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Chapter 197: The Second Late-Night Visitor

"Zero nii-sama! Are you all right?"


A little while after the Devil king left, Sophie came into the room briskly without knocking. Oh, I see, the elves and spirits are asleep, but Sophie, the majin, is not. I wonder if the devil king just didn't put Sophie to sleep or couldn't...

"Are you alright? I'm the one who wants to ask that..."

I'm worried about her because she was knocked unconscious by hitting her in the jaw with a weapon, even though she was properly strengthened.

"But more importantly, where is the Devil Lord?"

"He's already gone?"

"Did he do anything to you? Is there anything wrong with your body?"


"Hey! You're too close!"

Sophie began to touch every part of my body as if to check. After a few touches, she seemed to realize that there was nothing wrong and moved away. How can you tell if something is wrong just by touching me?

Incidentally, it seems that Dia told her in a trembling voice that the Devil King was there just when Sophie happened to wake up. I guess it was really a coincidence, but she woke up at a good time. And it seems that Dia and Shifa who are devils were not asleep either.

Also, I heard that Dia withdrew into the depths of Sophie's mind after telling that to Sophie. And Shifa seems to be by Dia's side as her chaperone. In other words, it seems that both devils have withdrawn. How scary is the Devil King...? Is the devil king hiding the fact that he's a siscon?

"Sophie, are you hurt anywhere? I hit you really hard, are you okay?"

"I'm unharmed, so it's fine."

I'm glad she's unharmed, but it's a bit complicated because I feel like she's saying my attack didn't work at all. Well, I treated her, so she should be unharmed.

"Ah...! Um...well...um..."

Sophie suddenly became upset and started to retreat. She was probably worried about what had happened earlier in the day. When she stormed into this room, it was an emergency situation with the appearance of the Devil King, so she didn't have time to worry about that? But once she realized that the Devil king was no longer here and that he hadn't done anything to me, she probably became calm and started to remember what had happened today.

"Sophie, come here. Let's talk a little in private."


I patted the side of the bed and asked her to sit closer to me. If I didn't do this, she would leave the room without being able to talk to me. It would be even more difficult to talk to her.

"Zero nii-sama, I'm really sorry."

"I'll forgive you, since you seem to be truly sorry."

"Thank you very much."

"I'll go with you, and we'll apologize to the elves tomorrow."

"Yes I'll apologize to the elves tomorrow for my behavior in the village."

I'm Sophie's brother, so I'm willing to forgive her for most things if she apologizes and shows remorse. But there are some things that others may not be able to forgive so easily. As Sophie's brother, I would like to apologize and make amends together with her.

"But why did you act so crazy and out of control today?"

I've already forgiven her for everything that happened today, but I have to make sure it doesn't happen again.

"Well, that's..."


"Oh, sorry, I'll ask you about that later."


Sophie seemed to know the reason herself and seemed reluctant to say it, so I put it off. Sophie made a cute face while wanting to know why. I wanted to make sure that Sophie understood the reason rather than just asking her why. I would ask her the reason for her outburst after the story I was about to tell.

"I won, so you'll listen to anything, right?"


I decided to use the right I had received as a bet in the sibling feud now. All the elves and spirits are sleeping now. And Sophie's contracted devils are scared deep inside her and won't come out. It's just the two of us now. I hardly ever get a chance like this.

"Then, can you show me all of your status without hiding it?"

"I'm sorry. I don't want to show you that. If you insist on showing it, I will. But......"

"It's fine. I'll ask for something else."

Originally, I expected this to be refused. If I forced her to show it to me, she would. But after that, things between us would get a little worse. I don't need to see her status if there's a chance she won't like it. Well...I'm really interested in Sophie's status. How many magic skills does she have? I wouldn't be surprised if she has twice as many as I do.

"Then instead, I want you to answer the questions I'm about to ask you with a "yes" or "no" answer."


The reason I asked for her status was partly to make sure I wouldn't be refused this unfamiliar request by saying something that seemed impossible first.

My hands began to shake from the nervousness of the question I was about to ask. I squeezed my hand, forcing it to stop shaking, and made myself ready. Then, staring into Sophie's eyes, I asked the question.

"...Sophie is Yumi Sato, the sister of Reiji Sato ...... my sister in a previous life?"


My name in my previous life was Reiji Sato. And my sister's name in my previous life, who was one year younger than me, was Yumi.

After I asked the question, there was a moment of silence. The silence felt so long that it felt like hours. I almost looked away from Sophie, but I held my gaze and looked at her. I kept waiting for a "yes" or "no" answer.


"Sophie answered with tears in her eyes."

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