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Chapter 24

While smiling amiably at the guards who seemed to want to say something, we rode along the mountain road in the steam car. After a while, the sound of hard objects hitting each other was accompanied by the sound of angry voices and the cries of monsters.

"Oh, they're doing it and as expected, they're struggling."

"That's because the Kingsguard alone are at a disadvantage against a flying opponent, so it can't be helped."

"I sense a feeling of impatience from the knights. It looks like a pretty bad situation."

As expected, they seem to be having a hard time against the flying wyverns. This does not mean that the knights of the Kingsguard are weak. It's simply a bad match. They are the kind of opponent that would normally be fought with ballistas and wizards in tow.

They know this, but I have an idea why they are in such a hurry. I've left in a big way so the insider will know that I'm going to the royal capital.

They are probably watching my movements and will return to tell them about it. Then there's the old gun the insider probably carried, which he was going to take to King's Landing.

"So what are we going to do? We could just sit here and watch them as it is but...."


"Shall I prepare tea and sweets for you? Master."

"Of course not! People would die won’t day, they're all scared! I'll be the one to cooly save the day. Both of you, please support me."

Why are these two so bitter towards the knights? I know it's because they're angry with the ones who insulted me. I'm glad about it. But it's not a good wake-up call if there are dead people. Besides, ......

"Hmm, that's very sweet of you."

"Fuhahahaha, I can imagine the humorous figure that was helped by me who he has been looking down on. It's the best!"

"You're right..... You were that kind of guy....."

"Either way, Vigna-sama, I sense a sense of joy in the Master."

When I returned Vigna's teasing words with a nasty smile, the two of them gave me an exasperated look. No, you guys tried to kill them too!!

With that in mind, I walked proudly, trying to look like I had plenty of leeway. I'm sure Vigna and Galatea will protect me.

"What are you doing here, Grace?"

"What do you mean, of course, I've come to help you because our Kingsguard knights are so pathetic. You should be grateful."

I smile as nastily as I can and raise my gun to shoot. With a dry poof, a lone wyvern falls through the air and drops with a hole between its eyes.

"What the.....?"

I smile wryly at the stunned knights. In fact, it is a secret between us that I aimed at the neighboring wyvern. It's quite difficult to hit a flying enemy with a bullet.

When the wyverns noticed my presence, they tried to switch their target from the knights to me, but it was too late. At that time, Galatea catches the wyvern who is about to attack me and kicks it in the face, killing it. A wyvern in the sky exploded with a roar as Vigna shot it down with her magic bayonet.

The Wyverns left and wondered what happened when they saw their friends being defeated one after another.

"What is that power ...... that weapon ......?"

The knights groaned as if they had seen something unbelievable as we overwhelmed the wyverns. It's not hard to understand why. We have overwhelmed an opponent that they had struggled against. I'm certain they're a mess of frustration and confusion right now.

"This is the power of my ...... Asgardian domain. It's the power of knowledge you've been making a fool of.".

"Ku...But you can't get this rock off with that many people! The one who solves the obstacle will have priority in these situations. We'll be the first to go!"

"These guys....."


"Calm down".

I stop Vigna, who holds her magic bayonet and glares at the knights. Vigna, who was told to calm down, glares at me. I'm scared. That's no way to look at your lover …

The knight's words are implicit, so to speak, but it was we who got rid of the monster and we should not have been told such things in the first place.......


"I know, Master. This is the power of Grace-sama. Here we go."

Galatea skipped as if she were going for a hike and with a cute little shout, she lifted the huge rock and threw it away.

The huge rock made a tremendous thumping sound and was driven to the side of the road. Now the carriage can pass.

"Haa ...... alone ...... that golem is ...... and Vigna, that power......."

"Izaku, you're following the wrong person. This is the power that Grace gave me. We used to be evenly matched, but what would ...... happen if we tried fighting now?"

Vigna smiled as she passed the knight who had challenged us to a fight. He twisted his face in frustration, but seemed unable to say anything back.

In fact, if they were to fight right now, Vigna would be far stronger than Izaku. The weaponry was obvious, but she and Galatea sometimes fought mock battles. She was no longer on the same level as when she was in the castle.

"This way, we'll be going through first. Let's go, you two."

"Yes, sir. Master. I've done my best and I'd appreciate a pat on the head afterwards."

"Oh, that's not fair ...... pat me too."

Then we returned to the steam car.


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