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Chapter 68: The Newcomer is About to Die.

In addition to Shin, there was another newcomer in the village of Dansas.

He was a large 19-year-old with long black hair tied back and dark eyes, who had risen to the rank of F- within three days.

In his home village, he was famous for his strength and he had a bit of confidence.

Perhaps that’s why he was so arrogant and the first quest he took on was to defeat the Unicorn Rabbit.

After that, he actively took on quests such as defeating killer ants and kobolds.

As a result, he didn’t pay attention to the basic F-rank quest of collecting medicinal herbs and made fun of Tauro and Shin for doing so on a daily basis.

Tauro noticed his feelings using “sense presence” but he did nothing about it.

Tauro bought a sword from the blacksmith and gave it to Shin, teaching him how to use it in between gathering herbs, because although he had the skill to use a sword, he hadn’t trained with it and didn’t even have one of his own. 

Tauro had learned most of the martial arts at the adventurer’s guild in the city of Saisi, where he used to live and had raised his skill level.

So he could use most weapons as well as anyone else.

Despite being eighteen years old, Shin wasn’t ashamed of being taught by Tauro, who was younger than him.

On the contrary, he was very proactive.

He said that since he doesn’t know much yet and Tauro knows a lot, he was in a position to bow down and learn from him and that age is irrelevant.

One day, when the two newcomers were beginning to show different characteristics, the other newcomer, Rumeya encountered a goblin in the forest.

At first, Tauro noticed that an unidentified adventurer had encountered a goblin with his “sense of presence,” but when he felt that the person did not run away, he felt relieved, thinking it was a higher-ranked adventurer.

However, the silhouette of the adventurer surrounded by multiple goblins was inspected with Tauro’s “true eye” ability.

That’s where Tauro noticed that his stance looked amateurish.

Tauro wondered if he should ignore it and see if he was confident enough to defeat the goblins or… he concluded that the silhouette was probably the newcomer Rumeya.

He told Shin, who was with him, that he’d be leaving for a while and ran in the direction of Rumeya.

The goblin silhouette attacked Rumeya from behind. 

It looked like it had stabbed him with a knife and Tauro could see the silhouette of Rumeya collapse to one knee.

There were five goblins!

After confirming the number, Tauro went through the bushes and saw Rumeya and the goblins.

He then stopped the other goblins from moving with his prestige, further reduced their abilities with dark magic and plowed down the nearby goblins one by one, leaving the goblins with no chance to fight back.

After confirming the death of the goblins, Tauro immediately poured a potion on the unconscious Rumeya.

He was stabbed in the back and there were multiple blows on his head and body.

His right arm also seems to have been broken by a blow from a club.

“I don’t think the potion is going to heal these quickly.” Tauro thought to himself.

“I’ll try to use that one.”

It was an intermediate potion that he’d been trying to concoct ever since he arrived in the village and after a lot of hard work, he finally made it.

It should be more effective than ordinary potions.

He immediately poured it on Rumeya.

The stab wound healed quickly.

The bruises healed as well.

Tauro confirmed this and went back to call Shin and the two of them carried Rumeya back to the village.

At the medical station, Rumeya woke up in pain while his right arm was being treated.

I’m alive?

Rumeya was stunned.

The last thing he remembered before he lost consciousness was being stabbed from behind by a goblin and falling to his knees in extreme pain and he didn’t even have time to prepare himself for death.

Because he seemed to have been hit hard on the head, the memories before and after were fuzzy and he didn’t seem to recall anything after that.

The doctor said that in addition to the broken arm, he was also hit all over his body and his head was injured, but a nearby adventurer treated him with potions.

The stab wound was still slightly sore, but the wound had healed.

“The way it healed, it wasn’t just any potion. It must be a higher-level potion. You should be grateful for the help you received with such a precious thing. Without the adventurer’s help, you’d be dead by now.”

Rumeya was horrified, he had never imagined that he would die.

He had thought that he was better than the others and that His quests would be a brilliant success.

He was ashamed of himself for being so overconfident and thinking he couldn’t die.

“…Who was the adventurer that helped me?”

Rumeya decided he had to thank the adventurer who had saved him, he’d even used a precious intermediate potion to save him.

“The ones who brought you here were Tauro-kun and a newcomer named Shin, I believe.”

These were the two people he had looked down on.

Rumeya realized he’d been very wrong.

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