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Episode 18: The potion level went up when I used alchemy

{TN: changed "item slots" to "item box"}

When I returned to the inn, I washed off my sweat with a shower and immediately tried alchemy.

Its the new skill I just learned today.

I can't raise the skill level yet at my level, but I want to see how much I can do with level 1.

I take out "Sacred Flower", "Blue Herb", and "Red Herb" from the item box and tried using alchemy.

I bought some potion bottles on my way home.

Magic potions use "Sacred Flower" and "Blue Herb".

Vitality potions use "Sacred Flower" and "Red Herb".


First, let's try the magic potion.

Use "Alchemy"

And then——

The "Sacred Flower" and "Blue Herb" were wrapped in a blue light.

"Done. It's a magic potion no matter how you look at it."

It used about 10 MP.

Next, l'll try making the vitality potion. It was done without any problems.

・ Magic potion x 10

・ Vitality Potion x 10

I made 10 of each, but I didn't have one failure.

Such a convenient skill.

But ——potions aren't very expensive. The price of one potion is about 5 bronze coins.

In Japan it's about 500 yen for five coins.

Items that adventurers often use tend to be oversupplied and cheap.

It's a plus that I can make it myself when supply is low.

Still, the cost versus profit is too bad at the moment.

It's profitable to sell, but it feels a bit too plain compared to other skills.

"By the way, alchemy is …",I consider the meaning of the word "alchemy". The potions I've just made can be made normally without using skills, the material is just synthesized as it is. The troublesome processes seem to be gone, but it's not alchemy.

I tried using alchemy on the magic potions.

I use 2 magic potions.

Then ——


"what's this……!?"

The resulting potion is still a magic potion, but it's different from the others.

It's glowing. It emits light, not reflects it.

I try the same thing with vitality potions.


The consumed vitality potions disappeared, but no new potion replaced them.

Is it limited to magic potions …? No, it's too early to decide.

When I tried it again, I succeeded in making a glowing vitality potion.

"So it's possible to fail?"

I've gradually come to understand how alchemy works.

・ Normal production is possible

・The same item can be combined

・ Sometimes it fails

At this point, that's how it is.

Then I tried various things.


I tried making more glowing potions and combining them and as a result, I found,

・ The success rate of potion Lv1 (normal) to potion Lv2 (shining) is 50%.

・ The success rate of potion Lv2 (shining) to potion Lv3 (more shining) is 25%.

I haven't been able to challenge Lv4 due to lack of materials since I need funds to buy clothes, but the success rate will drop even further.

Perhaps raising the level of "Alchemy" will increase the success rate.

"Yuki, I'm done with the shower. Let's go for dinner-what is that !? It looks like a potion … but it's shining!"

Aleria came out after the shower.

It's no wonder she's surprised, I was also surprised at first.

"I tried raising the potion's level. I haven't tried it yet, but I think it has better performance than normal ones …"

Otherwise, there's no reason to reduce the number with alchemy.

"You didn't put anything weird in it …?"

"The only ingredients are 'Sacred Flower',' Blue Herb' and 'Red Herb'. It's no different from a normal potion."

"That's how is it like this …! I mean, it would be great if you became a potion merchant, you can make potions with no equipment and collect materials yourself! ? "

As she says, it's certainly so.

"It's a hassle to sell it by myself, but it might be nice to wholesale it to a potion merchant. They know the business more than I do, and it takes time to make profit since it's something you can't eat. Their scale is different, the profit is also on another level. "

"Is Yuki a genius !? How can you think so deeply!?"

"Hmm? Isn't it normal?"

The division of labor is more efficient and there's a risk buffer. Initial capital is required to open a store, but if you just want to wholesale a product, you don't have to set up a store, just sell to someone who does,

I think it's common sense.

"It's not common knowledge at all! At least I'd never think of it!"

"Is that so……"

Are you okay? Or rather, is this world okay.

Education may still be immature because of the medieval Europe atmosphere, given that Aleria is from a royal family, it gives me a headache to think of the level of the common people.

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