Chapter 23

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Chapter 23: The Emperor and Demi-god 3

 It was Axia, the only woman in the audience, who complained about the conversation between Lute and the emperor.

“…… Huh. I’m so embarrassed for you, Your Majesty. You must be careful what you say.”

 Her mysterious appearance, coupled with her sigh and hand on her cheeks, gives the impression of a goddess with a melancholy look. In fact, Lute, who saw her for the first time, was impressed by her beauty.

 However, this is only an outward impression. If we list the anecdotes about her that have been handed down from generation to generation, it is clear that she is not a “pretty goddess,” but rather a “fierce and valiant goddess of war “. She may possess inhuman beauty, but there is no way that we can let our guard down on her appearance since the anecdotes surrounding her are also based on “military prowess” of a person who is not human.

“…… Axia. I consider this man as already belonging to our country. Therefore, do not speak to him in that manner. It’s creepy.”

“What are you saying, Your Majesty?  I am only following the proper etiquette for this occasion. It makes me sad to hear you say that I’m acting in an unseemly manner. ……”

“──The purpose of this audience is to determine whether or not Lute Land will accept our vassalage and, by extension, the conditions that will accompany it. Therefore, the audience is over. I repeat. The audience is over! From this point forward, this will be our private meeting!”

 As if he had grown weary of Axia’s persistent attitude, Friedrich issued an order to make the event “informal”.


 Friedrich’s sudden words made Lute ponder in silence. At first glance, the meeting had started in a haphazard manner, but no one in attendance, with the exception of Lute, seemed to be in any state of agitation. In other words, this meeting was a proof of the pre-established harmony.

 If this is the case, then this situation definitely makes sense. It is also clear that Lute himself is definitely important, and that is exactly what puts him at the center of the situation.

 What in the world is going to happen? Lute was cautious in his heart.

“Huh. I’m sorry for getting you involved in that spooky farce, Lute-dono. I can’t show my true self unless I do this.”

 ──Here she comes. Where is the ladylike demeanor she had just displayed? Like a noble old woman, yet with a slight beastly ferocity, Axia approaches Lute in a careless manner.

“First of all, let me introduce myself. As you may have guessed, I am Axia Will Heisenberg. I am an old hag who goes by the grandiose second name of “The Flame god. Others call me by various names, such as “Frau Heisenberg,” “Grand Duke,” and “Demi-god of Flames”. You can call me whatever you like…… By the way, that little shit sitting over there cheekily calls me old hag.”

“… Then, I will also call you Mrs. Heisenberg.”

“Stiff, stiff! Don’t be afraid like that! This is an informal occasion, the little bastard assured me! Get back to your normal tone!”

“No, that’s quirky. …….”

 Axia, who was more unpredictable than expected, frightened even Lute. He had heard from Klaus that all the top leaders of the empire were not too crazy about Axia, but this was too reckless. Who could have imagined that she would call the emperor a little shit, even if it was in an unofficial setting?……Also the atmosphere was completely like that of a drunk in a bar. It was the kind of drunkenness that forces people to be rude.

“No matter how informal it may be, I am the youngest here, so…”

“──Nah. That’s not the way to go, Lute-dono.”

 A chill ran down Lute’s spine.

 Axia only smiled wryly. There is not even a fragment of hostility there. Rather, it was an atmosphere like a teacher who reprimands poor students.

 However, Lute was ready for battle in an instant. His blue hair shone faintly and he wore an overwhelming supremacy that brought everyone to their knees. From the realm of man to the realm of demi-gods. In order to oppose the god in front of him, who did not even show hostility, Lute also quit being a human being.

“…… I know you don’t seem to have any hostile intentions, but I still dare to say. Isn’t this a rather disturbing situation?”

“Kukuku. I’m sorry. But this is also necessary. This place was prepared for this purpose.”

“… what do you mean?”

“Look around you. That’s the first step.”

 Prompted by Axia, Lute looked around the throne room with a dubious expression on his face.

 What was there was fear. The empire boasts the greatest power on the continent, and its top-ranking dignitaries were overwhelmed by the two demi-gods. The two kinds of high spirits clashed and intertwined to form a divine realm. The positions in the human world were meaningless, and they were only exposed to the raging divine power, which made their bodies stiffen. Only Friedrich managed to maintain his composure, but that was all.

 Lute was lost at the sight. He had offered to be a vassal to Friedrich and the others, and it would not be right to intimidate them.……But it was also impossible in reality. He cannot return to the realm of humans in order to continue confronting Axia, who is pushing out her side as a demi-god.

“–Did you understand? This is our demi-god type magic. Once we unleash our power, this is what happens. Status, wealth, power. Nothing means anything in front of us. They are all equally weak, mere mortals.”

“… I understand, so maybe it’s time to stop?”

“No. Lute-dono, no. You don’t really understand. No, you probably understand, but it’s still not enough. I can’t accept your attitude.”

 Axia shook her head when he tried to return to the realm of humans. The light of wisdom resides in her eyes. It is proof that this heinous act, which intimidates the empire itself, is not being carried out out of desperation or drunkenness.

“The reason I am here is to teach you two things. The first is how to act as a demi-god in the empire. Your behavior is not right.”

“…Is there something wrong with it?”

“That’s it. Not enough arrogance. You are not arrogant enough. Your behavior lacks the way to be a god.”

 Axia says. She says that Lute’s polite words and actions are too inappropriate for a demi-god belonging to the empire. She said that a god should not be bound by the manners required of people.

“I heard your report. Your usual attitude is the way to be a demi-god. Be arrogant in front of everyone. Don’t be polite. Don’t forget that you are in a position to be rewarded. That will shake the foundation of this country.”

“… I see. Those with power should not humble themselves.”

 Finally, Lute understood. A demi-god rank is literally a super power that can destroy a country on its own. Such an extraordinary person should pay attention to courtesy and not be influenced by peerage or position. Even if it is an action that conforms to common sense, it causes a fatal discrepancy in perception. He misunderstands that the unorthodox “demi-god” is thought to be a “lower-ranked” person who obeys his own orders.

 If such a “what if” happens, what awaits is chaos. Even if the demi-gods had no intention of doing so, once they recognized the possibility of being controlled, the fools would definitely spring up. The resulting chaos will reduce the national power, even if only slightly, and put a crack in the ruling system of the empire.

 That is why the demi-god must be arrogant. He must be insolent. He must not give foolish illusions to the ignorant children of men.

“──So you’re sure this is what you want? Mrs. Heisenberg, no, Axia-dono.”

“… Yeah. It’s very good that you’re understanding it quickly. We demi-gods are fine with that. Do not hesitate, even if it were a member of the royal family. That would cause unnecessary confusion, or worse, it might even lead to civil war.”

 Even if they are members of the royal family, they are not qualified to control a demi-god. In order not to turn the demi-god into a battle for the throne, even the royal family must not act like they are subordinate.

“That’s why I am the Grand Duke. My estate is only that of a count at best, and most of its management is left to the family. In other words, I am a retiree. But I still hold the position of grand duke because I am a force to be reckoned with. And only the emperor can give orders to the grand duke.”

 The only entity that the demigods belonging to the empire follow is the “Emperor” as a position. It is not an individual, such as the emperor, Friedrich, the symbol of the empire, but only the “emperor” as a position.

“You will be given the rank of Grand Duke in the near future, to prove that we, wizards of the demi-god rank, obey only “His Majesty the Emperor”. Otherwise, there will be unnecessary confusion. Above all, this will make the ruling system of the empire more solid!”

 A demi-god that obeys no one, but only the emperor. This is a move that not only gives the emperor overwhelming military power, but also endlessly enhances his authority. Axia, the empire’s oldest and most loyal vassal, has spent her life building a position for the demi-god. A kind of temple.

“──I see. That’s wonderful.”

 Lute was also amazed at the brilliant mechanism of the system. Lute, too, is acting with meaning in every move he makes.  However, he doesn’t have as much depth as Axia. Now that he had been briefed, he understood much of the meaning behind her demeanor.

 One example is calling Friedrich a “little shit. It is not simply a term of endearment, it’s a kind of commandment with a solid meaning. The demi-god obeys the emperor, and in official situations, she behaves in the manner of a vassal. However, it is an unspoken assertion that Axia is obeying the “emperor” and not Friedrich personally. As soon as it became an informal occasion, the many remarks that looked down on Friedrich were proof of her intention to replace him the moment he became a person unsuitable to be the emperor.

 Not only the overwhelming military power of a demi-god, but also cunning political power. She is the oldest monster in the political world who lives far back in time. She is the de facto ruler of the empire.

“I don’t know how you, Lute-dono, will behave in the future. But at least you have to swear that you will follow the way I have just explained to you. Is that alright with you?

 It was a question, but it was in fact a de facto order from his predecessor.

 Even if they are demi-gods of the same rank, it is clear that Axia’s political skills, not to mention her foundation in the empire, are far superior to Lute’s, based on the current explanation alone. As a newcomer and with subordinates to protect, Lute has only one choice.

“──Of course. I have no reason to refuse.”

“That’s an overlap. With your joining the empire, there’s no doubt that the situation on the continent will change significantly. I’m truly grateful to be able to crush the buds of domestic turmoil in advance.”

 Axia nodded in satisfaction at Lute’s answer. Her figure of pure joy at the promise of the nation’s prosperity was truly that of the empire’s oldest and most loyal vassal.

“Well, this is the end of the first one, so let’s move on to the next one.”

“… The next one, huh. I was satisfied with the explanation of the demi-god’s way of being, and I honestly think I was able to use it…Is there anything else that needs to be explained? Or is it a kind of preparation? ”

“No, the second one is a bit more practical. It’s not as political as the first.”

 After saying no once, Axia stepped forward to the next stage of her education.

“As I said earlier, the situation on the continent will change dramatically in the future. In particular, we should pay attention to the developments in the Republic’s Jurisdiction, which is the greatest enemy of the Empire. Do you understand that much?”

“Yeah. Although the characteristics as a nation are different, the final national strength and military strength were almost equal. And I, a new demi-god, was added to the flow of power. It’s impossible to do nothing in that state.”

 The reason these two countries were competing against each other was because they each possessed the same number of super-strengths known as demi-gods. As a result, although they were adversaries to each other, no large-scale clashes occurred. The two countries had only minor skirmishes based on their national power standards. With both sides holding blades to each other’s throats, deterrence was complete.

 However, with the addition of a new demi-god, Lute, to the empire, the balance tilted greatly. Therefore, the Republic will surely take some kind of action.

“That’s right. In the near future, the Republic will take some kind of action in a desperate effort. A large-scale clash is also expected. If that is the case, he, [Apostle] Stark, the demi-god of the Republic state, will surely make his move.”

 What was mentioned was the highest fighting strength of the Republic Until Lute appeared, he was considered to be the only one on a par with Axia, one of the strongest. The polar region of the “swarm” that transforms ordinary humans into military strength comparable to divine soldiers and tactical-class magicians.

“Of course, if that happens, you, Lute-dono, will also be on the battlefield. Depending on the situation, you may even have to fight Stark directly.”

“… I guess.”

 Only a demi-god of the same rank can fight another demi-god. That is the absolute law on this continent. That is why Lute and Axia did not deny the possibility.

 ── Lute later regretted, with a sigh, that he should have denied that assumption.

“That is why I must teach you how to fight a demi-god.”

 At the same time as he said those words, Lute’s vision was painted ‘red’.

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