Chapter 199

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Chapter 199: The Cause of the Mass Outbreak

Tauro reached the center of the swamp.

The surrounding miasma is so thick, it would be extremely difficult for anyone without poison resistance to reach this point.

Furthermore, It’s not easy to proceed because of the muddy conditions.

The swamp was so polluted that some of the original creatures had died and floated away.

Some of the carcasses were rotting and emitting a foul odor.

A large poisonous frog, which was not caught by Tauro’s “presence detection” but was not able to hide itself, was caught by the naked eye.

It appears to be a species with inhibition skills.

While the other giant poisonous frogs are a poisonous blue color, this one is purple, as if to say that it is really dangerous.

Is it as big as I am?

“ Could this be the main thing that caused such a massive outbreak and turned this swamp poisonous?”

When he guessed this, Tauro silently draws his bow in an attempt to finish it off as soon as possible.

Then, perhaps sensing that Tauro was targeting it, the poisonous frog subspecies dove for cover.

‘Perhaps it’s surprisingly smart?”

It was a swamp, so it shouldn’t have been deep, but since it was not affected by “presence detection,” Tauro decided to approach it and finish it off.

As he advanced to the center, the large poisonous frogs that had been hiding in the surrounding area came close to Tauro’s periphery.

(Looks like, I have been identified as the enemy.)

He easily avoided the other poisonous frogs because he could see them with “presence detection,” and finished them off with a single thrust of his small sword.

Occasionally, as a final counterattack, it would spit out its venom, but unfortunately, Tauro has complete resistance to poison, so he was undeterred.

However, the venom was sticky and stuck to his leather armor, so the discomfort was at its highest.

So in that sense, the damage to Tauro was significant.

“Later, I’ll have to ‘purify’ it all together ……. This is tough ……!”

Tauro made a disgusted face and looked for the subspecies that seemed to be the boss.

Since I can’t confirm it with “Presence Detection”, I have no choice but to follow the silhouette on the surface of the water.

As I was searching around, I caught a silhouette rapidly approaching me.

I can’t confirm it with “presence detection,” so it must be the subspecies.

I readied my small sword and took a posture to intercept it.

Then, it suddenly stopped.

Instead, another large poisonous frog attacked Tauro from behind.

“Are you going to cooperate, you frogs?”

Tauro turned around and finished off the poisonous frog with a single thrust, and as usual, venom was splashed on his face.

Then, the long tongue of the subspecies emerged from the water and tangled with his leg.

Sshhh (sizzle sound effect).


It was a tongue with a powerful acidic effect.

Tauro, ignoring the intense pain, immediately tried to slash at the tongue with his small sword, but the subspecies pulled its tongue back and dove into the water.

“I knew it was smart, this subspecies.”

Tauro, frowning in pain, automatically healed his leg injury with “Super Recovery Regeneration” and switched from the small sword to the bow and readied it.

The next moment, he released his “levitation” and fell into the water.

Tauro submerged in the water up to his torso, but in the next instant, he activated his arrow of light and shot an arrow below the surface of the water.

Yes, in his “levitating” state, he could not use the arrow of light.

The arrow of light cuts through the water and was sucked toward the silhouette floating below the surface of the water.

The next instant after the splash, the white bellied subspecies floated up without making a sound.

“I got it. ……”

Tauro quickly floated to the surface using ‘levitation’ as he sank further and further into the swamp.

“I’ve cut off the big source, but the three of us still have to hunt the big poisonous frogs, right?”

Tauro was fed up by the large number of big poisonous frogs around him.

Around the swamp, Ragune hunted the big poisonous frogs, aggressively stabbing them with her spear.

Aeris, from outside the barrier-enclosed swamp, used a magic fire arrow to shoot down the poisonous frogs.

Unusually, instead of using a small sword or bow, Tauro switched to a spear and moved on to poking the giant poison frogs while “floating” over the swamp.

This sweep took three full days.

When it was over, we had killed more than 300 poisonous frogs.

To be honest, it wasn’t the most challenging quest request, but we were sure we were the right people for the job, so we decided to do it to save the client and the guild a lot of trouble.

The village chief was so thrilled that the poisonous miasma had been cleared and its cause exterminated that he held a welcome party for the three of us.

However, since no one but Ragune, who was 18 years old, could drink, the welcome party was a simple affair, and the three of them decided to leave early.

“Well then, if you ever need anything else, please contact the Adventurers’ Guild.”

Tauro bowed as he opened for business on his way out.

‘Thank you so much! You have done more than asked for, and we will pay the guild for that as well!”

The village chief and the villagers bowed their heads over and over again as if no amount of bowing would be enough, thanked him, and waved goodbye to team ” Black Golden Wings” as they headed home.

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