Chapter 75

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Chapter 75: Finals Part 1

“The final! Zeros Adolfo vs. Sophia Adolfo, Begin!”

“Thunder Enchantment!”

The moment it started, I rushed towards her. I feel bad for Sophie, but I’m not going to let her do anything.

“Be heavy! Gravity!”

When Sophie turned her hand towards me and muttered something, I slammed my head against the ground.

“Argh …”

It’s heavy as if the gravity on me increased for some reason. It was sudden so I fell, but with this weight, I can still move. However, my specs are likely to drop to the point of water enchantment.

“That looks like it hurt “

“I can afford it …”

When I got up, Sophie spoke to me with a relaxed look on her face. I’ll turn that face to panicked right now.

“Fire Spear””Wind Spear””Stone Spear””Ice Spear””Light Spear”

“Are you serious……”

“Do your best?”

“Haha …”

Apparently Sophie is now able to cast five spells at once. I could only give a dry laugh. And she released them all at once.

“Spirit Ziel Enchantment”


I enchanted Ziel when the magic came near me. I only enchanted for about 1 second, but I was able to slash all the magic.

“Thunder Enchantment!”

While Sophie was a little unsettled, I switched to thunder enchantment and headed for her.


My sword was now within range, thanks to her agitation, she hadn’t been able to chant her magic. I was convinced I would land the hit. But then Sophie put her hand on her belly. I ignored it thinking there was nothing she could do.


“Gaha …”

Something exploded in my belly after Sophie’s voice. Because of that, I couldn’t hit Sophie and was blown away.

“What … what was that”

“It’s a chantless fire bomb. 』\

“Chantless!?? 』\

When I couldn’t understand the situation and was lost in translation, Ygg spoke to me.

“Please concentrate”


When Ygg spoke, the same five types of magic Spear were approaching me this time in a ball shape.

“Abune!” {TN: Dangerous}

After slashing it in a hurry, I hurried away from Sophie.

“So that’s Sophia-chan? Do you want to win? 』(Ziel)

“I want to win 』\

“It’s impossible 』\

“Huh? 』\

When I was talking to Zeal while slashing Sophie’s magic, I was told that I couldn’t beat Sophie.

“There are three ways this can go Zero 』\

“One, give up and surrender 』\

“Two, do your best and then lose 』\

“Three, grow fast enough to beat Sophia while fighting 』\

“Which one do you choose? 』\ ( Ygg )

Ziel suggested three ways and Ygg asked me what I would choose. Even when asked, of course, it was already decided.

“Three! Grow fast enough to beat Sophie while fighting. “

“As expected, of you! 』\ (Ziel)

“If so, I’ll do my best to support you! 』\

Apparently my choice was well received by the spirits. But I never thought I would have to grow up while fighting like the main character of a shounen manga.

“For now, just focus on me!”

Sophie got angry when I was slashing magic while keeping as far away from her as possible.

“Blow up! Storm!”

“Oh crap …”

Sophie made a huge tornado and threw it at me. Perhaps this magic can be cut, but I have no idea where to cut it to make it disappear.

“We’ll tell you where to cut, so go towards the magic! 』\

“Oh! 』\

Normally, I would not have gone towards a tornado that was over 30 meters in size even if I had been told to do so. I’m sure the tension moved me in this situation.

“Slash there! 』\(Ygg)

“Here! 』\

I knew where it was just by hearing it, even though it wasn’t pointed out to me. Is it the effect of Ishin-Denshin (Heart to heart)? Surprisingly, this title is quite useful.

“Eh … No way!”

Sophie was surprised, she didn’t think I could cut the magic.

“Here I come!”

I felt like the second round had begun. In a magic battle, no matter what I do, I won’t be able to beat Sophie, so I have to make it a close range battle.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter

  2. How tf did Sophia get so powerful?

    1. Same thoughts, that was completely out of the blue

    2. She was always a prodigy so it kinda make since also we don’t really get to see her train or anything

      1. But isn’t she by MC’s side almost 24/7?

      2. Eternal perspective 23rd November 2021 — 2:38 pm

        @meowthank that’s exactly it, they both train same number of hours daily together but her being a genius gains more in the same time

  3. Eternal perspective 23rd November 2021 — 2:37 pm

    thanks for chap
    ” I would have to grow up while fighting like the main character of a shounen manga.” lol breaking walls i see

  4. I know the author doesn’t want to make the MC too op, but realistically it’s ridiculous that this fight against his sister is even close to begin with. I understand she’s a genius but she has no buffs to speak of, and he’s also being trained by one if not two of the strongest spirits. If that’s just gonna be the case, his training and his bonus skills were practically useless.

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