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 Chapter 21: About the future

"Uooooooooo!!!, There are no horses here, but it’s really running!”

“You’re making a fuss just like a child.”

“No, you definitely made a scene at first.”

“No, I wasn’t making a fuss.  I hope Noel didn't say anything she shouldn't have said......”

I was so excited to get on the steam car that Vigna was piloting that I screamed out loud. I knew about the existence of steam cars, but actually riding one is a different story. I was so impressed. It's more like magic.

The people in the village seemed to find it unusual to see a steam car running while spewing white smoke, and I often met them on the way.

"Grace-sama. Another new invention?”

"Yes, this will make it easier for you to carry your luggage. Please look forward to its completion!”


"Yes, I'm looking forward to it. Oh, and later, I'll bring you some fresh vegetables from today! I know they'll be delicious, so please eat them.”

“Oh, I'll be looking forward to it.”

As I was waving my hand and having this conversation, Vigna was smiling happily next to me. Her eyes seemed to be watching over me, which tickled me a little.

“Ufufu… you’re starting to feel like a lord now, aren’t you? So what do you think of this steam car? Is it really usable?”

“Hmmm, it's not really suitable for mountain roads because it vibrates a lot. ...... Instead, it seems to have a lot of power to carry cargo, so I'll think about using it for that. But I don't think I can trust it with anything fragile yet.”

I talk about my honest impressions of riding in a steam car. The power may be greater than a horse-drawn carriage, but the vibrations are just as bad. Well, I'm sure that Bowman and Noel know what they're doing, so they've probably thought of some way to fix that.

Besides, if I use my knowledge of the World Library, I might be able to be of some help.

“It’s true, this vibration is not suitable for a date. Ah......."


“Oh, that's very aggressive. But this is sexual harassment in a public place.”

The wheel jolted as if it had hit a stone. I hugged Vigna without thinking, but she didn't wince. How much core training do you do? ......

“So…. Can you tell me why you wanted to be alone with me? I’m glad you just wanted to see me, but I don’t think you should mix public and private life.”

She blushed a little when she said that and it was very cute. I want to look at her for a while, but I don’t think that’s going to happen. I hand her the letter I received this morning to get down to business.

“This is.... the crest of the royal family. Don't tell me that's ......."

"Yeah. It's from my fucking father. Read it for yourself."

Vigna looked uncomfortable, but as she read the letter, she became angry. Hey, you’re concentrating on the letter, how are you driving? It's not safe to look away. ......

“You’re being looked down on. Now they’re asking you to tell them how you developed Asgard… they just want what you invented!”

“Whoaaa…. calm down.”

“I'm not a horse! Aren’t you pissed off? Should Galatea and I sneak into the royal capital and assassinate them?”

“Yeah, it’s annoying, but… I knew this was going to happen and there were people who were angrier for me than I was, so I guess I was able to cool down a little.”



She gives me an indescribable look at my words. I've been ready for this since I defeated Kyle and started getting attention. And now, I will have no choice but to accept this call. I can never win with my strength yet. ...... More than that.

I ask her about the other purpose.

“So.... what about that guy's movements? Is he doing anything suspicious?"”

“So far, so good. ...... Like the letter and Richard, your family is really a bunch of jerks.”

“Well, they do send spies into my territory, don't they? It's a great family love.”

Vigna who knew what I was talking about sighed. One of the recently arrived refugees was Richard. I'm sure he was sent there by my fucking brother, who didn't know that I look up people in the World Library.

That was also the reason why I gave the information about the gun to Lemech-san earlier. Besides, this was an opportunity.

“My fucking brother won't know that I'm onto him. If I let him get false information, I'll ...... fufu ...... put him through hell."

"Well, I hope I didn’t put a dent in it ...... Aso, I have another piece of news. There might be a fight in the neighborhood soon. Ask Edward-san about changes in the flow of logistics.”

"Ah, why is that again?"

“The neighboring country lost the war to ours a year ago, didn't they? We had raised taxes to pay for post-war reconstruction and reparations, but when that wasn't enough, we imposed even heavier taxes. That's why it's so tense right now. When I was in town the other day, I looked into the adventurer's guild and saw that a lot of adventurers were moving there.”

Adventurers are sensitive to this kind of atmosphere because they earn their money mainly through fighting. As far as I can tell, there’s a high possibility that a rebellion of disgruntled citizens and nobles will occur… if that happens, refugees who have lost their homes may flow in or a dissatisfied neighbor may attack us out of the blue.

“Thank you. Let's prepare to increase our forces.”

“It's going to be busy. .....”

“It's still pretty bad though......”


I was thinking of a change of pace, but I feel like I'm getting more work done..... I sigh and she squeezes my hand. I was grateful for her feelings and I squeezed her hand back and then I almost died, instead of having crazy sex.

I decided to make it a law that you cannot look away while driving a steam car.


Lordship Information

Lords: 50 (26 additional residents who migrated after the party)

Otherworldly Comprehension Level 4

(Able to understand what things they touch and how to handle them, as well as how they can be used if they are medium level when exposed to raw materials)

Technology: Cast iron technology from another world

Awareness of the existence of guns → Understanding of the basic structure of guns → Able to create simple objects

Awareness of the existence of robots

Knowledge of fertilizer

Knowledge of aluminum → Able to create and process aluminum.

How to make alloys

Able to create super mithril alloys.

How to make and process rubber.

Awareness of the existence of steam pump

Understand the existence of steam.

Understand the existence of red rice

Invented a way to create a bath

NEW: Understanding the function of steam engines

NEW: Invention of the steam car (prototype)


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