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Chapter 25: At the Royal Capital

The rest of the way was smooth. It was so smooth that I wasn't prepared for it.... I could feel my tension dropping as we approached the royal capital.

"I can sense the extreme tension in Master. It's okay. The results you have achieved in Asgard are real. If anyone still makes fun of you, they're stupid. So please have confidence in yourself."

Then Galatea grabbed my hand and smiled gently. What is this? It's so soothing! That's right. I've done everything I can to develop Asgard. That's why I was called to the capital when I should have been exiled. ......

If even if someone tries to make a fool of me, I don't have to deal with them. It's not like the old days anymore, I have a good track record now.


As I was thinking this, I heard what sounded like the crying of a beast coming from the driver's seat. Vigna is glancing at me. What's she doing? It's not safe to drive with your eyes off the road.

"I sense a tremendous amount of jealousy coming from you, Vigna. It's like you wanted to comfort him, but you're driving and you can't do anything! That's how you feel. I think you'd better follow up later."

"That's very specific! Galatea ...... You're enjoying this situation....."


She gave an earful to Galatea who was poking a little fun. I'll get spoiled and indulge in Vigna’s words of comfort a little bit later. Even so......I thought again that the two of them were with me and my heart was strangely calm.

Could she be into me? I glance over and Galatea is giggling. No, she's definitely just having fun......

After a while, the steam car comes to a stop. I don't know what happened, but I looked through the window and saw a surprised looking guard pointing a spear at me. What on earth is ......

"What's that strange vehicle.....? Who are you people?"

"Oh, sorry, you've never seen this before. This is a steam vehicle developed in our territory of Asgard. It's nothing fishy, don't worry.'

"You have forgotten my face after all the times I squeezed you so hard."

"Oh, Vigna-sama! I'm very sorry. This unfamiliar crest belonged to the Asgardian territory... So, ...... you are Prince Grace? I'm sorry. Please come through."

"You should have done that from the beginning, what were you thinking not remembering at least the face of your third prince? What are you thinking, how can you be a guard?"

"I'm very sorry about that ......."

The guard turned away awkwardly when Vigna chided him. It's true that I've been holed up in the library or Bowman's place since my skills were discovered, but I didn’t think it was this bad......

I'm aware that I have been treated badly. In Asgard, everyone not only greets me, but also gives me vegetables and invites me to play with them. ......

So we arrived at the castle and were ushered into the parlor. As we were getting off the steam car, the nobles and servants in the castle were looking at us strangely. Well, the prince who was supposed to have been exiled has returned. It's not hard to understand.

"I'm so tired...."

"It's really the same as ever, we were called in....."

Vigna and I just sit on the couch feeling tired. Even though I'm back to my parents' house, I can't rest at all......Well, there was no place for me from the beginning, so it can't be helped.

"Fufu, this is what I call VIP treatment, I detected feelings of interest, surprise and curiosity from everyone. I also detected a strong feeling of fear towards the king. Hasn't it ever happened before that an exiled person came back? Perhaps everyone is confused?"

"Well, He's a dictator who believes that power is everything and he'll do whatever he wants to expel you, and vice versa."

"I don't know how we can survive as a nation at all......."

I nodded at Vigna's words. Yes, the leader of this country is my father, the strongest warrior and king. No one is allowed to go against him and even the nobles won't get off scot-free if they offend him. Maybe that's why no one protected me when I was exiled. No, it's possible that I'm just not popular. ......

But this place has never really changed. ......

I look out the window and see the soldiers training. They are wearing fine weapons and armor and training hard. The soldiers are given preferential treatment, while the civilians are probably treated poorly. Once again, I was glad to be exiled.


And now, I've been running a territory in Asgard. Why is this country doing so well? Well, I understand that we take from other countries. It's important to have the strength to defend and attack. But after you take it, politics is also important. So why has this country been prospering for so long if it treats its civilian officials so coldly? It doesn't matter how strong my father is, if he fought Galatea, he would be killed instantly. She's at that level. ......

"Grace-sama, your audience is ready."

"Oh, okay. I'll be there."

At the sound of knocking, a servant came and spoke with Galatea. It seems that everything is ready. It's been a long time since I've seen my father, but I wonder what will happen.

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