beautiful, wavy hair that reached down to her waist, her slender yet feminine body with a roundness that could only be described as the golden ratio, her white skin full of life force that was different from Merlin’s, and her magic power that seemed to envelop her like the soft morning sun reminded me of Astellas, the goddess of light.

This one had already passed away in “Final Quest”, so I’ve only seen her in paintings, but her gentle, droopy eyes and characteristic birthmark that gave off an air of sexiness, she must be the “Saintess of Salvation” Celie herself.

“Oh, there are three out of the “Seven Heroes”?”

“I’ve heard rumors that she’s an absolute beauty, but … Celie is the exact replica of the goddess Astellas. Incredible.”

“But Merlin is much smaller than I imagined.”

When the contestant by Brad’s side murmured something like that.

“Who are you calling small? I can hear you all the way here!”

Right after that. A loud voice echoed through the arena.

The voice was, of course, Merlin himself, sitting in the noble seat.

He had a scary hearing ability.

The voice was several times louder than the voices of the MC and King Castral, which made Brad cover his ears in panic. Merlin’s voice didn’t match his small physique at all

Merlin also has the nickname “The Lost Boy of Eternity,” and just like in Final Quest, he seems to have a complex about his short stature.

“Hey! Marin-chan, you haven’t even said hello yet. If you’re going to display such an attitude you’ll create a bad impression of the Magic city, Endymion, making people hate them in general.”

“Don’t treat me like a child! And I’m not Marin, I’m Merlin!”

The dignity of the “Seven Heroes” was thrown out the window.

Merlin seems to have been completely shaken up as he pouts his lips in the other direction.

Celie shrugs

“Marin-chan is a strange one as you can see. I was looking forward to the festival, same as everyone here. Especially Bra-chan, I’m looking forward to watching His Highness Brad’s fight in person~ ♡.”

“What ……?”

When his name was called out of nowhere, Brad was stunned.

I never thought my name would come out of the mouth of one of the “Seven Heroes”. No, Glace has mentioned my name many times, but he’s an exception.

Like Brad, the crowd was surprised and a buzz was spreading.

“What does this mean? Celie and his highness are familiar with each other?”

“I thought Brad-sama’s success was mind-blowing but who knew that the “seven heroes” were paying attention to him.”

“As expected of Brad-sama”

From all around him, he got gazes of astonishment, respect, and envy.

(No… Why me?)

Brad frowns.

Even in this country, the reputation of the reformed Brad is not widespread. In other countries, his younger brother Albert is even better known, and it is said that Brad is a boy who’s unfit for anything. So why did Celie call out his name instead of his younger brother’s?

(“And I’m looking forward to seeing you in person” …  The way she said it, it’s like she’s seen me fight somewhere or through something, right?)

While I was wondering about it, Celie noticed me and waved with a big smile. Rather than an acquaintance, it’s more like a fan who’s encountered a celebrity. I don’t feel bothered because she’s a transcendental beauty, but I don’t understand the meaning.

(What’s with the Bra-chan?)

I’m pretty sure that’s how she called me.

There’s nothing in being called by a nickname, but isn’t that an abbreviation for that underwear that’s usually worn on the chest. No it’s unthinkable that a transcendental beauty like herself will say something so vulgar as the name of underwear. What am I thinking?

Soon after Celie is seated, his father Castral clears his throat. Then, he directs a sharp gaze at Brad.

“It seems that you will have to give a performance that won’t shame the expectations of the Seven Heroes. You will deliver, isn’t that right? Brad”

When Castral called out his name in a somewhat intimidating manner, Brad felt slightly tense, but quickly responded with a smile.

He then stepped forward to the dignitary’s seat and made a graceful nobleman’s bow.

“I understand. I am sure that I will win this tournament and receive the honorable title of “Swordsman”, and I would like to present my victory to the three legendary “Seven Heroes” …… and my beloved fiancée, Miss Marie Elle Folktas.”

Brad declares so and turns his smile to Marie, the guest of honor.

At the Moment, From all over the arena, pink screams are heard, and a lot of whistling sounds as if to tease Brad and Marie.

Marie’s eyes widened, and when she finally understood the situation after a while,  her cheeks were slightly crimson.

Then she turned to the side as if to hide her embarrassment.

(My Fiancee is too cute…)

It was so cute that it made me wonder if this is what it’s like to be in a light novel or a romantic comedy manga.

I’m unbeatable

I’ve shown Marie a bad version of myself so far. She must have been disillusioned. I can’t show her anything uncool, and above all, I have to show her I can win this tournament and become a good prince and have her reconsider the engagement cancellation.

(There won’t be any cutting corners in any match. I’ll end it immediately)

Brad decided.

And so—

The tournament began, and Brad was in the arena right from the start, crossing swords with Albert’s aide Dino Schwarzer.

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