Chapter 171

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Chapter 171: The Marquise’s Butler

A week has passed since Tauro’s unfamiliar temporary residence at the Marquise de Vandyne.

By this time, Aeris was somewhat relieved from her busy schedule.

One of the reasons for this was that she had found her former butler, Sheeps, and was able to bring him back.

Sheeps, to his surprise,  or perhaps as would be expected, was a beast of the sheepman tribe, bright and capable in all aspects of the duties of the Marquis de Vandyne’s household.

He has a fluffy white coat of hair and “amon horns” that curl and grow in a rounded fashion, which he is very proud of.

Thanks to Sheeps’ return, Aeris was relieved of her chores.

The same seemed to be true for May, the head maid, who was relieved, saying, “I can finally concentrate on my own work”.

However, her joy was short-lived, as Sheeps, the butler, said he was worried about the Marquis of Vandyne’s estate, and left the residence in the royal capital.

In the meantime, it was May, the head maid, who was appointed as the butler of the mansion after him, although she was saved because he left after completing the work that had accumulated.

Since another person has been appointed as the head maid, she is not hindered in her work, but May is not happy.

“I live my life to take care of Aeris-sama!”

She had already served the Vandyne family for 16 years, and Sheeps had assured her that she was the right person for the job because she understood the Vandyne family well and could do the job well.

Aeris was happy to hear this and signed the letter of appointment, so May could not outwardly oppose.

In the midst of all this joy and sorrow, a letter arrived from Sharga saying that we could enter the dungeon.

Since Aeris would be free from her busy schedule and could make time for it, I decided to ask Sharga to set a date for the appointment.

May was initially opposed to Aeris entering the dungeon, but when Aeris explained that I would be accompanying her, she agreed, perhaps because of her trust in me.

“But, ojou-sama, if anything should happen, you must follow Tauro-dono’s instructions for your own safety.”

“Tauro-dono, please take good care of the young lady.”

And May, who was still unfamiliar with the butler’s appearance, bowed.

“Yes, I’ll take care of Aeris. Please leave her to me. Besides, Aeris is a fine adventurer.”

“That’s right, May, I’m expected to be a rear guard specialist in the Adventurers’ Guild. Besides, Tauro is the youngest and most capable adventurer, and we are part of the team ‘Black Golden Wings’!”

Aeris boasted with pride.

“Yes, that’s right. It’s a strange feeling that the young lady is still an adventurer, but Tauro-dono is here too, so I’m sure you’ll be fine. Oh, please be careful not to get hurt, Miss.”

“I know. The dungeon is only one level deep, so don’t worry about it. I’ll be back as soon as I’ve laid a wreath at the place where my father died.”

“Please do the same for me……. I will be here praying that the Master is properly taken to heaven and be at peace.”

May said to Aeris with tears in her eyes, perhaps remembering the Marquis de Vandyne.

Aeris nodded and replied that she would make sure to deliver May’s portion as well.

The morning of the scheduled day.

Tauro and Aeris gathered at the north gate of the royal capital.

Sharga and Joshna were there to see them off, and ten knights were there to escort them.

Among them was Captain Taichi, who had been the captain of the escort when Sharga had visited to investigate the dungeon.

“Hey, long time no see, Tauro. I didn’t expect to see you again so soon. Hahaha!”

“I’m looking forward to working with you today.”

“Oh, I’m not the captain today. The captain is over there, Tsuyoku. I’m his second-in-command.”

“TAICHI-san is  second-in-command?”

Tauro was frankly surprised.

This Taichi is a fierce warrior with the warrior weapon master skill.

So is the other person a stronger knight than he is?

”Tsuyoku is stronger than me, and he’s also a good commander. When it comes to spears, there are few who can match him.”

“Such a man is going to escort us ……?”

“He is a knight whom Mr. Sharga trusts so much that he made him clear his schedule  for today. He knows the dungeon so well that he is the one who was in charge when we dived to the highest level of the dungeon.”

Taichi pointed to a dignified knight in slender sheet metal armor with long blond hair and blue eyes standing before him.

Tauro and Aeris were introduced by Sharga to the captain of this escort, this Tsuyoku, who they greeted and thanked for his protection.

“No problem. I had my own grievances about the Marquis de Vandyne, so I am rather grateful to be able to escort his daughter.”

He was brusque, but he seemed sincere.

The two nodded and thanked the trustworthy knight again.

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