Chapter 223

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Chapter 223: Spatial Transfer

The four of them had finished their meal at “the Resting pavilion,” an inn, bar, and diner run by the Adventurers’ Guild and known for its miso cuisine, but while they were returning home, Tauro asked Ragune about something he remembered.

“I just remembered that Ragune seemed to know something about my spatial transfer. How?”

As Ragune was about to answer Tauro’s question, Ankh, who was startled by Tauro’s words, spoke up first.

“What!? leader, you have the legendary ability of spatial transfer?! If that’s true, you can go anywhere you want!”

“…Hahaha. Unfortunately, mine has a defect and uses a lot of magic power and can only move about 1 meter. Ah, but thanks to the abilities I’ve recently learned, I think the amount of magic used has reduced considerably.”

Tauro explained with a wry smile.

Tauro was in search of some good uses for ‘spatial transfer’ and had some ideas, but he thought that if he knows what Ragune knew about it, he could broaden the scope depending on what it was.

“If it’s as it is among us Dragon People, I think that you can exert maximum power if you use it in the dungeon.”

“Inside a dungeon?”

Tauro tilted his head.

Come to think of it, it was in the dungeon that I  learned spatial transfer.

But what does that mean?

“According to the Dragon People’s legend, spatial transfer is an ability used to move within a dungeon, an existence born from a dimensional distortion. Thanks to the magical power emanating from the dungeon, the user can move through the dungeon in an instant with very little magic power consumed, but there are conditions for this as well, and the user must only move between the “transfer rooms” that are created at each level of the dungeon. However, there is more to this, and it is a top-secret information that has been passed down through the Dragon tribe, that it is possible to move between dungeons in an instant.”

“Is it limited to dungeons only…?”

Tauro was not pleased to hear Ragune’s rare information, but was rather disappointed.

“Wh-What’s wrong!? This is a great thing, isn’t it?! If you can go back and forth between dungeons you’ve been to before, and even dive into the deepest levels, all of the Dragon People would be glad to have this ability, and the feast will begin!”

Ragune appealed to Tauro that “spatial transfer” was a wonderful ability.

“…Dungeons are basically managed by each country, so I can’t just enter them, and I have no interest in diving into dungeons… right?”

Yes, dungeons in various places are basically managed and operated by each country, and ordinary adventurers can’t even get close to them, let alone enter them.

Only a handful of top-notch, legendary adventurers who have received permission from the government are allowed to enter.

After that, the rest are government officials, and it was truly a special case that Tauro was able to enter “Babylon”, which was managed by the kingdom.

“I see…I see what you mean. It is true that many of the dungeons are managed by the state, but there are also some dungeons managed by my  people.”

Ragune casually revealed the best-kept secret of the Dragon People.

“…Oh, of course it’s a secret, okay? If the chief finds out that I leaked it…. Kill me…!”

The chief was a really scary person, and her usual habit was very true.

“We’ll pretend we didn’t hear about it either. I’m not going to dive even if I knew…. After hearing Ragune’s story, I have my own ideas about ‘spatial transfer,’ and I’d like to give it a try.”

Tauro wanted to try out what he had been thinking about the possibility of “spatial transfer.

“What are you going to do? I’ll help you as much as I can, but I don’t think there’s much I can help you with since I only have knowledge about ‘spatial transfer’…?”

Ragune tilted her head and waited to see what Tauro would say.

“let me confirm one thing in case we are successful… is it okay for outsiders to suddenly barge into the Dragon  people’s village?”

Not only Ragune, who was asked this question, but also Aeris and Ankh, who were silently listening to the conversation between the two, went “?”.

It was as if they could go to the village of the dragon people, which is more than a month away from here.

“It is possible for outsiders to visit the village, but it is almost impossible to get close to the village because of the many layers of warding and inhibiting magic. Of course, Tauro, who saved our lives, would be more than welcome.”

“Well then let’s go to the outskirts of the village now and do some experiments!”

“Isn’t it unusual of you to bring everyone along for an experiment?”

Aeris was surprised at Tauro, who always tried to sneak around by himself.

“This is because it is useless without a Ragune. If it looks like it’s going to be successful, I’d like everyone to visit, including Ankh.”

Tauro took the lead as he said this and turned from the direction to the house to the road leading to the village entrance and exit.

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