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Chapter 17: The Princess was a First-class Inquisitor

The knight, who was suspected to be in league with the assassins, became calm, perhaps because he was convinced of the reason for his detention.

However, the princess went in front of the knight and asked a question.

“Are you a companion of the assassins?”

Naturally, the knight answers like this …

“No! I swear to God!”

Obviously … no criminal admits it so easily.

“That’s right! I’m glad! Jail-sama, please release this knight. This person is not a bandit.”

We brothers look at each other and both have the same expression “Seriously …”. The two of us laugh bitterly … Well, what should we do with this princess?


“You two…are  looking at me as if something pitiful … I can understand that.”

“” No such thing! “”

I tried to lie again, but I was caught by the princess.

“It’s a lie!”

“” ………… “”

“Ufufu, I’m sorry. I have the qualification of a first-class inquisitor. So I can detect lies. This attack also involves a case that the inquisitor was sent to for public affairs. I can assure you of that”

While saying that, the princess took out the certification of a first-class inquisitor from her [Subspace Warehouse] and showed it to us.

An Inquisitor is considered a national qualification, but that qualification is actually one of the unique skills of God.

However, this ridiculous unique skill given by God has a heavy shackle and that’s, the person in question cannot lie at all, in exchange she can reveal any lie.

Inquisitors have grades from 1st to 3rd grade and the accuracy of detecting lies changes respectively.

It seems that you detect tell lies 50% accurately in the third grade, 75% in the second grade, and 100% in the first grade. It’s easy to think that 50% is meaningless, but actually, it means a lie can be identified once every two answers. A lie is spotted when a similar question is asked and repeatedly identified as a lie. To be clear, if you face an Inquisitor, no lie would work.


The princess is a first-class inquisitor … If she asks once, she can judge whether it’s a lie with 100% accuracy … This is dangerous.

No one doubts her word because it’s a god-given blessing. The biggest benefit of this skill is that you can’t lie at all. If she says it’s a lie, it’s a lie… it has God’s endorsement.

However, this dangerous benefit keeps people away.

It’s safe to say that no one doesn’t lie. Everyone lives with lies mixed in their words … but this princess reveals all lies. No one who knows this would want to approach.

This can be especially bad for me who is full of secrets.

“First-class Inquisitor …”

My brother mutters and looks at her.

That is … certainly a heavy burden to getting married. Even in Wolg, which is large, there are only five first-class inquisitors. It’s highly possible that she’s the only one in this small country. This ability is so rare. Even if they have it as a child, most of them will lie at some point and by the time they’ve grown up, God would have taken away the ability.

Unfortunately, even if my brother wants to welcome her as a wife, this country can’t let her go …

In that case, there’s no point in detaining the knight, so I apologized for my suspicion and released him immediately.

“You mentioned earlier that it was related to public affairs, but did you think you were going to be assassinated?”

When my brother asked, the princess replied with a sad face.

“There’s a marquis territory two days by carriage from here, it seems that a spy has reported that there is large embezzlement of taxes going on. I received a request from my father and the royal capital to investigate it. I was on my way. Perhaps the Marquis who noticed in advance sent them to assassinate me. I didn’t bother to stop by my uncle but brought a few elites from the capital with me. I was heading directly to the Marquis territory, but I wonder if information leaked somewhere … “

Hmmm, even if you do such a thing, it will leak after a while …

“Princess, isn’t it the same if another inquisitor goes? Why did he take such a risk?”

“Luke, there aren’t many inquisitors in our country. If I died, we’d have to wait at least two weeks before we could arrange for the next inquisitor …”

“In the meantime, he was planning to destroy the evidence …”

“Yes, probably. There are some people who are important witnesses, if they manage to escape abroad, there will be no one to ask, so we couldn’t help it. Because of the urgency, the number of people I gathered was small… “

Is it possible that those witnesses would be attacked, along with the princess?

“But the Marquis who ordered it would still remain, right? Can’t you directly cross-examine the Marquis himself?”

“Actually Luke, without physical evidence and other witnesses, it wouldn’t be so easy to condemn the other party if it’s a Marquis, and those who knew his secrets could have already been killed rather than fled. It’s highly possible … and he could also give loose answers… well, he probably thought it would be too obvious if he attacked on his own, so pretended to be a bandit and attacked the princess, probably…. “

Then, the hearing of the princess started.

“Do you know anything?”

“Kukuku, I’m just hired for money, so I don’t know anything. It’s a shame.”

“Oh, that sounds like the truth… I can’t get any information with this … this is troubling.”


Normally, an assassin wouldn’t speak at all …He usually won’t say anything so that he doesn’t get caught, but he answered the question with a grin.

That’s dangerous … For some reason, my instinct keeps sending out warnings. Wait!

That moment, a possibility struck me, the warning feeling turned into conviction!

He made a weird move, so I took action without hesitation.

“Over here princess!”

I forcibly pulled the princess away from him and thrust a sword into his heart!

“” What!? “”

“Luke! What are you doing! Whether he was an assassin, he was detained, and not resisting …”

Wow! My level has gone up! Now that I’ve canceled the party with my brother, I’ve gained all the experience points. My brother’s angry at me who killed an unresisting person, but I think it’s the right decision. I have a reluctance to kill people, but I shouldn’t let people get hurt because of my hesitation.

“What happened !? What happened?”

Huh? What is she saying when I stabbed the assassin right in front of her?

The female knight of the guards explained to the princess … The princess’s face became a little pale when she heard it.

“Princess, do you have bad eyesight?”

“Yes. It’s not that I can’t see at all, but I can barely see the shape of a person. I can’t see anything at night or in a dimly lit room. Did you kill the knight? You just killed a knight of our country … Is there a reason? “

Thank you for asking me why I killed him properly …

The princess has bad eyesight … That’s why she was withdrawn.

It’s not that she can’t see at all, but it seems to be amblyopia that hinders her life.

“Luke, that was too heartless! Why did you do it!?”

“Did brother feel anything about this guy?”

“… I’ve been feeling unpleasant for a long time, but … but he was detained with a rope even after putting a [magic bracelet] on. Though he said he didn’t know anything about his employer, maybe we could still find out some other useful information such as where he was staying and his other companions? “

“Even after we caught him, my dangerous feeling didn’t leave this guy. My sixth sense kept ringing alarm bells till he died. In such a case, you should follow through without going against it. This guy’s [subspace warehouse] we haven’t taken out the things inside yet. I just remembered that he could easily remove the bracelet if he had the tools … This guy planned to secretly remove the handcuffs and attack the princess again. It seems that he was aiming at this, and that’s why my danger detection reacted. “

“There’s no lie in what you say, but that’s all speculation, right?”

Around the assassin, everything that was in his [Subspace Warehouse] was released due to his death. Among them were various weapons and dark weapons such as poisoned blowguns, throwing knives, bows, and arrows.

“It’s speculation, but If he had so many weapons. It would’ve been over when the princess was shot with this blowgun dart painted with instant death poison from a Deskerogg demon beast.”

Hmm … I don’t want to lose the liking of the princess of the country I’m going to be staying in.

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