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Chapter 7: Noah’s Proclivity

After that, we saw Neil and his friends shooting guns at the place where they were training, but it seems that her reaction was still shallow at that time.

To be honest, every time I talked to Noah, I was worried about Vigna’s gaze on me. I’ll whisper a lot of love to her later.

“Asgard really has delicious rice, the people are living happily… is it your personality, Grace-sama? This sandwich is also delicious and the shop staff provided a great service.”

“Nn …… Ah, that’s true……”

I stopped by Sarah’s store to get a sandwich because I was hungry, but she looked at me with a big grin…… Well, it’s not often that I walk the streets with a new resident…… I’m afraid I’m making a strange mistake.

“Oh, what’s that?”

As I was thinking about how to explain to Sarah, Noah seemed to have come towards my statue. Oh no, if I show her this, she’ll think I’m a big approval-seeker.

“That statue was made by the people themselves. It’s a pathetic statue of me with a gun in my nose, a toy for Bowman…..”

“No, not the statue over there, but the one next to it. The bath ……?  He seems to be troubled about something.”

Having said that, she pointed to Agni, who was groaning in front of the small bath. The last time I saw him, he seemed to be very proud of himself, but is something going wrong?

“What’s wrong, Agni? Is the mine bath not working? Huh? There’s hot water in there.”

“Ah, Grace-sama…and the woman over there… Ah… I’m going to pretend I didn’t see anything, don’t let Vigna-san find out. Even so, Grace-sama has started doing that kind of thing.”

“No, you’ve got the wrong idea. …… she’s the new resident. I’m showing her around the village.”

I answered while holding up my hands to Agni who winks with a dirty face. Do Sarah and Agni think I’m the kind of guy who’s into harems? No, it’s rather normal for a nobleman….. But to be honest, Vigna is good enough for me……

“Her name is Noah Cassius…..”

“I’m Noah. It’s just Noah without a family name. Hey, Grace-sama.”

“Hmm? Oh…… that’s right …….”

Speaking of which, she did tell me something like that… I mean, it’s a lot of pressure right now. She’s pressuring me with a strange but powerful smile.

She had a different kind of scare than Vigna. ……

“Oh, I’m Agni. I thought you were a noble because of your appearance…. I thought that Grace had gotten engaged to a noblewoman.”

“I don’t know why that would be…….”

I answered while holding my head and Agni laughs. Perhaps the story that I might be engaged to a noblewoman was passed on to Sarah by Vigna, then from Sarah to Agni.

I guess that’s what Sarah’s supportive look meant. No, as a nobleman, that’s right….. More importantly……

“The baths you were talking about earlier seem to have been completed. The water is …… hot!”

“Oh, Grace-sama! No! I’m still working on it.”

“What is this! a torture device?”

I stick my hand in the bath and scream. What’s this boiling water? If I go into this water, I’ll burn all over!

“It’s better to cool it down now, Grace-sama. Excuse me. Spirit of the water…. wrap my friend.”

With Noah’s words, a magically created sphere of water appears and envelops the part of my body I’ve placed in the hot water. It’s amazing. …… It must be pretty hard to make water into a certain shape and adjust its power…..

“Thank you, Noah. So …… Agni. Are you going to boil and eat Donovan and the others in the mine? They’ll die if they go in there.”

“I told you, I’m working on it. I asked Vigna to put some magic into the magic stone, but it was too powerful…..”

“It’s hard to adjust the temperature afterwards, unlike a furnace……”

“Yes, it’s difficult to adjust the temperature even with the ice magic stone……”

“Master, I’ve brought you a healing potion. Please use it.”

“Thank you …… Ah, Galatea, when did you…”


I was talking to Agni and before I knew it, Galatea came over with a potion in her hand. But I was surprised when she suddenly came in front of me. …… But I guess she was worried about me. Thank you! I think I just heard a strange voice again.

This time it was not a mishearing. I stared at Noah, who was smiling at me as if nothing had happened. From the similarities between this time and the previous time, it seems that…. the key is Galatea…….

“Thank you, Galatea…… I’m sorry, but I need to find out how hot this water is. Can you take off your clothes and try it for me?”

“Alright, Master. But Master, you are shameless. I’ll record what you said and report it to Vigna-sama.”

“You know what I mean, don’t you? What do you mean by ‘record’? I have a bad feeling about this.’

“Recording is the act of storing sound on a variety of media with the intent of reproducing it.”

The World Library answers my silly question. No, I don’t care about that right now. I’m really going to be killed if someone asks me this!

“Fufufu, it’s a robo-joke. Well, I’ll give it a try. Please watch carefully.”


Galatea giggles and raises the hem of her maid outfit to show off to Noah. I knew that gesture was somehow sexy and she’s a robot… it seems that it wasn’t just me.

“Hmmm… what’s that material and the body which is as fine as a human being! It’s a work of art!”

I called out to the owner of the voice, a bit …… distracted.

“Hey, Noah …….”

“What’s the matter Grace-sama?”

“You can’t fool me, you idiot!”

I caught Noah looking at Galatea with an excited face that seemed to drool a while ago.

Wow… it seems I have more strange residents again… I decided to listen to Noah.

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