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Chapter 91: Innovative Technology Cannot Be Stolen

We've decided to have Marches work with the craftsmen to make a prototype of the refrigerator while we coordinate with them.

Once it was completed, he would take it to the Commercial Guild and register it as a patent.

The magic circles on the inside of the Tauro board were crafted.

There are two magic circles, one on the top and one on the bottom. When they are stacked on top of each other, they show their abilities and when the stacked boards are removed, they disappear.

This is supposed to prevent plagiarism.

At Aeris's suggestion, we made a magic contract with the craftsmen, so it would be difficult for them to leak information.

It is said to be one of the spells of the "Priest" skill.

Aeris came in handy in an unexpected way.


The good thing about this refrigerator is that it works well with scrap magic stones.

Scrap magic stones are small magic stones that are not suitable for processing and are often obtained from weak monsters in F-rank quests.

Even so, they have their uses and are bought by the guild, but some of them are too small to be worth more than a few bucks.

So, if you open the lid of the magic stone replenishment space on the refrigerator and put them in, it’ll work and will be fuel-efficient.

If you add the cost of the magic circle technology, the skills of the craftsmen and the cost of the materials, the refrigerator will be quite expensive, but if we keep selling it, we’ll recover our capital immediately.

In the past, there have been foods that were discarded because they spoiled and there are many foods that can be enjoyed by cooling them.

Therefore, Tauro was planning to make small ones for home use as well as large ones for commercial use.

And a commercial guild was established in the village of Dansas just in time.

Perhaps they thought that with the development of this village, it would have a promising future.

It was still small, but they could register a patent for it, so it would be great if they didn't have to go to the city.

Tauro had completed the prototype of the refrigerator and after using it, he decided that it could withstand actual use, so he decided to register it with the new commercial guild.

At the time of registration, the guild official in charge was amazed at the revolutionary technology, compared the refrigerator with the boy who claimed to be the registrant's agent, checked with the guarantor, Marches and the process was done immediately.

Thus, the revolutionary product, the refrigerator was registered under the name of Giro Sugar, a special reversible board maker, a pseudonym of the famous Tauro.

The name "Giro Sugar" was originally a fictitious name, but the representative of the Garfish chamber of commerce went through some behind-the-scenes procedures to make it officially "real" for the future.

Therefore, it had been approved by the commercial guild.

The Dareder branch of the Garfish chamber of commerce, which had signed a business contract with the Marches chamber of commerce for the refrigerator, immediately brought the refrigerator to the town's magic tools store and the response from the magic tools store was great.

After all, it was a product that could be used without the need to process magic stones.

The store immediately bought one.

The merchants wondered why only one unit was purchased, but they sold it without saying anything.

After a short pause, the store ordered a second one.

Even though the first one had been sold, the merchants were suspicious of the fact that they had only bought one, but again, they sold it without saying anything.


When the merchants sent the shopkeeper to pose as a customer at the suspicious magic tool store which bought it, he reported that there were no refrigerators in the store.

That was it after all.

The Garfish company was convinced.

They were disassembling refrigerators instead of selling them.

The technology is so innovative that the store was trying to figure it out.

The first one was quickly ruined by Tauro's prior anti-plagiarism technology and they must have bought a second one, but Tauro explained that with the way it was arranged the boards there was no way to the would understand.

So he guessed there was no need to worry about being plagiarized.

However, he would have to think about future transactions.

If they won't put it in their store, there's no need to prioritize them.

It would be quicker to go to another small store or to a food store directly to sell them.

A few days later, they received a third order from the same magic tool store, but they questioned the owner about not having them on the store shelves, blamed him for not answering the question and announced that they were terminating the deal.

This angered the Garfish Trading Company, and the shopkeeper had to go to the company every day to apologize.

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