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Chapter 33: Surrounded by Aristocrats

The day after the meeting with Garfish.

The carriage carrying Tauro and his bodyguard Meena passed the section where the common people lived, passed the section where the ordinary nobles lived and came to the section where the senior nobles lived.

“The scenery has changed so much that it’s hard to believe…”

Tauro was looking out through the grate of the carriage and was beginning to regret his decision to come as the adjacent houses were far away and the castle-like houses stood in a large area.

“Don’t worry, Tauro-kun. I’ve never been to such a compound before and I’m also surprised.”

Paul, who was riding with him and was also nervous said so bluntly.

“Paul, you’re not helping. You’re just making me more nervous!”

Tauro was a bit weak-hearted.

He was relieved to see that Meena seemed to be calm and collected.

She must have noticed Tauro’s gaze.

“I’m an escort, so I’m always calm. Well, if I were in Tauro’s position, I would have leaked already, so don’t worry.”

She said.

“I’m not going to do that!”

She was trying to say that it was okay to be nervous, but the way she said it was really peculiar.

Tauro and Paulo laughed at Meena’s joke and the carriage became more relaxed.

“Is this the residence of the nobleman you specified?”

The place where the carriage stopped was in front of a mansion that was much larger than other large noble houses and also much larger than the average level of a noble house in the royal capital, which had been explained to him beforehand.

When Tauro got off the carriage, he was taken aback by the gorgeous appearance of the building.

“I can tell, this is definitely the house of a higher class of nobility, isn’t it?”

Tauro affirmed.

The representative of the Garfish Trading Company, who had arrived earlier, greeted Tauro and the others.

“Mister Satou, we’ve changed the location from the originally planned residence of Count Elaino to the residence of the Duke of Barriera, the Prime Minister of the Kingdom.”

“Prime Minister?”

“I’m sorry I forgot to tell you. It’s my first time here too.”

Speaking of the Prime Minister, next to the king, he must be the most powerful person.

It was at this moment that Tauro knew that he had been summoned by a dangerous person.

A man who seemed to be a butler was waiting at the entrance.

“Everyone is here, so please follow me.”

He urged them to follow him.

Garfish and the rest of them were led through the doorway and into the back.

Tauro’s presence detection told him that there were quite a few people concentrated in the large room where they were being led.

“Please wait in front of the door.”

The man who looked like a butler told him to wait at the door, so he stood there.

And then.

“Mr. Mardai Garfish, representative of the Garfish Trading Company and Mr. Tauro Satou, the Reversi instructor, and his attendants have arrived!”

Another man in front of the door told the room in a loud voice and the door was opened and they were welcomed with a round of applause from the room.

“One of the conditions for activating the special skill [&% $ #] <Popular people who are ranked high at the same time by 10 or more people>. [Appraisal Inhibition](Extreme) has been obtained.”


Tauro was surprised at the “Voice of the world” in this moment, but at the same time, he was even more surprised at the fact that he was being appraised. But more importantly, he was even more surprised at the new ability he had acquired.”

“I’ll activate my appraisal inhibition for now…”

Tauro, who suddenly refused to be priced, immediately used his new ability.

The appraisal inhibition seemed to be successful and some of the people who greeted Garfish and Tauro had dubious expressions on their faces.

Some of them were noblemen, their attendants, and others seemed to be their bodyguards.

At any rate, the appraisal inhibition seemed to have been activated and the price assessment had failed.

“Welcome, representative of the Garfish Trading Company. Oh boy. I’ve heard that you’re still a child, but I didn’t expect someone who assumed the role of instructor to be so young.”

The old man who seemed to be the owner of the mansion laughed as he stepped out to greet them and a space was quickly created in the crowd.

This man is the Prime Minister of this country?

Overwhelmed by the aura of dignity that he wore, Tauro was led to a desk in the back, surrounded by people.

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