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Chapter 18: Prince kurobuta Overwhelms the Giant

<Cyclop’s POV>

 --Cyclops was an elite.

   His naturally large and tough body was unrivaled by any other monster, and he also possessed a brilliant mind and a thoughtful personality, which were rare among giant giants, so he was carefully raised with expectations that he would become an excellent candidate to support the Demon Lord in the future.

 After becoming an adult, he demonstrated his talents and successfully established his position in the Demon King's army. The momentum did not stop after becoming an executive, and both himself and others were convinced that he would eventually become one of the rulers of this world under the Demon King.

 The talent of the cyclops was so outstanding compared to the surroundings, and there was nothing in the world that couldn’t be overrun by his extraordinary strength.

 But now, though with his overwhelming power, he unleashed an all-out attack-

"What ... what!?"

 He was stopped by a small human being who he dismissed as just cunning and weak


 And it wasn't just stopped.

 The human in front of him, Brad, the self-proclaimed Prince of the Pistel Kingdom, hadn't moved a single step from his spot, hadn't even changed his expression after receiving a blow from the ultra-heavy club swung by my arm.

(What ... what's going on!?)

 I couldn't understand the scene in front of me.

 No, I could understand it, but I couldn't understand it.

 With this simple but extremely powerful attack of swinging down a club, I have crushed many living things and turned them into silent corpses. And the man in front of me was supposed to be one of those corpses.

 But the man in front of me--

"... It's light, are you cutting corners?"

 Far from being overwhelmed, he didn't seem to have been damaged and said so matter of factly.

 Of course, I haven't cut corners. Although it’s not my best, I should have used about 80% of my strength because I’m annoyed.

 An average human being-no, even an elite, will be crushed like a soft fruit if he was hit by this me’s club.

 Yet this man easily accepts it.

 Without any disturbance in his breath.

 It's hard to believe.

(Where does such power hide in such a tiny human body ... No, that's not the problem. In the first place, a tiny human has the same power as me?)

 As a major premise, giant races are superior to humans in all abilities.

 Among them, the cyclops is an elite with outstanding power. There can be no human being in this world who has the same power as himself.

 Based on that premise, a method in which a weak human being can catch an attack from himself, an overwhelmingly strong being, the cyclops wonders if there is such a thing with his brilliant mind.

 Then, after a while, he came up with one conclusion and smiled an eerie smile.

"I see. ...... So that's what it is. You're using enhancement magic, aren't you?

 That was the conclusion the cyclops drew from this improbable situation.


 This human, Brad, is applying some kind of strengthening magic to himself. It's not just simple enhancement magic, it's probably a powerful doping with some side effects. If he didn't do that, he won't have had enough power to accept my attack.

 However, the Brad who was pointed out says--

"... No, no, no. If you look at the movement of magic power in my body, you can immediately see that i’m not using such magic? Are you stupid?"

 He smiles with a princely smile and immediately denies it, and even provoked him.

"This ... me, stupid!?"

"Sorry, my bad, you’re not just stupid, but also a wooden figure"

 For the Cyclops, who has always been praised since he was born, including his high level of intelligence, he had almost no experience of being ridiculed like this, and he felt blood rushing to his head.

(... Be calm, me)

 However, losing his temper here is exactly what the other party wants.

 The cyclops took a deep breath to calm down and then narrowed his eyes at Brad's body to see the actual movement of magic power.

  And as Brad says, there was no evidence of using enhanced magic.

(But even if he didn't use enhanced magic, there must be some trick)

My attack cannot be received by just a human being. Even if it's not enhancement magic, he must be using some kind of mechanism.

Though I don't know what it is, it's enough to nullify my blow, which boasts the greatest power of the Demon King's army. Spells that exert such a powerful effect are those that have a large price to pay. It's not something that can be used comfortably. Perhaps it could even be used only once.

(In other words...... What I should do is simple. Keep attacking until he can't use that trick anymore.)


 I conclude and grin.

 If I just keep attacking, he will eventually lose whatever is the core of his trick. If that happens, my attack should be able to go through.

 With that in mind, the cyclops pulls back the club with agile and graceful movements that couldn’t be imagined from its giant body and immediately launches a next strike that cleaving toward Brad's head.

 If it were a normal person, it would be a lethal blow that would splatter brain fluid and kill him instantly.

"It's useless no matter how many times you try. I'm sorry, but I seem to have become too strong for you."

 Brad wasn't surprised by the sudden attack, and just like before, he took the blow of the club with one arm.

 However, the cyclops immediately moved to the next attack as soon as it happened.

"I can afford it ... how long will you last!?"

 The cyclops then swung the club like in a rage, launching a series of attacks of which each blow would easily kill a human.


(What ... what's going on !? Why hasn't the attack passed for so long !?)

 No matter how many times he attacked, the next attack, the next attack, the next attack, Brad received everything with a cool face.

 He originally thought that Brad’s magic would have started weakening by this time but since Brad had such a calm face, it seemed unlikely given the circumstances..

 Every time the cyclops’ club and Brad's arm collide, a shock wave is generated, and it's crazy! The ground beneath Brad has collapsed and smoke is rising violently.

 Most of this dungeon is made of hard magic minerals. Even though it’s just the surface, it was powerful enough to sink the ground of such a dungeon in this way. There’s no way the cyclops attack is weaker than usual.

"Haa, haa ... what's going on?"

 Without understanding how it works, time passed in vain, and only energy was being drained. 

 In this situation, like aiming for an invisible goal in the dark, even this giant could not hide his frustration and anxiety.

"... You couldn’t even figure this out? You muscle brain. There was no trick from the beginning. The fact is you’re just overwhelmingly inferior to me."

"Huh? That can’t be!"

 When Brad raised the possibility he had dismissed as improbable, the Cyclops let out a loud voice in rebuttal.

"There’s no human who can take my attack directly and have no damage! Such a being is on the level of the overlord of darkness, whom we worship!

"It’s not that there’s no damage. Even if there’s a difference in ability, the damage will not be zero. But well ... At my current level, this level of damage will recover naturally and almost immediately, so it’s virtually no damage. "

"... Natural recovery, huh?"

 Unable to understand Brad's story, the cyclops wrinkles his brow.

"For example ... the damage you received when you were attacked by the cat tribe healed naturally and almost immediately right? It's the same."

"Oh, so you’re saying that my attack is on the same level as these little cats!?"

 the cyclops understood what Brad meant and lowered his tone.

"It's not exactly the same. There's a clear difference in power between you and the Cat-tribe warriors, but there's a clear difference in power between you and me as well. That's why your attack doesn't hurt or even feel itchy for me, just as you thought the cat race's attacks didn't hurt or itch. "

 Do you understand? Brad says like an adult teaching a child.

 From his appearance of saying the facts plainly, he didn’t show the agitation peculiar to someone telling a lie. It seemed to be the truth.

(Uh, it's a lie ... Of course it's a lie!)

 But the cyclops couldn’t believe it.

 He had looked down on the cat race as an inferior species. But he seemed to be just that much to the man in front of him.

 There’s no reason for such a thing to happen.

    I cannot be inferior to a human.

 The cyclops, a natural elite, could not accept the reality that he was inferior to a human.

"Da ... Dahahahaha! It's impossible, there’s no way! It was a pretty good performance, but it's no use trying to scare me with a bluff like that!"

"Bluff ... Haah"

 Brad sighed exasperated, saying he was free to think so.

 That composure made the giant even more impatient.

" Haha, Well......I don't know what kind of trick it is, but I don't care anymore.In the face of overwhelming power such a small trick won’t work......I’ll show you the difference between us by unveiling my true form."

 You should feel honored, the Cyclops sneered.

 Transforming into my true form is my ultimate weapon in terms of force. When in that form, I don't feel like losing, no matter who the opponent is. I trust it that much.

 His confidence in that form had regained some of the cyclops’ leeway.

"If I revert to my true form ... You're done. There are only two people in this world, who faced me in my true form and lived!"

 The cyclops laughed, and his whole body was flooded with terrifying magic power.

 ugh, ugh, ugh! At the same time, a voice that seemed to spring from the bottom of hell leaked from his throat. Evil magic power and blood rushed all over the body of the cyclops.

   His whole body heats up as if it was hit by fire, and it feels as if all his cells are being rebuilt from the ground up.

 It was proof that the transformation into his true form had begun.

 However, it was that moment.

"... Ahhhhh!?"

 Shun!!!!! Lightning flashed, and at the same time, severe pain ran up my right arm.

 When I noticed, my right arm, which had begun to transform, was cut off and flying in the air.

 And in front of him was Brad, who swung his sword to clean off the blood. It was stained with the green blood of the Cyclops.

"Ku, you ... you coward!"

"No, you were full of openings. In the first place, the enemy is clearly trying to power up so isn’t it stupid to wait silently? You're an idiot, aren’t you?"

 With Brad's repeated provocations, the patience of the rational cyclops, which it prided itself in, had already reached its limit.

 Even so, the cyclops tried to restrain itself somehow--

" Also, that ‘ugh, ugh’ sound you make when you transform, it sounds like someone’s stepping on you so please stop. It's embarrassing just listening to it."

 The completely ridiculing words finally made him explode in anger.

"You bastard! I'll never forgive you, I'll never forgive you! My faithful subordinates, kill this human right now! Eat all his bones! "

 The moment the cyclops ordered in anger.

     Kiiiiii! The high-pitched voices of the goblins echoed through the labyrinth, and at the same time, the hundreds of monsters under his control began to move all at once.

 Like ants swarming on bread, they rushed toward Brad with tremendous force.

"Hey hey, isn't it terrible for you to hit me with so many people?"

 Brad shrugs and looked behind him.

 I also looked and saw that all the cats were gathering there. It seems they were recovering and treating the injured while I was distracted by Brad.

"...... it'll be troublesome If this turns into a melee, "Resist Fire"."

After Brad chanted, a dome-shaped red translucent film unfolds over the cats. It's a magic that grants fire resistance.

"Some adjustments may be needed, but this won't hurt the cat race."

 When he said this like it was troublesome, his whole body overflowed with tremendous magic power.

 It was  a profound magic power, fearsome enough to make me shudder.

 It was an extraordinary magic power comparable to the "Seven Heroes" I once saw on the battlefield when I was young or the "Four Demon generals" who are the highest executives of the Demon King Army.

"Burn " Fire Wave "."

 Brad then chanted a spell in a small voice.

 --Fire Wave.

 It’s a wide-range attack magic of the third level that emits a small wave of fire centered around the invoker.

 However, even though it’s an attack magic, it’s the weakest in that category, so it’s actually only powerful enough to inflict burns on the opponent.

 After all, its power is lower than the single attack magic "Fireball" of the second level. At best, it’s magic that can only be used to intimidate or stop the opponent with fire.

(Oh ... that scared me! To think he wore such an extraordinary amount of magic power and its just for low-level magic? My loyal subordinates won't be stopped so easilly.)

 And no matter how strong that man is, he can't deal with hundreds of monsters at once.

 Imagining a future where the monsters under his control eat up the hateful human, the cyclops laughs loudly with a Dahahahahaha.

 But at that moment--


 Gwoooooooh! !! !! There was a roaring sound.

 A small seed of fire shot out from Brad's hand.

 It was the sound of it burning violently.

 The flames quickly swelled up in Brad's hands, growing to the size of a human, and then spreading throughout the space as a super-sized wave of scorching heat that would be impossible for a normal "fire wave"..


 Its power and scale are at least 100 times that of a normal "fire wave" just by eye measurement?

 Hundreds of monsters were swallowed up by the extraordinary scorching waves as if they were suddenly hit by a catastrophe that would bring the world to an end.

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