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Chapter 163: The Marchioness Appears

In the morning, the guards rushed in to examine the bodies.

One of them was that of the man who had commanded this hodgepodge of assassins, Uwakin.

"This man, I believe, is the one who was rumored to have had an ugly affair with the Marquise de Vandyne. It is not good that this man is dead. According to those who we captured, their employer was, at least for the time being, this man. Without the testimony of Uwakin, we cannot prove the involvement of the Marquise de Vandyne."

The head of the guard raised a practical issue.

'You have the testimony of the perpetrators of the attempted kidnapping, don't you?"

Tauro, who was present at the inspection, pointed out.

"About that, he was killed last night in his cell by someone. Besides, without physical evidence, it's difficult to accuse a high ranking nobleman when the testimony of a lowly person is gained by the authorities. So it would have been nice if we could have at least had Uwakin testify, even though he was an amorous lover and a fallen nobleman. ......

"You mean you can't charge her with a crime on circumstantial evidence?"


"We have received secret orders from the royal family. We are trying to find out the connection between the Marquise de Van Dyne and the guild of assassins in order to find physical evidence. Judging from what happened this time, these two parties must have signed a number of contracts. It would not be surprising if there is at least one document that can be used as evidence."

"Documents, I see......"

"If there were, it would be irrefutable evidence, and we'd have a shot."

".....I understand. I will try to find them.

Tauro answered, and then wondered what he should do.

Aeris, who had been sleeping in the house for a while, woke up.

Behind her is a Kingsguard wearing luxurious sheet metal armor, who is not on duty.

Since an assassination attempt of this magnitude had occurred, the royal family, her guardians, had instructed him first thing in the morning to protect Aeris' safety.

"What's wrong Tauro? You have a scary face."

"Oh, good morning, Aerith. I'm here to see you, Do you know the layout of the Marquis of Vandyne's mansion in King's Landing, and where the vaults are?"

"Of course I do, but what are you going to do?"

"Of course. Lupin stuff."


"Well, he was a thief."

"Excuse me!? We're the Marquise de Vandyne, a leading neutralist. It's not easy just to get into our house ......, but, that could work"


"You can go with me. The guards are very strict on the outside, but they're loose on the inside, so once you're inside, you're in."

"No, no, no, Aeris! They tried to assassinate you! it's not safe for you to jump in there!"

"Of course, we'll have to get the Kingsguard to come with us."

"But won't they see you then?"

"She knows that if she continues as she is now, she will lose her position the moment I have a guardian. She will not tolerate such humiliation because then the guardian will control everything. So I'm sure she'll bite when I tell her I'm going to help them. So, what are you going to steal?"


"Documents showing their connection to the Assassination Guild?"

"...... I see, they tried to kill me. If you have proof of that, that means he's finished too......."

"......, do you want me to stop?"

"No, I can't be naive after all this. We've got a lot of people involved, so let's get this settled properly."

" .......Then let's head to the Marquis de Vandyne's mansion right away".

Without warning, Tauro and Aeris took the Kingsguard with them and visited the residence of the Marquis of Vandyne"

The Marquise thought about fleeing in a panic when she heard that her daughter had visited with the Kingsguard, but the Guild of Assassins had reported that the captured servants had been silenced by the Guild of Assassins.

"I should be able to act unaware' she thought.

The other party was the one who had killed Uwakin, and although I hate her, I have to be patient and meet with her to make her feel sorry for me as a victim.

Yes, I should hold the baby in my arms and welcome it.

The nanny had been left with him, and I hadn't even seen his face yet, but I had to get him here as soon as possible.

"Bring my child here. As for Aeris and the others, take them to the guest room! I'll take him in my arms. Hurry up, you worthless bastards!"

The maid, having informed her of Aeris visit, said, "Yes! Immediately!" and leaves the room in a hurry.

The nanny, saw the baby was sleeping in the crib, took the sleeping baby in her arms and brought him to Aeris' mother.

The baby was sleeping, but when she took him in her arms, he woke up and began to cry.


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