Chapter 161

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Chapter 161: Foot Scrabbling

When I returned to the inn after my business meeting with Mardai, the representative of the Garfish Trading Company, I found that the adventurer who had been sent to investigate Marquis de Vandyne’s family had arrived to report his findings.

“Ah, thank you for your hard work.”

“I’m reporting today that ……, the subject of the survey appears to have given birth.”


Tauro asked back.

“The subject’s partner was so happy that he bragged to everyone around him, ‘Now that the child has been born, I still have a chance to become a marquis! ‘he said.”

The only way for Uwakin to become a marquis is to wait for Aeris to come of age and take her as a wife.

That is impossible because Aeris refuses to do so.

The only other way is to have a child with Aeris and become a father, but that is also impossible.

After all, the Marquise of Vandyne and Uwakin would probably announce that the child born to them was between Aeris and Uwakin.

Since Aeris has the blood of the Marquise of Vandyne in her veins, there is still a possibility that the bloodline of the child could be falsified by disposing of Aeris’s body and presenting the Marquise of Vandyne’s blood when the bloodline is magically investigated, since the child’s bloodline is connected. Her husband, who can testify, is already gone, so she must have some idea of how to deceive.

However, there is a serious drawback to this.

Aeris will deny it.

Therefore, in order to prevent her from denying it, it is necessary to kidnap Aeris and fake her death by claiming it was due to postpartum malady.

Or, after assassinating her, they could fake her corpse. ……

Either way, the rumor that Aeris will have a guardian and that it will be announced the day after tomorrow must be spreading and heard over there, so they must think they don’t have much time.

The truth is that they are almost deadlocked with the attempted kidnapping of Aeris, but by the looks of the report Uwakin is probably not giving up just yet.

It is a well-known fact that Aeris is not pregnant, as she has met with many of the nobles, so it was easy to imagine that he still thinks he can fake it, although it’s pathetic that he thinks he can still fake it before the announcement.

In fact, if the royal family had announced it once she was under guardianship, this would have negated the royal family’s decision, which would have stopped them, but since no official announcement has been made yet, that may have backfired on us.

‘…… today or tomorrow.’

Either of these is the only date the other party can carry out the attack.

Tauro gathered Aeris and her escorts, the Kingsguard, and told them about the report from the adventurers and Tauro’s prediction.

“…… haven’t given up yet?”

The escorting guard was taken aback.

“I think they will try to kill Aeris with all the men they can muster today or tomorrow.”

“I see. I’ll have to be off duty tomorrow as well and join you here…….”

The escort by the Kingsguard is basically done by those who are off-duty.

It’s dangerous, but does it make your blood boil?

“Huh? That’s not it! I j just don’t want to impose it on others because I know the danger.”

Contrary to Tauro’s imagination, he was a very responsible person.

This Kingsguard was the one who had been in charge of capturing the assassins during the last assassination attempt on Tauro at the empty Tree tower.

“I apologize for repeatedly putting you in harm’s way.”

Tauro apologized, and Aeris bowed with him.

“No, I won’t feel good if we fail to you them after we’ve come this far, especially since we know they’re going to attack us”

The Kingsguard laughed and nodded along with the other Kingsguard.

If we know the attack is coming, we know what we have to do.

We decided to move quickly from the inn to a house on the grounds of the Garfish Trading Company’s cloth store that we had visited during the day.

We could not involve people who were not involved in the attack, as there was a high possibility that the other party would come after us by any means necessary.

Moreover, the area surrounding the trading company’s premises is tranquil and open, making it easy to take countermeasures against an attack.

When we arrived at the house on the site we had moved to, the guards checked the surrounding area.

They were convinced that this would make it easier to protect us.

I was convinced that it would be easier to defend.

We had asked the innkeeper to inform Mardai, the representative of the Garfish Trading Company, that we were renting the house, but of course had not received a reply.

I told him to stay away from me because I would get him involved, so he couldn’t refuse.

“I’ve sent a request for help to the Commander, and I’m sure many off-duty people will be on their way starting this evening.”

One of the guards reported this, probably to reassure Tauro and Aeris.

Speaking of which, there were only three guards, and one of them seemed to have gone out to call for help.

“Aeris, take care of the rest with your barrier magic.”

“Finally, I can be of service.”

Aeris smiles wryly and sets up two or three layers of warding around the area.

With this, she created a state where she could respond to different situations, such as detecting approaching people, people with malicious intent, and countermeasures against magic.

“……Tauro-kun. We have some uninvited guests”

“I checked too. These aren’t the reinforcement of the Kingsguard.”

The Kingsguard, who had been outside, must have noticed with their skills, and came into the house to warn us.

“There’s only one guard left, so I guess they thought they had a chance.”

Tauro went outside, drew his bow and arrow, and fired an arrow as a preemptive strike toward the darkness that the enemy was approaching in.

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