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Chapter 9: Grace’s Declaration

“Hey, Grace!”

“Master, what’s wrong?”

“Oh, I’m fine. Anyway, isn’t this a Souzi relic?”

Vigna supported me when I staggered because the information from “World Library” flooded in all at once. I gave Galatea the cup I picked up, telling them I was okay.

“This is …… nostalgic, my father gave it out to the people of the village to commemorate my birthday… It’s still here… Seeing this place again made me feel sad, but it also cheered me up a little. Thank you very much. Master.”

Then Galatea hugged the cup as if it were a precious memory itself. Oh, thank goodness, not all her memories were lost. 

Anyway, I wondered what aluminum and alloys are and when I asked “world library” with no expectation, to my surprise, I got a reply.



“Aluminum, A metal that is lighter, stronger and more resistant to rust than iron.”

“Alloy, a metallic material in which one or more elements are mixed with pure metal.”


Well it doesn’t say how to make it. I don’t think I have enough understanding of the other world yet. However, I was aware of its existence now and I’m sure I’ll be able to make it someday.

If I can mass produce aluminum, which is more resistant to rust than iron, I can make memorable items like this after we die in our lifetimes and it will make Galatea a little less lonely when she sees it. 

“I’m glad. Is it you and your father on this?”

“Yes, that’s right.” I missed it… I didn’t think I’d see it again. Thank you very much. Thank you for finding these memories for me. Master.”

Vigna smiled at Galatea, who was happy to see her father’s item and called out to her. This girl is kind after all.

Other than that, Galatea’s lonely expression was inevitably burned into my memory. It’s been a short time since we met, but Galatea has been of great help to me and Souzi entrusted her to me. I wondered if there was anything I could do to reassure her that she won’t be lonely anymore.

As I was thinking about this, we heard something crying from outside. We stopped talking and went outside.

“Grace, be careful, it’s an armored armadillo!”


Vigna warned me when she saw the monster and urged me to be careful. The Armadillo is a monster whose body is covered in armor and is half my weight. Well, there were traces of monsters as well as bandits.

It’s a pretty nasty monster, but it’s no match for Galatea or Vigna, let alone ordinary soldiers. I’m sure they’ll be able to handle it in no time. Vigna is holding her sword while defending me.

But that’s no good.

“Both of you don’t bother! I’ll do it.”

“What? You know, armadillos are nasty monsters with high defense and sharp claws!”

“That’s right Master! And I sense fear and tension in you, Master!”

Both of them recoil at my words, but I stop them and stand in front of the armored armadillo.

Galatea said to me, “I’m sure you’ll create a lively town where everyone is smiling.” This village was probably a lively place where everyone was smiling so I should prove to Galatea that I can do just that and reassure her

“I know! But this is my order. To tell you the truth Galatea, I’m sickly and weak, and I can’t even use a sword. Even recruits are difficult for me to fight.”

“I know that. You’re such a fucking weakling you cry while swinging a sword.”

For some reason, Vigna answers my words. No, it’s true, but isn’t “fucking weakling” a bit excessive.

“But with Souzi’s artifacts, Bowman’s technological prowess, Vigna’s and Galatea’s support, my genius brain and the World Library, I can do anything. For example, I can’t even use an arrow to defeat the monster in front of me, even ordinary soldiers will cry and run away.” 

As I say this, I take the gun out of my pocket and aim it at the armored armadillo’s head. With a roar, my bullet pierced the armored armadillo’s hard scales and splattered its brain with plasma. Wow, that’s gross …….

“So, Galatea, you can look forward to it! I will turn this ruin into a lively village where everyone can smile again! Yes, the glory of Grace-Vermillion has already begun!”


“Grace, you’re so quick to show off… but I don’t hate it.”

I think I can feel the respect from both of them through their words. I’m glad I decided to go for it. If I had missed or the bullet had bounced off, I would have died of shame. In fact, it’s a secret that I was scared to death in my first battle with a monster.

So, after cleaning up the body of the monster, we finished our search and decided to return to the mansion. On the way back, Galatea secretly whispered in my ear so that Vigna wouldn’t find out.

“I sensed a strong tension and fear from Master when you fought the monster. Please don’t overdo it in the future.”

“Ah, yes… sorry to worry you.”

I was clearly exposed to Galatea. Well she could see through one’s emotions. I looked away awkwardly, and she looked back at me with a big smile on her face and said,

“But… it was really cool. I’m looking forward to the city you’re going to build.”

“Eh … oh yeah … Huhahahaha, leave it to this Grace Vermilion !!”

“Shut up! If you shout too loud, the monsters will come. Are you stupid?”

I laughed out loud and she got really angry. How dare you! I’m a prince, after all. I’m the most important person here… But I think it’s better to have this kind of relationship than that of in a castle.


And when I came home and told Bowman about the alloy, he was all bright-eyed and holed up in the basement again. As a side note, it was scary to see Bowman, who had turned into an experimental monster, trying to dismantle the cup and being lectured endlessly by Galatea, who had become expressionless…

“Bouzu (boy), I’ve got it!”

“What’s that? I’m sleepy from all the exploring I did yesterday.”

Even though I was tired, the first thing I saw was the dwarf with a beard. Isn’t this the scenario where a beautiful girl in a maid outfit wakes you up?

Bowman showed me a metal wire, with dark circles under his eyes, as if he hadn’t slept enough. His face is pale, but his eyes are eerily bright. Oh, that’s concentration mode for experimentation. I’m pretty sure he’s not sleeping.

“You’re getting old, Bowman. Don’t be too hard on yourself, you’re old enough to know that there are people who will be sad when you die. So what did you do?”

“This. I mixed mithril and iron, which I’m familiar with. That’s what you call an alloy, isn’t it? Interesting, this is a beast of possibilities. I’ll soon make some aluminum, too.”

“Eh? Huh? Wait a minute! Even the World Library didn’t teach me how to make alloys!”

The unexpected comment woke me up at once. I took the metal wire from Bowman and activate the world library.


“Mithril Alloy, an alloy that’s a mixture of iron and mithril. By mixing iron with mithril, which has high magic conductivity but is expensive. It has become easier to process and cheaper to make. It was invented by Bowman.” 


Wait, wait, wait… Bowman’s name is now listed in the World Library!  Eh, invention? What’re you talking about?

I mean, even the World Library didn’t know how to create it yet, but this guy arrived at how to make the alloy on his own!  Seriously, isn’t he too much of a monster?

“Hohohoh, what are you surprised for? I’ve got the actual alloy in front of me, so I can pretty much guess how to do it.”

“No way… You’re not going to melt it down.”

“No. Galatea-chan would beat me to death and I don’t mean metaphorically.”

“Wow, you’re really amazing.”

After a hearty laugh, Bowman said, a little embarrassed.

“I’ve heard from Vigna that you’ve been trying to cheer up Galatea-chan and that you believed in my technology. You promised to provide me with an experimental environment and you’ve done so. So, I should live up to your expectations. Galatea-chan isn’t the only one who’s looking forward to your city. I’ll do what I can. You just do everything in your power to make it so.”

“Bowman… leave it to me!”

I nodded my head in agreement with Bowman’s words. I’ve made a promise not only to Galatea, but to Bowman as well. I’m not going to run away from this. 

This is how I got my alloy technology.


Territory Information

Residents: 3

Otherworldly Comprehension Level 3

(Able to understand the things you touch and how to handle them, as well as how they can be used if you are low level when touching raw materials)

Technology: Cast iron technology from another world

Awareness of the existence of guns → Understanding of the basic structure of guns


Awareness of the existence of robots.

Knowledge of fertilizer

Knowledge of aluminum

NEW: How to make alloys

NEW: Mithril alloy

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