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Chapter 19: My brother reset my friend list

I stripped everything that could be used from the defeated bandits.

Of course, I also collect the arrows I used. My arrow is a custom-made item, it's a luxury item that costs 10,000 Jenny each. I can't throw it away.

The corpses of the bandits were cremated so they won't turn into zombies.

As with humans, a demon beast must be decapitated or incinerated, a corpse that has taken in too much of the surrounding magic may become a zombie.

Although he was an assassin, I said, "The dead are not guilty," and decided to offer flowers.

He won't want to get it from the person who killed him though.

I have no apologies or regrets for killing him, but I'm not in a good mood.

The flowers I bought from that girl were quite useful.


When my brother and the captain collected the bodies, they took a [crystal plate] photo of the thief's face and recorded it ... what are they doing?

 They said, It was to check the photos they took later in the guild and the barracks, and see if there was any bounty on their heads, I was told that the prize money would be paid. The captain said that it's normal to have several bounties in such a large bandit group. It would be delivered to me when confirmation is obtained and payment is completed.

This [Crystal Plate] …… It's a thing that allows you to check someone's status, but it's like a tablet PC with all the functions. Although it's an A4 size board made of crystal, information is displayed on the touch panel, and among the functions are call functions such as e-mail and telephone, shooting of videos and images, management of things in the [subspace warehouse], etc. It's an excellent thing you can use.

Deposits and withdrawals can be made in each guild, and demon beasts that have been subdued are automatically recorded and counted ... Isn't this more amazing than modern science?

It seems that it's a sacred treasure that God gives to humankind ... It's super amazing, but the contents are like science and technology in our world ...

"Do you even need to take a photo of the assassin's face brother?"

"Yeah. There are quite a lot of people like this who are also active in Wolg across countries."

After a big job, it seems that they would move to another country until it cools down.

For example, after the assassination of the princess this time, knights would've been dispatched all over the country, he may have planned to escape to another country after the assassination was successful.

"Captain, please distribute the money you get from the bandits in the future to the families of the deceased knights."

I'm happy with the 4.26 million Jenny cash and equipment I've collected from all the bandits, so I'm willing to give up the rest of my rights to the bereaved families. The equipment is, frankly garbage.

"Really? Is that okay? If you collect all the bounties and sell the horses, you'll gain a considerable amount ..."

"Please wait! Luke sama, it's good to be considerate, but if the prince of another country does this, the dignity of our royal family will fall. We will pay them for their services this time and Death gratuity will also be issued. Please pay the money obtained from the bounties from the subsequent processing to Luke sama. "

"Death gratuity? This is the first time I've heard of it?..."

"Luke ... the tutor taught us before... You were with me then, so it's not the first time ..."

My brother said that with frosty eyes, but there is no such word in Luke's memory!

"I'm sorry brother, I don't remember, maybe I was sleeping ..."

"I'm in trouble ... The bounty is given when a knight or guard performs his duties without regard for the danger of life and is killed or injured, especially when his service is recognized. It refers to the money paid to the person or the bereaved family in honor of the act. "

"Oh, is there such a thing? That's why  knighthood is also popular with the commoners."

"Yes. Adventurers can make money if they're good at it, but they do it at their own risk, even if they die, there's no guarantee for their families. For a stable income, the remaining years pay a knight has till they were supposed to retire, in the case of death will be paid to the bereaved family. They'll be paid money, so they won't need to worry about money unless they're in debt. "

it seems to be something like a survivor's pension.


"Okay. Princess, I'll take the reward."

"Yes. Please do so. It's a different case when the government gives a separate reward, but it may be different if it's the son of the royal family. That act might haunt us later ..."


"Well, Luke ... I'm sorry but but I'll put the on bracelet again ..."

"Eh !? I won't run away anymore! Besides, I showed you that the [magic bracelet] doesn't make a difference, didn't I?"

"Well, I know ...but I can't help it with  father's command ... Forgive me!"

"Brother ... there's a princess here ... isn't this too terrible? This is a shame to our country ..."

"I'm sorry! And there's one more thing ... This is the rule for marrying into another country but, you have to delete all your present [Friend List] once."

" There was such a rule huh. I knew about it ... I always thought it was a poor system, but I never thought I would experience it ..."

International students invited from other countries, brides and son-in-laws could act as spies, Therefore, there is a rule to delete a your friend's list once to prevent information from being sent to other countries in real-time by mail or call function.

Political marriages like this one are also a part of it.

Luke, who has no friends, has almost no name on his friend list. Still, it's painful to be unable to contact my brothers and sisters. The faces of my cute little sister and ex-fiancé come to my mind ... hm, for now ...

I hold out the [Status Plate] in front of my brother and erased everything in the friends list.

"Oh, Luke ... Could you please register as a friend with me?"

The princess who was listening by our side called out ... It was a kind consideration ... perhaps, looking at the empty friends list I feel I'm sinking. Registration on the friend list is not possible without the consent of both parties. Moreover, unlike infrared communication, the consent screen does not appear unless you're close to some extent.


"Thank you for your consideration Princess. My first friend registration is a princess and I'm honored."

"Wow! It doesn't seem to be a lie! I'm elated!"

By the way, I can't lie to this person.

She doesn't seem to have a lot of friends on her friend list ... she can't lie, so she usually avoids people.

"♪ Master ... You can put it on..."

"Ah! Fairy san! There're a lot of things I want to ask and confirm about my status! 』\

"♪ It can't be helped ... If you arrive at the Duke's house, you'll be released again ..."

There are many things I would like to ask the fairy, but my brother immediately put on the bracelet.

"That ... I know that erasing your friend list is a rule, but why is Luke wearing a [magic bracelet]?"

The princess naturally asked my brother this question ...

"Brother... don't tell her ..."

"But it would be stranger to hide it at this point. I was planning to release it before reaching the Duchy Gate without showing this to anyone ..."

In front of the gatekeeper of the Margrave, he wrapped a fashionable cloth over the handcuff to hide it.

Originally I didn't want to show it to anyone.

"But it's... okay!"

I'm unwilling... I'm ashamed again because of the stupid Luke!

"If he doesn't like it, he'll run away immediately. So, my dad ordered me not to remove the shackles until I handed him over so he wouldn't run away. "

"Well, you run away? Fufufu, Luke doesn't really have the King's trust, right?"

"Well, I've left home many times ... My dad doesn't trust me at all. Aha."

"It's not a laughing matter ... I'm sure He'll get angry when I get home. I wonder how I should write my report, such as the fact that you were handed over with handcuffs ..."

"Father who cuffed me is the one to blame ... He just has to regret any complaints from this country."

"Ufufu ... what an interesting person."

I was laughed at by the princess ... but her smile is so cute ~.

It's proof that you've got a problem child as a groom when they have to limit his behavior with handcuffs. The other country won't be happy.

I feel sorry for my brother.

Shortly after, the knights of the Duchy arrived.

There are 21 knights from 3 parties, but they are all glaring at me! why!? "

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