Chapter 35

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Chapter 35: Daily Life of a Grand Duke of Mischief

(TN: Changed Sanderica to Sandelica) 

Ten days have passed since Lute and his team arrived in Sandelica. Although there is still a flurry of activity, such as handing over political affairs and meeting with influential people in the neighborhood, all of them have finally seen signs that things are finally coming to an end and have relaxed their minds.

“Hey Heinrich”

“… Your Excellency. You’re waking up very late.”

“As usual”

 While each of them began to establish their own rhythms,  Lute was the only one who was living a sloppy life.

“You wake up late. While everyone is busy doing their duties, you’re always wandering around without doing any work. In the first place, you’re rarely found in the mansion. It’s a pretty good status.”

“I’m actually in a great position. In the first place, my job is only to be a contingency force and to get along well with Lieselotte. I’m doing my job well, though, aren’t I?”

“How can I say it… I understand your Excellency’s position and intentions, but even so, isn’t it boring? Living everyday like it’s a holiday.”

“It would be better to live in self-indulgence.”

“No, I just thought that too much free time would definitely make me calm down……”

“It’s a difference in personality.”

 It is only natural that Lute, who regards lazy days as supreme, and Heinrich, who has been diligent in his duties up to the present, have different ways of thinking. It is impossible for a diligent person to understand the thoughts of a lazy person.

“And wandering around the city is important for governance, you know? Sometimes it’s better to see things in person.”

“No, your Excellency is not to interfere in political affairs.”

“I do at least talk to Liselotte about things that caught my attention in town. It’s a good conversation starter.”

“Speaking of which, since the first day, I have seen you several times in the middle of the night.”

“Yeah. Just some idle chit-chat before bed.”

“It is important to exchange words. There is no harm in having an amicable relationship…..I don’t think it’s a good idea for an unmarried man and woman to be alone together in the middle of the night, even if they are engaged.”

“It’s a confirmed matter anyway. No problem.”

 Heinrich’s complaint is a common idea in this period. It is normal for noblemen, especially ladies, who value their public appearance, to refrain from any conduct that would compromise their chastity.

 But that is just a generalization. The story changes when Lute, a demi-god, is the opponent. Liselotte, after all, is the chain that binds the ice god to the empire. The two of them are welcome to deepen their bond, and there is no reason to stop them from doing so.

“Hmm. If it’s for the sake of your future marital relationship, wouldn’t it be rude to say something like that?”

“I don’t care what they say.”

“It is the duty of those in high places to heed the advice of their elders.”

“I guess it depends on the situation. Leaving aside if it’s an emergency, why should I be told what to do in everyday life?”

“Old people can be a bit of a nag, you know.”

“Then don’t waste your time and get back to work.”

“You sound weak when you say that. Then, as the captain of the Grand Duke of Coigne family’s private army, I would like to ask you, where are you planning to go today?”

“Into the Inventions Fair.”

 The Inventions Fair. It is one of the Empire’s unique policies, a market where artisans and artists display their personal creations. Initially, the market was intended to attract new and innovative ideas from the private sector, as the imperial authorities were eager to develop new technologies, but now it has become a place for apprentices to earn a little money and for unknown craftsmen and artists to show off their work.

 Liselotte says that although the event has fallen out of the original concept, it is still held regularly in various locations because it has become a place for discovering new talent and is expected to have a moderate economic impact.

“The Inventions Fair. It sure is a great way to pass the time.”

“It’s an event that didn’t happen in “The Land Kingdom”. I plan to go there every day during the event. I hear that Sandelica is a pretty big place, being under former direct control.”

“I know. We are also on guard duties by order of Liselotte-sama.”

“Wait a minute, old man. Then why are you in the mansion? You’re the one who’s always talking about other people’s problems, and you’re the one who’s skipping work?”

“No way. I’m here doing paperwork. Thanks to the fact that some lord has given a command to Liselotte-sama, I, the captain of the private army, have been obliged to perform the duties of the lord as well.”

“I see. Be encouraged.”

“I don’t feel bad……”

 Heinrich’s roundabout complaint about being a pain in the ass had no effect on Lute, who is known for his brazenness.

“Or rather, Your Excellency, from the way you talk, you don’t know what our duties are, do you?”

“I basically leave it to Liselotte. I just give her the bare minimum of precautions and toss it aside.”

“… Umm, Your Excellency? I remember your Excellency as a man who was so resolute in his love for his men that he would give up even his own country for our honor.”

“Oi oi. Don’t give me direct compliments. It’s embarrassing.”

“How can you say that line with such a blank expression?… No, not really. For all that, I can’t help feeling that you don’t seem the slightest bit interested in us?”

“Because I believe in Lieselotte and you guys. Maybe.”

“I would appreciate it if you wouldn’t add one extra word.”

 When his subordinate pointed out that he, as a grand duke, should at least be aware of the movements of his own private army, Lute pondered.

 He was not going to be concerned with the day-to-day operation of the system, because he had already determined that he would not be operating it except in an emergency.

 It’s also true that he believed that Liselotte would never give Lute’s subordinates strange orders, and even if something did happen, he knew that they would immediately report it to him.

 But from Heinrich’s reaction, complete non-interference is not so good either. More as a matter of appearance than of sentiment.

 As a demi-god, Lute personally does not need to be concerned about appearances, but Heinrich and the others may be concerned about common sense.

“You have a point. I understand. I’ll ask Liselotte tonight.”

“…I’m right in front of you.”

“You’ve got work to do.”

“That’s true, but…”

 Heinrich, for his part, was quite reluctant to bother Liselotte, who was of a much higher status than he was. In the end, he forcefully convinced himself that it would be a good story for the two young people to talk about.

“I’m going to go now. Sorry for bothering you, Heinrich.”

“Have a good day.”

“If all goes well, I’ll be back by dusk today. Please let Liselotte know as well.”


 They parted ways with a final note of contact.

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