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Chapter 43: Adventurer Registration Completed

“I have a lot to ask, but … it was correct to think of him as a monster.”




“Right?” (Guild chief)


“No! Why!”


Wallace said so and everyone in his party agreed. The guild chief is proud but I’m not convinced.


“Huh? Okay! Listen up! I’ve been thinking since I was training you when you were little, but your reflexes are strange! I’ve never seen a monster that responds so well! And what’s with that thunder and ice magic! I don’t remember that! And how can you slash magic! No, even if you slash it, you can’t usually hit magic with a sword! And how can you use magic in such close combat? What kind of thought process do you have? It’s much easier to deal with monsters than  to deal with you!”

“Oh …”


Wallace swiftly stood up. He couldn’t talk about it during the mock battle so he’s been holding it in all this time … And the reflection meeting started with Wallace san being so excited.


“I told Sophia the same but your magic usage was rough.”




“Did you practice the last one?”


“No, it’s my first time”


“How did you manage to pull off a spell like that the first time under those circumstances? Well, with more practice, I’m sure you could more than double the power of that last spell with the same amount of MP.”


“Thank you!”


After all, it seems that there’s still much room for improvement even though Thunder Burst could be activated.


“You should also be conscious of stealth and hide your signs a little. You’re too conspicuous.”

“Oh! Yes”

I was surprised when I suddenly heard someone from behind. React even if it’s not harmful, Crisis detection …

“You’re going to have to learn to hide and find people hiding.”


Certainly, I’ve never found Tira san except for crisis detection. However, even Shana, who is good at sensing, can’t find her so how can I?

“You’re not very good at parrying attacks. If that can be improved, you’ll be  faster when going to the next move.”

“Yes, I understand”

Gardner said so. It’s true that I just pushed back the attacks and rarely parried them. 

“Well, um… the only defensive magic you have is wall magic?”

“Well … that’s right.” 

“Well, then you should increase it. Um, you couldn’t rest because you kept moving all the time, so if you had proper defensive magic, you could take a break.”


“Thank you”


If I have a strong defensive magic to cover the entire area like Marina, I can have time to rest and think about strategies.

“Zeros, you were completely avoiding a sword fight with me, right?”


I thought I couldn’t beat Wallace if we had a sword-only meeting, so I desperately avoided it.

“I’m not saying it’s wrong to avoid it, I know it’s weird to say after going five against one, but if you do that, when you’re at a party, they’ll ignore you and go for the guys behind you.


“It’s also important that you don’t run away easily when you’re losing.”


It’s okay since I was alone this time, but there will be many times in the future when the three of us will be working together. I had forgotten that I would also have to act as a tank.

“Since the three of you have finished the rank up exam, we’ll decide the rank here okay?”


“From the test results, Shana, Sophia, and Zeros, will be ranked D.”

“What! are you sure?”

I thought it was decided on too easily, so I asked again if it was really good. After all, I don’t want to be told they’ll change it later.

“It’s okay. And if it’s just ability, Shana-chan is at the top of C rank, Sophia-chan is at the middle of B rank, and Zeros is at the bottom of A rank.”


I was surprised at the higher evaluation than I expected. And for the first time, she called me by name.

“But your experience is overwhelmingly insufficient, so climb up steadily from D rank?” 


Certainly, my experience as an adventurer is 0, so let’s gradually get our feet on the ground and do our best. 

“I’m sure you’re aware of it, but you can’t tell anyone about what went on during the exam, okay?”

“””””Yes “”””” 


Then, we went to the first reception desk to continue our adventurer registration. 

“Thank you. You can start from today.” 

That said, I was given a copper-colored metal card. 

“Then put your finger on the card.” 


When I put my finger on the card as I was told, something like ripples spread out on it. 

“Then you can remove your finger.”

When the ripples disappeared, I removed my finger. What kind of principle does it use? 

“If you lose this, it will cost 10 silver coins to reissue, so don’t lose it.” 

It seems the reason why the price of reissue is so high is there are many people who won’t bring it along every time, since it’s troublesome unless the price is high. And although she didn’t tell me the reason, it seems that it’s impossible to fake it, and if you did, you would be found out immediately.

Incidentally, the color of the card is determined by its rank: S rank = platinum, A rank = black, B rank = gold, C rank = silver, D rank = copper, and E and F ranks are wooden cards.

“Wallace san!” 

“Ohh. What is it?”

After listening to the explanation of the guild, I talked to Wallace who was looking at the board where many requests such as subjugation and escort requests were posted. 

“I want to buy the things an adventurer needs, what do I need?”

“Hmm… well, are you free in the next five days?

“Sophie, Shana, do you have any plans for the next five days?”


“…No problem” 

“We’re free” 

There’s no problem because the school’s acceptance announcement will be made 6 days later.

“Then we’ll go shopping and I’ll tell you what you need then.”

“Is that ok!?” 

“It’s difficult to just say it!” 

“Thank you!” 

Wallace and his friends were so busy that I thought it would be just a matter of telling us, but they decided to go buy it together. 

“Then it will be 5 days later!” 

“Thank you!” 

And after escorting Shana near the castle, I and Sophie went home.

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