Chapter 202

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Chapter 202: The Fourth

Ankh’s moves were excellent.

Perhaps it was a good match for Ragune, but the two of them quickly took down the six goblins we had discovered.

However, I could see that Ankh was clearly out of his depth.

No, it might be a battle tactic to adjust the degree of subjugation to avoid wasting energy.

On the battlefield, you will often be forced into battles that you do not know when will end.

So, that’s why I think he’s making a stand to avoid wasting energy.

This is in contrast to Ragune’s style of seriously defeating with maximum firepower.

As Tauro analyzed this, Ankh began to explain the same thing to Ragune.

“Ragune-chan, If you’re going to defeat the same enemy, it’s important to adjust and prepare for the next one. No matter how much inexhaustible physical strength you have, when you get tired, you get tired.”

It was just as Tauro had thought.

Even so, it must be difficult to moderate to defeat them.

Ankh probably knows how to do it from his vast experience, but it would be difficult to imitate him all of a sudden.

That’s what I was thinking …….

Upon finding the next goblin pack, Ragune immediately began to stand out, adjusting her strength according to Ankh’s advice.

She was still not as good as Ankh, but she seemed to be enjoying the discovery of new ways to fight.

She was also happy to work with Ankh.

Aeris also saw this and changed her view of Ankh.

“…… Ankh might be good for the team,”

She said, and finished off the fleeing goblin with a magic water arrow.

Perhaps it was his good chemistry with Ragune, but the two of them took down the six goblins we found in no time at all.

“…… I see. Well, then, since you seem to agree, Ragune too, so let’s pass Ankh-san’s test.”

Tauro told Ankh that he had passed the test after the goblin subjugation was over.

“If you are okay with our team, please join us.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I think you get along well with Ragune in the vanguard, and you seem to be able to coordinate well with each other, so it would be very helpful if you could come to our team.”

Tauro nodded with a smile.

‘…… I, too, would appreciate it if Ankh could come.”

Aeris said, embarrassed by this, since she was initially wary.

‘I, too, would welcome Ankh-dono, for he is easy to fight with. And I’d appreciate your advice.”

Ragune followed suit and replied.

“I’m surprised at the unexpectedly warm welcome, but ……, well, I’ll take your word for it and join. Once again, my name is Ankh. I’m nothing more than a fighter, but I’m looking forward to working with you.”

“I’m Aeris, and I’m the rear guard. I’m sorry I didn’t introduce myself properly.”

“I’m Ragune, and I’m a Dragonborn. I joined the team because I owe a debt of gratitude to Tauro and Aeris, and now they are my good friends.”


Tauro and Aeris were surprised to hear the word “friends” come out of Ragune’s mouth.

For the first time, Ragune had acknowledged them as friends.

It was impossible not to be happy.

“ Oh, and I’m Tauro, the leader. Umm, Please call me by my name. I’ll do the same. And Ragune, too.”

Tauro introduced himself, although he stopped unexpectedly, distracted by Ragune’s remarks about them being friends.

“ I agree. It’s funny to attach “Dono” if it’s one of your own. ……, I got it.”

Ragune nodded with an honest smile at Tauro’s point.

She was embarrassed to mention it to her peers himself, or maybe she was just embarrassed, but she smiled shyly.

“Well then, let me ask you right off the bat, are Aeris’s inhibition skills natural?”

Ankh seemed to be interested in the skills of Aeris, whose name was not visible at all, even though he has low-grade person appraisal.

Aeris looked at Tauro, not sure if she should answer.

“ Since this is a good opportunity, I’ll give you both a pendant to signify our team.”

Tauro then pulled out two pendants from his magic storage.

At first glance, Aeris thought that Shin and Rumeya had returned the pendants, but upon closer inspection, she saw that the stones were not like the previous shape of drops, but in the shape of a diamond and a three-leaf clover.

Tauro seems to have made them anew.

“If both of you hang this around your neck, I don’t think anyone will be able to see your status.”

“…… is there such an item?”

Ankh received the pendant in amazement.

Ragune also receives it and immediately puts it around her neck.

Ankh’s person appraisal revealed was unable to recognize Ragune’s name, and even Ankh’s unique “eye” skill, which had revealed that she had been hiding her dragon person identity through visual-inhibition magic, was also no longer effective.

“ This is amazing……. It’s completely blocked and I can’t see at all. I’m in the same state as Aeris. ……”

“Of course, Aeris also wears it around her neck, so you will not be able to see the status. I won’t go into details, but this is a sign of our team, so please take care of it. ……”

“”Of course!””

Ankh and Ragune nodded and harmonized their reply.

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