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Chapter 58: Rare Species 

If Bob’s nose and intuition are to be believed, there must be something in that shrine.

As Tauro listened to him, he became more and more convinced.

“I was once in the care of an adventurer from this village, and he told me how friendly the people were here. Remembering this, I came to this village, but what I heard and what I saw were completely different, or rather, too different. I couldn’t believe that the adventurer who had taken care of me was lying, so I wondered if something was going on in this village. That’s what I thought.”

So that’s why he hadn’t left the village and had continued to complete his quests as an adventurer, Tauro thought.

To be honest, he had planned to leave as soon as he had paid for his accommodation for ten days due to the coldness of the people in this village.

Maybe the people from other places would leave soon too, under the current circumstances.

At this rate, this village would surely decline.

Bob believed in the adventurer and was looking for the cause to save the village. 

Tauro felt ashamed that he had given up on them and tried to leave immediately.

Tauro decided to trust Bob and try to save the village.

The next day, Bob went out again in the morning to accept a quest to kill the monsters around the shrine.

Tauro couldn’t take the same quest because he was an F-rank player, but he was going into the forest to collect medicinal herbs, so he used that as an excuse to follow him.

It was his first time to go deep into the forest, and there were many medicinal herbs growing there, so while collecting them, he made full use of ” presence detection” and “Blocking presence” to avoid encountering monsters as much as possible.

He could feel Bob’s presence.

He is fighting against a monster and from the silhouette, it looks like a Kobold.

As long as he felt his presence, there was still a chance so Tauro decided to leave him be.

In addition, he wanted to check the shrine that Bob had mentioned yesterday.

The road was overgrown with grass and looked like a monster trail.

He followed the path deeper and deeper into the forest.

There seemed to be an open space in the back.

 Tauro stopped just before it.

This was because he was able to confirm multiple monsters ahead.

Tauro gently peeked through the open bush.

“I’ve never seen one of them before, but… is it a goblin sorcerer?”

A goblin holding a staff and dressed in a tattered hooded robe was accompanied by about ten goblins.

The goblins that attacked Bob yesterday used knives coated with poison, which may have been an idea from the goblin sorcerer.

Goblin sorcerers are a rare breed of goblin, smart, have magic powers and are a troublesome opponent to be wary of.

While Tauro was thinking about what to do, the goblins were led by the Sorcerer into a shrine at the back of the square.

So that’s the shrine Bob was talking about, this could be bad.

Tauro muttered to himself.

Tauro can use “spirit magic,” although it’s a rudimentary skill.

And with that, he was able to see spirits.

The shrine that Tauro saw was filled with dark spirits, and it was easy to imagine that something was happening to the shrine.

“Anyway now I have to wait for the goblins that went inside to come out, but I’m sure Bob will be here, he’s here already?”

Bob came out of the bush opposite Tauro after he sensed him using “ presence detection”.

Tauro was just about to call out to him when the goblins came out of the shrine and as soon as they spotted Bob, all hell broke loose.

“Goblins! They came back to the shrine again as expected.”

Bob immediately drew his sword and got into a fighting stance.

But one by one, goblins came running out of the shrine.

There were ten of them.

At the end of the day, the Goblin Sorcerer came out, so Bob knew he was in a bad spot.

“…Crap. This isn’t a solo mission!”

Seeing this, Tauro made up his mind to help.

The first priority is to defeat the Goblin Sorcerer.

Tauro immediately drew his bow in the bushes and fired an arrow at the Sorcerer.

The arrow was sucked straight towards the target, but the next moment


The arrow was flicked by a sword thrust from the side.

From the shrine, a new goblin knight emerged with an iron sword, armor and a small shield, another rare species.

“Bob-san, please run for your life!”

Tauro, seeing little chance of victory, emerged from the bushes and urged Bob to retreat.

“Oh, ohh!”

Bob hurriedly retreated at those words.

Then Tauro removed his “Presence Block”,  distracted the goblins chasing Bob with the earth magic “Stone Pebble”, using his bow and arrow and also using spirits and diverted their attention to himself.

After that, he was able to escape using “Presence Block” again.

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