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Chapter 48: The Quest to Defeat the Bandits is Complete

After confirming the safety of the hostages, tying and locking up the bandits they had captured, the troops on the side that had taken the fort decided to immediately head to the village to cover the raiding party.

Roy, the leader, pushed forward at the front.

Tauro followed behind, covering them with his bow and arrow, but his arrows soon ran out.

Then, what was unexpectedly useful was the stone gravel from the earth spirit magic.

It could throw a fist-sized stone at the enemy.

It had little killing power, but combined with the ability of “precision”, it was enough to take away their fighting ability.

Some of the bandits were hit in the head by the stones flying from Tauro’s hands and collapsed with concussions.

Furthermore, whenever one of his allies was injured, Tauro would immediately bring out a potion of his own making and generously use it to heal them. Tauro’s activities were inconspicuous, but he was definitely helping his fellow adventurers.

In the midst of Tauro’s humble efforts, Mina and the leader of the bandits were in a standoff.

Then Roy, the leader of the fort raiding party, appeared.

“Damn it, those guys behind couldn’t even resist a little more!”.

He stared at Roy who joined in.

While also behind confronted by Mina, the leader of the bandits lost his chance to escape.

“Surrender, and you’ll be hanged, but you’ll be spared the pain.”

Roy warned.

“Hmm. I’m confident with my sword. I’ve made a name for myself in the past as a bit of an adventurer.”

As soon as he said that, he slashed at Mina in front of him.

That was the moment.

A dark haze covered the bandit leader’s vision.


The next moment, Mina’s kick hit the bandit leader squarely in the stomach, sending him flying and knocking him unconscious at Roy’s feet.

“Nice follow-up, Tauro.”

Mina said and looked behind Roy.

The group that raided the village had many injuries due to the large number of enemies they had to deal with.

So Tauro and the healers who had potions went all out to treat them.

Other than that, they captured the remnants, took out the stolen items, and checked on the hostages.

“Shouldn’t we go after the ones that got away?”

One of the adventurers asked Roy and the other leaders.

“We’ll let the Territorial Guard and the Kingdom Guard do that. We’re adventurers and the only work we’ve taken on is the quest to kill.”

Roy replied, and the leaders all nodded their heads in agreement.

Of the eighty-seven bandits in the bandit village, thirty-five, including the leader, were captured.

Subtracting the number of dead bodies, it seemed that the remaining thirteen had managed to escape.

As far as Tauro could confirm, his father was among them.

But he wouldn’t be able to escape for much longer and Soak would be on the wanted list for several territories as a remnant of the bandits.

It was only a matter of time before he was caught.

The people who were active in this quest to defeat the bandits were promoted one after another.

Mina moved up from C- to C.

Roy and his team, the “Blue Guardians”, rose from C to C+.

The “Five Arrows” team, which consisted mainly of female wizards, also went from C- to C.

Kuzoth, who had teamed up with us in the search quest, also played an active role in the subsequent scouting quest and ranked up.

And Tauro had also moved up from E- to E.

As for Tauro, his recent solo clearing of goblins, clearing of the bandit search and his performance in the defeat quests were highly regarded and he had no complaints.

“You did it, Tauro-kun!”

He was congratulated in front of everyone in the guild lobby.

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