Chapter 212

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Chapter 212: The Main Culprit of the Curse

After seeing the group off, Tauro remained in the town of Dareder and decided to stay put for the day inside the store using “Presence Detection” and “Presence Blocking”.

Although it’s in the city of Dareder, this store is located a little off the beaten path, so it cannot be said that there is a lot of pedestrian traffic.

But people still pass by.

By midday, the streets were filled with people.

However, the store was not a busy place.

According to the client’s mother’s impression, the store hadn’t been open for the past few days, so it was unlikely that anyone would be suspicious if it was closed again today.

Then, I felt the presence of a person.

It was obviously someone trying to see the inside from outside the door of the store.

It was not a very nice feeling.

Tauro went around to the front of the store, listening to the presence from behind, and saw a person pretending to be a passerby, looking about the interior of the store.

It was a small man with a large nose.

For a while, he searched the room through the gap in the door, but then, perhaps thinking it was useless to go any further, he scuttled away from the store.

Tauro decided to follow him.

With Tauro’s “presence blocking,” the small man was completely oblivious and entered a large mansion without taking notice at all.

This time, Tauro decided to go around to the back of the mansion and look inside.

“ So… how’s it going? Has the wife died already?”

The man who seemed to be the owner of the house had a loud voice, and when I strained my ears, I could hear his voice even from outside.

“I didn’t feel any signs from the room.”

“You didn’t feel it? You idiot! Then you could have gone inside the store, and according to the information you got  from the neighbors, you could have retrieved the magical stone directive that the owner had apparently picked up when I had dropped it.”

“But there’s still a cursed stone inside! I don’t want to be cursed!”

Both of their voices echoed as they heated up.

A magic stone directive?

Tauro remembered that, come to think of it, there was a processed magic stone in the luggage in the store that he had collected in his magic storage.

“As long as you don’t touch the cursed stone or stay with it for too long, the curse doesn’t affect you that much!”

“ There’s such a thing as too much! Give me a break!”

“What the hell do you think I sent you there to find out! Because the sorcerer says the connection to the curse stone has been severed! …… huh? Go back tomorrow.”

“……I understand ──”.

It seems that the master of this place is the main culprit in regards to the cursed stone.

However, the keyword “magic stone directive” is worrisome.

After asking a passerby who the owner of the mansion was, Tauro returns to the store.

The night passed uneventfully.

and the sun came up.

If all went as expected, the small man would come to the store again to investigate.

Let’s surprise him a little and see what he comes up with.

Tauro decided to open the shop in the morning after returning the items that had been placed in the magic storage.

Of course, I was in charge of the store.

At one point, a few customers came and bought some daily necessities.

Just before noon, the small man came in.

He was surprised to see Tauro.

“You’re a boy I haven’t seen before, right?”

The small man spoke to Tauro.

“Welcome. Me? I’m helping out here from today.”


“Yes, my aunt has been sick for a few days and closed the store, but I, a relative, decided to help her because she can’t close any more. Auntie has been feeling better since yesterday, so I may only be here for a few days. Oh, Uncle, would you like to buy something?”

“Ah, no. I just looked in the store because it was unusually open. So, is the lady in the back better now?”

“Yes, she’s not fully recovered yet, so she’s sleeping. Oh, if you need her, give her a few days.”

“I-I see, I hope she recovers. Then, I’ll come again in a few days.”

The little man said and left in a hurry.

He must have gone to report to the owner of that mansion.

If he made a move, it would give me a chance to take advantage of him.

If it’s as Tauro expected, there’s a way to neutralize them.

Let’s wait and see how they react.

In the evening, Tauro began to feel an unpleasant presence clinging to him.

It seems that Aeris’s warding magic was broken spontaneously, and that side sent another curse to the curse stone.

This time, the curse was beginning to be applied to me, who was inside the room.

This was exactly what Tauro wanted.

Tauro’s aim was to return the curse with dark magic.

While magic can be used to curse remotely, there are risks.

That is the possibility of a counterattack by returning the curse.

Once the curse is returned, it is literally doubled.

Tauro has received blessings from the Black spirit regarding dark magic, so he can return the curse.

“Okay, let the counterattack begin.”

Tauro put both his hands on the spell stone and cast a spell.

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