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Chapter 16: Azul Chamber of Commerce

“What do you mean “failed”? You went with dozens of wyverns didn’t you? You didn’t cut any corners!”

“Don’t joke around!! I can’t cut corners!! What the hell is that woman? My wyverns died with a strange sound! If they have such powerful skills, tell me in advance!”

“No, there shouldn’t be such a thing…..”

The adventurer’s unexpected words make me unable to say anything. I thought it was an excuse for failure, but his expression was desperate and more than anything, he must have been in a hurry to escape. The dirty clothes show how dangerous his situation was. It was not an act.

I’d heard that this woman, Vigna, was indeed the strongest of the King’s guard. But can she really be that overwhelming against wyverns that are also good at long-range attacks? I know none of the refugees who went to Asgard had that kind of fighting ability….

“No way… the other party has an unknown weapon…”

“If you knew that why didn’t you tell me? Thanks to you, my servants are….”

“Wait! I didn’t know either. I don’t even know how your wyverns were defeated……”


“Master Raymond, we have a problem! You have a visitor!”

As I was trying to get some information from the adventurer. The door was violently opened. The person who came in was one of our employees…  I’ve already told him not to disturb me because I’m in the middle of a meeting… This guy is fired.

“What’re you doing? I told you not to let anyone through because I’m busy. I’ll take care of the visitors later….”

“But, sir….”

“Hey, come on, isn’t that terrible? You wrote me a letter saying you wanted to talk to me, so I made time for you… And since I made time for you, I came to greet you with a gift.”

Pushing past the employees, the visitor was the worst man imaginable. Why… at this time? Don’t tell me this guy was followed? But the red-haired man gave a small shake of his head. That’s right.

This is because he took the long way around and hid in several places so that his relationship with me would not be discovered and then came back here…… If he can track him, he must have a network in this city or he must have great hiding skills or he must have detection ability. But that is not a human’s skill.

As Raymond struggled to think, the visitor said his name with an arrogant smile on his face.

“I didn’t see you when I visited you before. My name is Grace Vermillion and the one next to me with the big bag of food is Galatea, she’s a bit shy and I hope you’ll forgive her for dressing so hotly in such a place. The other woman is Vigna. She’s my escort. I know you said you were busy, but I’m sure you have no meeting more important than talking to me, the third prince.”

The man in front of me, Grace Vermillion, sat down ill-manneredly on the seat in front of me before I could say anything. The woman next to him, Vigna, is holding a mysteriously shaped sword, saying that if we do something rude, she’ll cut us down.

And I ended talking to him in this desperate situation.

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