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2. Love potion

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 That day, the Adventurer's Guild was noisy.

 I was on my way home after completing a quest early to avoid getting into trouble.

 Fels and Arisa, who were walking behind me, looked at me curiously then stood in front of me.

"What are you worried about?"

"What's wrong"

"Oh well ... I'm a bit worried about the great aristocrats."

 The S rank party, Silver Wings, was asked to assassinate Florence. When they failed to do so, they next tried to kill me.


 As expected, it’s not a situation that can be overlooked.

 I know I have to do something, but there’s too little information.

 The reconstruction of the slums is over.

 The people could be put in danger again. I'm not stupid enough to fold my hands and wait. 

"Let’s go see Florence"

"Eh ... let's go home ~"

 It's an optimistic Arisa-like behavior. She doesn't have a sense of crisis.

 I walked to the front with a sigh.


 We arrived at Florence’s base in the slums. 


"What is it Lisa?"

 There was Lisa carrying a large amount of documents while crying.

 ...... It's a great height.

" Florence-san can't work!"

"... Is she injured or ill?"

"No! It’s not that but ────"

" Nigris-sama ~!"

 Suddenly Florence jumped out. She buried her face in my chest and purred.

 Huh?? Why is she behaving like a cat!??

 ...... Unlike Fels, I can see a cat's tail.


"Actually, she said she was going to make a special love potion ... But it seems that the silver vine changed to have an effect on humans!"

"What are you doing ...?"

 She gives off a nice scent and her hair tickles.

 Ugh ... It's a ridiculous destructive power.

 I was used to it, but I forgot that Florence was a messed-up beauty.

"Please stay away from him!"

"What! Don't get in the way! Nigris-samaaa~!"

 Fels tore Florence off and growled with a grrr.

 Dogs and cats.

"Ahaha! It’s like a dog and a cat! How funny!"

 It’s not funny.

 Well, I thought it was strange.

 Florence isn't the type of person to get attached to someone.

 No, I guess that's how much I'm trusted.

"... The story isn’t moving so I’ll just heal you. Heal "           


 Even for abnormal states my heal is handy.

 To put it simply, my healing can make "what was" into "what wasn’t".

 I’ve come to understand that it’s different from other healers.

"What was I doing ... it looks like I was hugging Nigris-sama and saying I love him?"

"You didn't say that"

"I didn’t say that !?"

 Ghan, she got depressed.

 What’s there to be depressed about?

"I wanted to hear about the great aristocrats."

"... so it’s about that?"

 Her voice regains its calm. Lisa suggested we sit at a nearby table.

 Hmmm, from the looks of it she knows something.

 It was a good idea to ask her.

"Honestly, I knew that this mistress’ life was being targeted by a great nobleman."

"... So, you strengthened your security?"

"That's right. This mistress doesn't have someone to rely on or backing. I had to protect my own life."

 So that's it.

 That's why she spread rumors that the Empress of the slums was terrifying and made it difficult for outsiders to get in.

"Originally, I've heard rumors of the great aristocrats. They’re famous for buying and selling slaves in the black market and using the money earned as bribes, if they could control the slums, they’ll have a free black market. That's why I thought they were trying to kill me. "

"You thought?"

 Is it different?

 I think that's reason enough, and it makes sense to me.

 Most humans are greedy, and our greed overflows and demands endlessly.

"How much easier it would have been if that were the case. According to this mistress's subordinate who has been infiltrating the Holy Church, the magic circle used by the man called Azel was given by a great nobleman.”

"What ...? Then the kingdom tried to erase us !?"

"Sure, the kingdom also finds this mistress a hindrance. If you think about it, it makes sense."

 This is disgusting.

 Did they unleash such a monster just to destroy a single district? Isn't the job of the kingdom to protect the people who live there?

 ...... Will they seek their own profits even if it hurts someone who lives quietly?

"I’m also angry... We've also found out his name. He’s the right-hand man of the Prime Minister and a great nobleman who practically holds the center of the country. His name is Alfred Erad."

"And there are many reports of the Paladins being seen in the royal capital."


 I know a little about them.

 They’re the strongest knights considered to be the greatest force of the Holy Church.

 Didn’t the leader have a holy sword ...?

 I don't know what kind of effect it has.

" Nigris-sama, you especially should be careful."

"No, I didn't do anything, so I don't see the problem.”

"...... You don't know anything, do you?"

 What else is there?

 Suddenly my heart was startled.

 Did I do something wrong?

" Nigris-sama is being treated as the hero of the slums. In the capital, you’re called the ruler of the shadows."


"It's natural. You crushed an S rank party alone and subdued a monster known as the black dragon."

"No no no... I couldn't beat that alone."

"Rumors have tail fins. What do you think of this mistress? Won’t it be nice to get married and dominate the slums together ..."

  Embarrassed she tweaked her fingertips together

 What’s with the two of us dominating? That’s a villain’s line when seen from the side.

"... Why is that story spreading?"

"Since merchants sometimes come to the slums, it’s inevitable that they hear rumors and sell it as information in the royal capital. Now, information on Nigris-sama is sold at a really high price."

I see.

 ...... It's an awful story. I'd like to live a little more quietly.

 The ruler of the shadows, is it? ...

"By the way, We’re going to do a reconstruction festival, will you come?"

"I'm going! I'll get delicious rice !?"

"I didn't ask you wizard girl, but ...... that's fine. You've been a great help to me. If there's anything you want, just let me know.

"Seriously !? Yay!"

"Despite our differences ... I'll also give you what you want elf girl. Ask me anything."


 Fels touched the handle of the sword while having a hollow gaze.

 Arisa is obedient to her greed.

 A reconstruction festival? I'm wondering how the city has progressed, should I go?

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