Chapter 15 part 2

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Chapter 15: The “Incompetent” and “Delinquent” Prince 3 (part two)

 Saying that, Lute placed the duck on the fire and stopped it in mid-air.

“Then I’ll keep it slow over a long fire. Once it’s cooked to satisfaction, loosen the stop and turn it over. Then, when it’s just right, sprinkle it with salt and it’s done.”

“…It’s too convenient, Your Highness, really.”

 As a magician with the status of a demi-god, I feel that this is very wrong, but once I put these questions aside, I realized that Lute was truly an all-around performer. It is no wonder that his subordinates are beyond amazed and in awe of his performance. In any case, Lute alone can handle everything from procurement of prey to cooking, even if he is empty-handed. Even without the fighting power of a demi-god, his survival performance is truly extraordinary.

“…… now that we’re done, let’s wash our hands.”

“Ah, now I’ll use magic to get some water–“

“No, I can do it myself, so it’s okay.”

“…… is that also your power as a demi-god?”

“What are you talking about? It’s just normal basic magic, or as they say in the empire, witchcraft. Of course, being royalty, you should be able to use normal magic at the very least, right?”

“…I see.”

 Furthermore, it seems to have been discovered here that, in addition to concept manipulation, he can also use ordinary magic to some extent. It really is anything and everything.

“…… By the way, Your Highness. It smells so delicious, isn’t it bad?”

“… you guys are subordinates. Don’t aim for your master’s food, you idiot.”

“That’s true, isn’t it!? But it can’t be helped!”

 One of my subordinates shouts unbearably. As a matter of fact, the place was filled with a hint of deliciousness that was too violent.

 The smell of roasting meat stimulates the appetite, and the sound of fat dripping and melting in the fire reminds us of the original scenery of meals that have continued uninterrupted since ancient times. The sight of meat slowly roasted over a distant fire, glistening in the sun, is nothing short of a violent device that forces one’s throat to rise and fall.

 What is most impressive is that this duck meat has been specially processed by Lute’s magic. The belly has been cut open and the internal organs have been removed, but the bleeding has been reduced to almost zero, making it virtually “whole roasted”. It was an unknown delicacy that could not be eaten unless the duck was finished on the spot.

“…Haa. When this case is over, I’ll give you the prey that made me stop a lot of things like today.  So stop those burning eyes…”

“Are you serious?”

“You should try saying it!!”

“You can’t speak for the rest of us either, seriously. ……”

 Lute let out a big sigh as his subordinates made a fuss. What kind of attitude is it that they have been calling others “delinquents” and such, and yet they themselves are still begging for meat from their lord?

 I don’t know if they were attracted by his bold nature, or if they were influenced by his personality and became infected with it. The only thing he knew was that Lute and his subordinates had a special relationship.

“… well, okay”

 Putting aside the feelings of dismay that had been floating around in his head, Lute returns his attention to the duck meat that is being roasted.

 The whole duck meat is golden brown and glistening. That is the proof that the duck is ready.

“It’s about time.”

 Saying this, he grabs the duck meat. For Lute, the master of freezing, the heat of roasted meat is nothing to be intimidated by. That is why he grabbed the duck and bit into it with such gusto.


The sound of “crunch” echoes around the area. It is the sound made by the meat, which is half-fried by the duck’s own fat.

 At the same time, there is a strong crunching sensation that travels to the jaws. As its name suggests, this duck is famous for its extensive migration compared to other ducks, and its muscles are tighter than usual. This makes it a high quality food characterized by its strong crunchiness and the intense flavor of the meat itself.

 Most noteworthy is the unique flavor that pervades the entire meat. It is the blood. As Ruto said, fresh blood is extremely nutritious and can be used as a sauce. It is packed with all such natural sauces. The flavor of the liver spreads throughout the meat, and the fresh, top-quality liver paste, which is free of any odor, spreads in your mouth in harmony with the pure taste of the duck meat.

“… good…”

 There is no reason for it to be bad. There was no way it could be bad. A smile comes so naturally to Lute’s face as he tucks into his meat.

 Crispy skin and resilient meat. The flavor of the meat, the flavor of the fat, and the flavor of the highest quality liver. The sharpness of the salt further refines these elements. The situation in which you are sitting in the open air, boldly biting into a whole roasted duck is also perfect.

 No need for unnecessary comments. Lute greedily devoured the whole roasted duck with only the thought that it was delicious.




 The sight was too enchanting. All of his men cleared their throats, and even Azure’s heart, a soldier and a lady at the same time, was momentarily shaken by the destructive power of the scene.


 And ten minutes later. There was Lute, who splendidly devoured a whole duck.

 Lute rubs his belly and smiles, as if to say that he is the most full he has been in a long time. Food is an indispensable element in the life of a living creature, and it is a pastime that provides the emotional enrichment that is necessary for a person to be human. In this sense, Lute’s heart was more content than ever.


“─ ─ I have received a reply from the home country, so I came to deliver it to you. …… I saw you eating a delicious meal again, Lute-dono. You got it from a distance, didn’t you?”

 “Your Highness, Klaus. I am ashamed to show you something embarrassing. But your reply was very quick.”

 Lute was able to smile fearlessly at the sudden arrival of Klaus and the report announcing the end of the vacation.

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