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3. The Moon at night

 After the reconstruction, the slums, which are a little richer than before, are full of energy.

 There’s nothing like eating outside when the moon is shining. Hors d’oeuvres were being served, and the residents gathered around, buzzing with excitement. {TN: ‘Hors d’oeuvres’ , small one- or two-bite items served before dinner}

“Why did you make me dress like this? You guys are mean~!”

 Lisa was forcibly taken by Arisa and made to wear a bunny outfit.

  I mean, wasn’t Lisa in her early thirties? It’s not that she doesn’t look pretty, but she looks best in her serving clothes.

 After all, a former receptionist for the adventurer’s guild will be quite good-looking.

 Arisa was laughing at Lisa.

“Wow! Former adventurer guild beautiful receptionist Lisa-chan! Cute!” (Arisa)


“Nice job getting her to wear a bunny, wizard lady! “

“Oh! Leave it to me!”(Arisa)

“I’m embarrassed, so please stop!”

 She said with large tears in the corners of her eyes.

 Lisa couldn’t resist Alisa.

I wonder if she’s feeling guilty for discriminating against Nino people until now.

 … Maybe Arisa doesn’t care that she was discriminated against.

 Well it’s good if she’s having fun.

“Ah, so funny”

“Do it in moderation. It’s no good if you bully her too much.”

“I know. Hey Nigris, do you know the story that’s spreading in the royal capital these days?”

“What is it?”

 There are many stories going around in the capital.

 It’s not a big deal anyway.

 I take a sip of my drink while listening properly.

“Apparently, there’s this girl who has a skill, but it’s cursed!” 

“The skill is cursed? What the hell is that?”

Skills are essentially a blessing from the gods.

Those who possess them are generally the chosen ones.

 However, my appraisal skill is a little weak and I’m not sure about Arisa’s skill.

 There’s no doubt that there are still many unclear points when it comes to skills.

“… Curse, is it?”

 If it’s a curse, I can heal.

 But if It’s a skill …

 I was thinking about Arisa’s story in my head, so I didn’t notice that my mug was empty.

 Oh, the water finished.

 …… I pretend I’m drinking alcohol, but I can’t actually drink it.

 Arisa drank it all at once and said, “Puha! Saikou!” {TN: The best} All the drinks she carries are alcoholic.

 It’s hard to ask for water …

 Yeah, never mind.

 I call out to a waiter who was nearby.

“Hey, I want a refill.”

“Yes! Just ──── Ow! It hurts!”

 Perhaps she wasn’t looking ahead because I spoke to her, she slipped on the muddy ground which was slick with spilled liquor, and the waiter woman was injured.

 I healed her quickly.

“Are you okay?”

“Yes … though I may not be able to stand …”

“No, it’s already healed”


 She was stunned and didn’t move for a few seconds, but soon her expression brightened and she grabbed my hand.

“Ah! Could you be the slum hero !?”

“Huh? a hero …?”

“Everyone knows it was a great healer who saved the slums!”

 In response to that voice, the people around also looked at me at once.

“What!? the hero?”

“Maybe, Nigris-san!?”

“The real thing!?”

 Their gazes gather.

 ……Are you serious.

 My face twitched and I smiled bitterly.

 I’m not good at being noticed …

“Ah, good for you Nigris~”

“Don’t just look, help me …”

“I’m busy drinking.”

 Is there anyone who could help me?

 Arisa sitting in her seat was already drunk.

 By the way, where did Fels go? Florence isn’t here either.

 …… What are they doing?


 Getting out of that place, I went to an unpopular spot to take a break.

 I should be able to spend time quietly around here.

“I finally got out …”

 Then I heard the sound of a sword swing.

 What is it?

 I headed toward the noise and quietly listened in on the situation.

 There were Fels and Florence holding swords.

“It’s boring. Is this all you can do without using body strengthening magic?”

 What are they doing?

 I was worried about whether to stop them, but the atmosphere was a little different.

 There was no murderous intent. It’s like she’s being taught the sword by Florence.

“Don’t catch your breath, hold your sword, throw away your shame, there is no cowardice or shame in fighting. Fighting is a battle for life.”

“… Yes. I understand.”

“Little elf girl. You unknowingly rely too much on magic. It’s natural as a magic swordsman, but your foundation of the sword itself doesn’t rise. And because of your unique swordsmanship, you have strange habits.”

 …… It’s a part I can’t teach.

 I’m not a swordsman.

 There’s also the S rank swordsmanship aptitude, but Florence has experience standing above and guiding people and her explanation made a lot of sense.

“I’ll fix it, everything”

“Why. From this mistress’ point of view, you’re still strong enough. I’m sure you won’t be defeated by any of the enemies around.”

“Because it doesn’t reach you. It doesn’t reach you or Arisa. I’m weak. …… I can’t stay by Nigris-sama’s side like this”

“So you would even bow down to the mistress you hate?”


“… Good. I’ll keep you company a little longer.”

 She was gradually expressing herself, my cheeks relaxed as I realized she’s started walking by her own will.

 …… You’ve grown up again.

 I closed my eyes and listened to the quiet sounds of their swords.

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