Chapter 206

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Chapter 206: The Realm of the New Black Golds

The captain of the Territorial troops, who had narrowly escaped death, thanked the adventurers who had come to his rescue.

“Thank God! Are you adventurers from the Dareder branch?”

He asked, Ankh looked at Tauro with a look like, “Me?”

Tauro was giving potions to the soldiers and treating their injuries.

Aeris was using healing magic.

Ragune dismantled the monsters she had killed for proof of defeat and puts them in the magic storage.

Ankh was also helping with this, but since he was the oldest, he was mistaken for the leader.

“We are adventurers from the Dansas branch. You don’t have to thank us ……, right, leader?”

Ankh called out to Tauro.

“Yeah. We were in the middle of a free quest, so we will take the monsters we killed, no need to thank us. I think it’s okay to say that we both did our jobs.”

Tauro took the stance that he was just doing his job, not selling a favor.

He was not interested in being called in later to be thanked.

“Are you the leader of this group? You are so young ……. We’re still grateful for your help, and we thank you. Also, I know I sound like I’m making excuses, but that troll is a troll leader, a rare and relatively intelligent species among the dumb trolls. We fell into his trap, and here…a pitiful story. It was a C-rank target among adventurers, so it should be a good reward.”

This is good information.

Not only Ragune, who put a stop to it, but also the reputation of everyone who took it down with her will go up.

“Thank you for the information. May we take the credit for the monsters we stopped?”

Tauro negotiated.

It would be a problem if credit was claimed later.

“Of course! We had been defeating a fair amount of monsters before we encountered these trolls. I don’t ask for more than that. Oh, and if you could claim the cost of the potions through the guild, I think that would make the process easier, thank you very much. Oh yeah, what’s your team name?”

The captain seemed to be a man of understanding, and there seemed to be no dispute over the share.

“Okay, so that’s that then. We are the “Black Golden Wings.”

Tauro bowed and left when Ragune called him.

“. …… Black Gold Wings, huh? I’ve never heard that name before, but I’m sure they must be one of the top teams in the Dansas branch.”

The captain was impressed, but he had no way of knowing that it was treated as a small team in the Dansas branch, which was the important thing.

“Tauro, this troll is the last one, but my magic storage is full, can I leave it to you?”

Ragune’s magic storage doesn’t seem to be that big.

“Then, I’ll take care of the other monsters too, so you can take them out.”

Tauro replied and put the Troll in the magic storage.

Ragune nodded and took out all the orcs she had killed in the previous battle.

Orc meat can be sold for food, so if you take the whole thing with you, you can get some money for it.

Besides, it was the raw material for her favorite fried dish, pork cutlets, so Ragune didn’t have the option of throwing it away.

Tauro stowed away all the orcs that had piled up like a mountain.

The captain, who was casually looking at the pile of orcs, was taken aback by the sudden appearance of the mountain of orcs in front of him, but he was also surprised to see it disappear in an instant.

Aside from the surprised territorial troops, team “Black Golden Wing” prepared to leave, bowed again to the captain, greeted them, and headed back home.

“With this, maybe Ragune can be promoted to the E rank!”

Aeris said happily to Tauro.

“ Yes, I think so. Ragune did a tremendous job this time, so I’m sure she’ll be fine.”

Tauro gave his assurance.

“I-I see! Will I finally be able to reach the same E-rank belt as everyone else? I’m looking forward to it♪”

For Ragune, the fact that she was the only one with an F rank had always been a source of concern.

It was for this reason that everyone was turning to her to make the stops, Ragune was honestly glad that she had tried so hard.

“If things go well, maybe we’ll all get promoted.”

Ankh responded.

“Me and Aeris are E+, so I don’t know if we’ll be judged into the D rank band again, but Ankh might get promoted to E.”

Tauro was also looking forward to hearing the results of this free quest.

Adventurers’ Guild, Dansas Branch, Lobby Reception.

“ What? Is this everyone’s defeat in this quest? Hey, hey, everyone submit your tags so I can check them!”

Chloe, who responded, was amazed at the results of Tauro’s team.

I did not underestimate the “Black golden Wings”.

She still has high hopes for them as a promising team.

With the addition of Ankh and Ragune, I thought the team would be as good as before, but the number of orcs was also great, in addition to the mix of higher-ranked ogres and rare species of troll leader.

Apparently, they have been targeting and hunting monsters above their rank.

When I checked the tags, I found that many of the kills were F-rank Ragune’s.

The branch manager, Chloe, realized that this team was much more impressive than she had given them credit for, as she looked at the records left on the tags she had checked with her magic tool.

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