Chapter 194

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Chapter 194: A New Member

Ragune took a deep breath, sighed once, and opened her mouth with a serious expression.

“Now I will tell you the decision of the Dragon People Chief. ‘ From now onward, as long as you wish, I offer Ragune Dragoon to be your sword and shield. Please take care of Ragune.”

“I decline.”

Tauro unexpectedly refused.

“ Why?!”

Ragune was surprised and puzzled by the unexpected words.

It was these two who had invited her, and she had expected them to be pleased, so it was natural for her to be confused.

“We wanted you to decide on your own will and wanted you to become our friend, so we invited you. We don’t want a relationship where you follow us because you are ordered to. So, first of all, I want you to respect your free will. After that, please decide whether or not you would be willing to become a member of our group. Because you can’t call someone who is bound by orders a companion.”

As Tauro answered, Aeris nodded by his side.

“it’s The chief’s decision, you see?”

For Ragune, the chief’s decision was absolute.

She did not quite understand the difference Tauro was making.

But still.

“…..I understand. Well then, I will take your words to the chief.”

Ragune replied, and the next moment she disappeared from the place again.

“ I wonder if it’s the same spatial transfer magic as Tauro’s?”

“I don’t think so. The way she disappears is different.”

“Isn’t the way she disappeared the same as when we disappeared into another space in the dungeon?”

“Could that be…… the ‘dimensional corridor’?”

Aeris was excitedly surprised to have an idea of what it might be.

The “dimensional corridor” is a special ability that is said to allow users to instantly go back and forth over a long distance through a doorway set by the user.

“Ah! That makes sense then. I believe it is an ability that the heroic skill could use?”

“That’s right. It is also a very rare special ability that is not always available! Ragune can use such an ability. If that’s the case, we should have asked her to take us to the village of the dragon tribe. If we could talk to the chief directly, we wouldn’t have to play this message game.”

Aeris said plausibly.

“That’s true…… We’ll talk to her when she gets back.”

Just as Tauro nodded, Ragune returned.

“Sorry to keep you waiting. I will pass on the message from the chief. ‘I declare that Ragune from today will be free from the customs of the Dragon People. All of Ragune’s words and actions will be left to her own judgment. That is all.”

Ragune was puzzled by the chief’s decision.

’I don’t know what to do when suddenly told that I don’t have to follow the customs.

I understand that I am free, but in a sense, the restrictions on my actions made my life easier’.

“Well, then, Ragune-san. I’ll say it again. Please join us.”

“…… this is left to my free will, is it not?”

Ragune asked timidly back.


‘Then ……. I can’t respond if you suddenly call me a friend. I know you’re good people. But I know that a friend is only a friend if there is trust, friendship, and a blood pact. But I’m willing to help you, we can work together.

“Sure, I agree. Then, let’s compromise with each other. Then I’d like to ask you to join our team, “Black Golden Wings,” and be an adventurer with us. Then, if trust and friendship grows, you can make a blood pact with us, no? If that doesn’t work out, then you can go back to your dragon tribe village. Of course, the Dragon People need not feel indebted to us.”

“Is that what you want?”

The Dragon People have a long life span, so they are somewhat prepared to be around for a few decades of a person’s life.

As for Ragune, she intends to be able to do that much without hesitation since she is repaying a favor to the village’s lifesaver, but if you ask her, it will be over in a very short period of time.

“Yes, I would be happy with that. If that’s all right with you, please.”

“Me too, please.”

Tauro and Aeris bowed their heads.

“Okay, okay! Please Raise your heads, I’m begging you. From now on, I will protect you both at all costs!”

Ragune said to the two of them.

“No, you must value your life.”

Tauro was quick to contradict Ragone’s decision.

“Now that we are a team, we will help each other and adventure together so that we can be true “companions”.”

Tauro declared, and Aeris nodded in agreement.

” Ragune, I look forward to working with you from now on!”

She took Ragune’s hand and shook it.

“ Oh, nice to meet you. …… By the way, what are your names?”

The two laughed when Ragune reminded them that they hadn’t told her their names.

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