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Chapter 217: it's like a yellow gate

The day after the exchange with the messenger.

After meeting with the messenger, Riryo visited Tauro's house.

He came to report that the messenger had promised him condolences and a guarantee for his mother's life, to express his gratitude once again, and to talk about something that had been bothering him.

"Actually, he asked me a lot of questions about Tauro-san and the others. ...... It was a little bit like they were looking for a connection to that influential person who plotted the assassination."

I knew they weren't convinced. ......

Tauro let out an inward sigh.

The other side is probably gathering evidence to convict us once they have suspicions.

Those messengers were working with that intention from the beginning.


Therefore, Tauro's explanation at the "Resting Pavilion" yesterday sounded like an evasion by the culprits, and it is possible that it may have convinced them to the contrary.

“Thank you for taking the trouble."

Tauro thanked him and asked him to go home, and then wondered what he should do.

Ankh, with whom he shared a room, was listening.

“We'll have to clear their suspicions before the messengers return to the city of Daredar, or things will get complicated. Sorry, It's based on my careless remarks, isn't it?"

He said reflectively.

“I'm the one who made you tell the lie. It was my fault for playing tricks on them.”

Tauro also expressed regret

“...... I'll go talk to them. I'll have to give him my employers’ name, but at least I'll be able to prove that the leader is who he says he is."

After Ankh said this, he headed for the "Rest Pavilion" where the messengers were staying.

Speaking of which, who is Ankh's employer?

I think it’s the Marquis Van Dyne, but I haven't actually asked him.

Well, at the point of protecting Aeris, I am 90% sure that it is the Marquis Of Van Dyne.

After a while, Ankh returned.

“We talked about it. They suspected me, too, but I think they finally believed me after I showed them the talisman and ring with the emblems I had been given in advance.”

The Marquis of Vandyne, after all, would have to be the one with the emblem to convince the messengers.

...Hm? A talisman and a ring? Multiple emblems, does that mean there are multiple clients?

Tauro was curious about that, but it was good that he was able to convince the messenger.

“Thank you, Ankh. I'm sorry I made you go through all that trouble again.”

“That's all right. But if Count Daredar knows you're here, it's going to be hard for you to stay here, isn't it? The leader of the group is kind of a celebrity.”

"... Hmm. I don't think it can be helped if it's known to some extent. I've been doing a lot of things. Besides, I've come to be able to protect myself to some extent, and I have friends and companions, so it's reassuring. "


Tauro continued, determined.

“I don't have a bad impression of Count Daredar, but just in case, let me use that. ......”


Ankh echoed Tauro's implication.

“Yeah. I'm going to go see the two messengers at the "Rest Pavilion" again.”

After saying this, Tauro headed for the "Rest Pavilion".

The tavern at the "Resting Pavilion.”

There, the two messengers were drunk and intoxicated.

“What is ...... with that kid? Suddenly the daughter of a great noble or a subordinate of a powerful noble is vouching for his identity ......!"

"According to the boss if he met with Count-sama as a hero who prevented his assassination from happening, there was a great possibility that he was going to try to kill the Count at the meeting, right? What kind of person would be defended by a nobleman more than the Count, let alone a suspect? ......"

The two messengers are talking about such things in a corner of the tavern.

Hm? The daughter of a great noble ......? Did Aeris come here too?

While thanking Aeris in his heart, Tauro approached the two messengers.

“Have you two cleared up your suspicions?”

The two messengers were startled and turned to look back at the voice and answered.


'No. ....... I didn't mean it from the beginning. ......"

One of them trailed off.

“Yes, that's right. We were just doing our job. Of course, it's our job to be skeptical because our boss ordered us to do so. ......"

The other one was a little more hesitant to speak up.

“If you still have doubts, I will show you the evidence to support my testimony that I spoke the other day."

Tauro said,

he pulled out the small sword he carried at his waist and began to remove the cloth wrapped around the handle.

He then removed the cover from the hilt.

The two messengers watched Tauro's actions, unsure of what he was going to do.

“This is the royal crest that the Fifth Prince gave and allowed me to use as an instructor of Reversi and as a friend.”

Tauro showed them the royal family crest on the hilt of his small sword.

At first they looked drunkenly at the royal emblem, but then they rubbed their eyes, stared at it with wide-open eyes, slid off their chairs to the floor, and got down on their knees in the process.

We- we-, We’re so sorry ......! We only did what we were ordered to do, so please forgive us!"

The two men realized that they had suspected a very serious person when the royal coat of arms appeared and asked for forgiveness.

“Hey, hey, stop it, both of you!"

Tauro, who was also impatient at the unexpected power of the royal crest, hurriedly tried to get them to stand up.

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