Chapter 174

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Chapter 174: Dungeon Destination

Once it was discovered that Tauro was not just an ordinary boy, he and the escort knights then proceeded to fight their way through.

When that happened, Aeris was tempted to join in.

The staff that Tauro made for her is made strong enough to hit her enemies with.

The magic stone obtained when defeating the gryphon in the mountain village is incorporated into the staff in place of the previous magic stone, so that when you put magic power into the staff, the wind attribute is added.

The knights were reluctant to have their escort target fight, but their destination was the place where her father had died.

It would be more helpful if they could move their bodies and vent rather than be stiffledin the dark.

So they decided to let them do it within safe limits.

“……Even still, aren’t these two, too used to fighting for their age?”

One of the escort knights muttered to his companions with a sense of shock and admiration.

“I thought so too,…….”

His companion responded.

“Aah,, they’re both adventurers. Of course, they’ve been there and done that.”

Taichi interrupted the conversation of the escort knights from the side.

“What? She’s the daughter of the Marquis de Vandyne, isn’t she?”

“Before the incident the other day, she was an adventurer away from home.”

“No wonder……”

While the escort knights were impressed, they turned at the end of the maze of streets and saw a staircase.

“We’ve arrived. Enter the path by that staircase and you will find a room.”

Captain Tsuyoku explained to Tauro and Aeris.

As they approached, they saw that there was indeed a path by the stairs.

Captain Tsuyoku led the way and Aeris followed him until they came to a room with white stone walls.

“As you can see, it’s a large, empty room, but they say that right after entering this room, Marquis de Vandyne vanished.”

…… Captain Tsuyoku says there’s nothing there, but to Tauro’s eyes, there was something overtly suspicious.

It looked like the entrance to an alien space, like when you open a magic storage.

Apparently, no one else could see it.

But then, Aeris seemed to see it, too, and tilted her head.

“What was that?”

Aeris pointed to the space.

“What is what?”

Captain Tsuyoku looked in the direction Aeris pointed, but of course there was nothing there.

‘Aeris, maybe we’re the only ones who can see it,”

Tauro advised.

“Do you two see anything?”

Tsuyoku looks at them and tilts his head.

Tauro moves closer to the side of the alien space that only they seem to be able to see.

Aeris followed him.

When he looked closer, he saw that it also looked like a rift.

“This could be…….”

Tauro leaned forward into the crevice.

“Tauro, it’s dangerous!”

Aeris grabbed Tauro without hesitation and tried to stop him.

The next moment.

The next moment, the two disappeared from in front of Captain Tsuyoku and the escorting knights.

“Huh? The walls around us are gone?”

The moment they entered the dimensional rift, the rift in Tauro’s vision and the walls of the room surrounding it disappeared.

Looking back, he saw Aeris and the rift behind her.

Apparently, he had come from the rift to some other place.

It was an empty space.

The cobblestone floor was the same as in the dungeon, but there were no walls or ceilings as far as the eye could see.

“What is this place?”

Aeris asked, still holding Tauro’s arm.

“I think we’re in another space.”

“A different space?”

‘Yeah, I think we came to a different space because we entered through that dimensional rift-like thing. …… wait a minute. Is that ……, is that a person?”

Tauro noticed a small figure at the end of the wide space.

“Hey! That person there!”

Tauro called out loudly to the figure.

The figure was sitting down, but when he got up, he took the luggage that was beside him and ran toward us.

“…… what?”

Aeris was alerted behind Tauro by the figure running toward them, but was astonished when they came within sight of his face.

“Someone you know?”

Tauro somehow knew that the person was the one he was expecting, but he checked with Aeris just to be sure.


“You wandered in here too, didn’t you? Hm? Aeris? You’re Aeris? Why are you here too!”

Running toward them was a man with all blonde hair and red eyes, dressed in aristocratic clothes and expensive-looking leather armor, looking like an elderly gentleman.

He was surprised when he noticed Aeris, who was standing hidden behind Tauro.

“You are the Marquis de Vandyne. Let’s get out of here first. We don’t have much time.”

Tauro grabbed the arms of Aeris and her father, who were flustered by their reunion, and pulled them into the chasm, then plunged into it.

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