Chapter 29

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Chapter 29: He hasn’t changed in a New World

 When Lute arrived in Sanderica, he was greeted by the cheers of a huge crowd of people. The people of Sanderica had gathered to see Liselotte, the new lord of Sanderica, and above all, Lute, the new demi-god of the empire.

 Naturally, this was planned in advance. In order to make Liselotte’s presence known to the people as the new lord, word of her arrival was spread in the city beforehand. The Princess and the ice demi-god are coming as lords. Lute, whose existence had been widely revealed not long before, and Liselotte, who was betrothed to Lute. The names of these two, both people of the times in the empire, combined with their new position as lords, attracted many people to the city.

 As it turned out, this certain unveiling was a great success. When Liselotte opened the carriage window and lightly waved her hand, that was enough to make the people cheer. When Lute whimsically matched Liselotte, strengthening his aspect as a demi-god and peeking his face out of the carriage window, everyone gasped at the difference in his status as a being.

 By the time the group arrived at the duke’s mansion, their new base of operations, the image of Liselotte, the head of the Gascoigne family, and Lute, the ice demi-god, would have been deeply etched in the memories of the people of Sanderica.


 Having virtually completed his first job, Lute stretched out wide in his room.

 Compared to the journey from the Kingdom of Land to the capital of the Empire, Bailey, it was short, but this trip also took a moderate amount of time. Moreover, they also had to show their faces to the people of the territory. He had been frustrated by the inconvenience of the trip, and now that he had arrived at the mansion, he felt like he could finally take a breather.


 After a brief refreshment with physical exercises and other activities, Lute thought about what he would do now.

 The moving of luggages and other moving tasks are taken care of by the new servants of the Duchess of Gascoigne. Therefore, Lute does not have a hand in that kind of chore. It is not something that the fiancée of the Duke and head of the family would be expected to do.

 However, Lute does not have any specific tasks that are appropriate for his position. Liselotte, the head of the family, is aware of Lute’s desire not to be involved in political affairs, and her independence is guaranteed in the name of the emperor. Therefore, no paperwork is assigned to Lute.

 Then, he thought about killing time by interacting with people at home, but inwardly, he immediately dismissed the idea. To put it bluntly, Lute is the only one who has free time at the moment. Liselotte, as the head of the family, has started working on the family business with the civil servants as soon as possible, not to mention recovering from the fatigue of the trip. The servants are also busy moving around the house. Heinrich and Liselotte are discussing Lute’s proposal in the carriage. Azure, as Lute’s secretary, is working hard on negotiations and paperwork with Liselotte and the civil servants. Other members of Lute’s staff are also helping with the family’s business at their own discretion. While most of the people are running around like that, it was a little bit awkward for Lute to interrupt all that work to kill time.

“…it can’t be helped”

 He thought about various things, but he couldn’t think of anything that he could do or be able to do inside the mansion.

 In the end, he decides to wander around the mansion without coming up with any concrete ideas.

“Oh, isn’t it His Excellency! If you’re not busy, help me out!”

 While Lute was strolling around the mansion at random, he was approached by one of his subordinates who seemed to be helping with work at the mansion.

 The content of the letter was too easy-going to be addressed to the Lord. It was a familiar attitude for Lute, but the place was a little bad. The servants who were busily working around him froze at once.

“You idiot. Don’t try to make me do your chores. You can’t do it from the standpoint of your position…….And don’t suddenly start your normal way of talking to me. The servants around you may be startled.”

 When Lute rebukes him half-heartedly, his subordinate also realizes what he has done and scratches his head.

“Ahaha…I’m sorry about this, everyone. His Excellency and I are usually like this. Of course, we choose the right time and place. We would never do anything to tarnish the Gascoigne family name.”

“Be really careful, okay? This is Liselotte’s mansion, not the battlefield. I don’t mind as long as it’s done in private, and Liselotte has given her word that she won’t say anything too harsh. But if you get carried away and take it too lightly, I will close you down mercilessly. Tell the others.”

“Ha! I understand! …… Well, don’t you usually say “punish” instead of “close”? Wouldn’t it be better for you to be a little more careful about what you say and do?”

“Unfortunately, this is the difference in position. The only people who can say anything to me are the Emperor and Axia-dono. It doesn’t matter if other people criticize me for what I say or do.”

“I think that kind of nobility and elegance is a bit different from what you’re talking about, don’t you ……?”

 In response to Lute’s bold statement, his subordinate tilted his head with a very subtle expression on his face……the surrounding servants seemed to agree with his opinion, although they didn’t say it out loud.

“It’s okay for you to say this because you were completely in your normal mood, but at the very least, couldn’t you make it a little more elegant…?

“I’m sure it’s dignified. What are you complaining about, you bastard?”

“Your majestic way of doing things is that of a thug. Not a nobleman, but people in a public bar.”

“Noisy. I finally fulfill my role as a demi-god, I may be an aristocrat, but to call me a bar thug…”

 Then, a flash of inspiration runs through Lute’s brain.

“Your Excellency? What’s with your sudden silence?”

“No, it’s nothing. I just thought of a good way to pass the time. Sorry to interrupt.”

“… Eh, hey! Where are you suddenly going!? I’m really worried about the flow of the conversation!”

 Perhaps sensing something disturbing in Lute’s abrupt dismissal of the conversation, his subordinate immediately moved around in front of him. The smooth and quick reaction of the soldier is a sign that he is a veteran who has fought many battles in his life. The situation was not as bad as it might have seemed.

“Where and what are you going to do, Your Excellency!?”

“It’s a bar in the town. Tell Liselotte that I have nothing to do in the house, so I’m going to have a little look around in the city.” 

“What are you talking about on your first day here? You can’t do that!! You just showed your face to begin with, and if you’re not careful, you’ll get into big trouble!”

“Don’t worry. What do you think I went to all that trouble to show my face for. If I put the hair and eyes back to human condition, it won’t be a problem. There’s even a recognition freeze to begin with.”

“I’m telling you to stop it in a roundabout way! You delinquent Grand Duke!”

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