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Chapter 211: Beastification


Bequa swung his arm at me with the momentum of his rush, and I ducked it. After that, he attacked again and again, swinging his arms. I ducked all of them.

“I see…Lightning half enchantment.”

I was convinced of something, so I added a half enchantment to the triple enchantment to win at once.



First, I punched Bequa in the stomach. Then I kicked him in the jaw as he bucked and his face fell back.





I punched Bequa in the face as he was about to fall on his back because of the kick to the jaw, knocking his head to the ground. Then, his beastification was undone. I then placed the sword in my left hand against his neck.

“I give up…”

“That’s enough. The winner is Zeros.”

At that moment, Bequa uttered a surrender and the mock battle was over. I thought he might have fainted, but he remained conscious. He seemed to be as strong as ever.

“When did you become able to turn into a beast?”

“I managed to get it just in time to head here…about two weeks ago!”

“I knew it!”

From the moment I saw the attack of the beast, I knew that he really wasn’t used to beast attacks. The attacks are large and monotonous. And the ice and snow armor is only for looks, not nearly as functional. That’s why he attacked by punching instead of using a sword.

“If that’s the case, then don’t study here and practice more beastification in your own country…”

There was another option for him not to study abroad. If you are going to practice beastification, it would be better to be in a place where there are other people who can do it.

“Beastification is useless if someone teaches you. One of the reasons I came here to study is so I can fight with Zeros as much as I want! Then I’m sure I’ll be able to improve my beastification very quickly!”

“So it’s useless when taught?”

“Ah! Even if you make a contract with the same kind of beast, that beast is not the same just because their similar!”

To put it simply, Bequa explained that even if you sign a contract with the same kind of beast, there are so many differences, including details such as whether the beast is specialized for attack or speed. And yet, if you let someone else teach you, you might lose your advantage. So it’s good to get some advice, but it seems that you have to do something about your own fighting style.

“So what else did you come to this country for?”

Earlier, he said that one of his purposes in coming here was to fight me. He sounded like he had other purposes.

“Oh! I also have two other purposes, one of which is to get you to sign a contract with a beast so that you can become one.”

“No, sorry, I can’t do that.”

I explained to Bequa that since I had already made a contract with two spirits, it was impossible for me to make a contract with a beast.


“That’s a problem… Well, I’ll look into that over here!”

I explained that it was impossible, but apparently Bequa wouldn’t give up. I’d like to sign a contract if I can, so let’s hope for the best.

“So, one last thing I’m after…….”


When Bequa said that much, he glanced at the two beastmen he had brought with him. Then the two beastmen came running at a brisk pace.

“Amazing! I can’t believe there really are people stronger than Bequa-niisama! I can’t believe it! It’s incredible!”

“Stronger than Bequa-niisama.”

I’d like to introduce you to my brother Urza and my sister Carina. They’re twins, Urza is a wolf beastman and Carina is a cat beastman.

They were Bequa’s brother and sister. Urza has gray hair and chemo ears, and red eyes. And Carina has dark purple hair and chemo-ears with a short frizzy cut. And they are both about the same height, about 5’5″. Urza is a beautiful boy who could easily be described as a girl, and Carina is a beautiful girl who makes you want to protect her.

“Oh! ODD-EYE!”


Carina’s right eye was light blue and her left eye was gold. When I said so, and she hid it with her bangs.

“I love your odd eyes, they’re so beautiful, I’m so jealous.”

“Eh…? Beautiful? You’re jealous of me…?”

“Hmm? beautiful and envy?”

If I had had odd eyes, I might have awakened to something magical. I’ve been able to do many things with various skills, but I really admire the odd eye.


“Eh? Sorry! Did I say something bad!”

Carina suddenly started crying and I was super flustered. Bequa laughed as he watched her.

“Zeros, don’t worry about it. But there’s a little tradition that it’s bad luck to have odd eyes when you’re a beastman. She’s just happy that you’re the first person outside of my family to compliment her on her odd eye.”

I didn’t know beastmen had such a custom. I’m glad I didn’t say anything that would have hurt Carina’s feelings.


“I was so surprised to see you doing that. You have a lot of nerve to do that while leaving me unattended.”

Sophie came up to us after she finished repairing the practice field. I don’t think this is enough to raise a flag, so I think it’s okay.

“I was the strongest among these guys, so much so that they wouldn’t believe me if I told them I had lost a school battle. That’s why I wanted you guys to meet, to show them how big the world is. Tada!”

By the way, there are more than two handfuls of beastmen stronger than Bequa. But all of them are about 30 years old and in their prime right now. So the twins took it for granted that they would never be able to beat him. So they thought there was no one who could beat Bequa at about the same age.

“Can we talk now?”

“I’m sorry to keep you waiting. You can talk as long as you like.”

When Bequa was done talking, Gladden spoke to me.

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