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Volume 7: Foreign students arc

Chapter 205: Studying for the Exam

“Sophie! The weather’s so nice! Don’t you want to go outside?”

“Well, do you want to go outside to study?”

“I guess I feel like exercising when the weather’s nice.”

“After the exam the day after tomorrow, you can exercise as much as you like.”

“Since we’re back in King’s Landing after such a long absence, why don’t we go say hello to Shana and Claudia?”

“We’ll tell Shana and Claudia that you came back during the exam the day after tomorrow. Let’s say hello to them then.”

“What about going to the church to pray…”

“We’ll go the day after tomorrow, on the way back from the exam.”


“Oh, I know it’s a little early, but let’s go to lunch…”

“Brother, I’m about to get really angry.”

“I’m going to study…”

We arrived at the royal capital yesterday. As soon as we arrived in King’s Landing, Sophie and I went to the academy and the elves went to the royal castle separately.

As soon as I arrived at the school, I immediately arranged the documents for my study abroad. Sophie had prepared the documents in advance. Sophie taught me how to write them, and I wrote all of them and submitted them. How did Sophie know how to fill out all the documents for studying abroad?

It was a mistake that I had followed Sophie’s instructions and signed the forms without reading them properly. One of the documents was to set the dates for the exams that I couldn’t take during my stay in the elf territory.

I realized that I had submitted a document that said I would take the exam the day after tomorrow. I only had three days to study: today, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow. Sophie told me that just because I put it off, it didn’t mean I won’t study for it, so I should just get on with it and get it over with….

I thought that three days would be enough time since I had already learned it once, but something unexpected happened. The first unexpected thing was that I was so tired from the long trip that I fell asleep without doing anything on the first day. But this was a very minor thing compared to the second unexpected thing.

“There, your math is wrong.”

“Oh, right.”

“There, it’s not a bow. It’s a salute.”

“Uh, right.”

The first problem was that I had forgotten all about the arithmetic and etiquette questions. I could still recall the arithmetic easily after only doing it once, probably because of my previous life.

“There, don’t put your knees on the ground, put your head on the ground.”


The level of doubt that Sophie really likes me is severe. She only gives me whips. I want some candy too…

“That’s not correct.”


“There and there too.”


I asked Sophie once if she could show me the exam questions. If the questions are the same, I can memorize the answers. Even if the questions were different, the tendency would be the same. So there was no harm in having her show me the questions.


“Let’s say I showed you the exam questions and you got a good score. By the way, Shana and I, who weren’t in class, took the exam without knowing what kind of questions would be asked and in what format, right? If you see it, it would mean that my brother can’t study better than me and Shana. I don’t mind showing it to you, but do you want to see it, Zero-niisama?”

I quit asking her to show me with this response. To be frank, it’s just completely our fault for not attending class. So I’m not surprised by the fact that she took the exam without knowing the question format or anything. But it’s kind of frustrating that Sophie and Shana did the exam with that and I’m the only one looking for the questions. What am I talking about when I’m being taught by Sophie…you know? Well, if I can’t do it, I’ll ask her to show me. But I wanted to try as hard as I could without looking at it. Of course, I regretted that I had such stupid stubbornness within an hour of starting to study.

“Yes. Perfect! You did a great job.”

“It’s over.”

It’s now midnight on the day before the exam. It’ll be the day of the exam in about 10 minutes. I worked until late at night, but I managed to remember enough to get a candy bar from Sophie. This would be perfect for tomorrow. After that, I went to bed and was ready to take the test tomorrow.


“Begin the test!”

The next day’s examinations began. I had eight subjects to study, and since each subject is a one-hour written exam, it would take me eight hours to complete the exam. But if you finish early, you can do the next subject. And when all of them are done, you can go home. Then I’ll finish as soon as I can…

“I’m done.”

“Eh? Already?”


The test was over in a little over two hours. I had reviewed the test, so there was no way that I had failed. What was that? I wondered what score would be enough to fail the exam.

“I have some time left…”

Sophie said she would come across the street four hours after the exam start time. There was still more than an hour before Sophie would arrive. Then I’ll go to the church in my free time. It wouldn’t take too long to go to church, and it would be perfect. Oh, come to think of it, did Sophie meet that joke of a goddess when she was reincarnated?

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