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Chapter 192 - Divine Lightning


My plan worked. I didn't want to use the divine lightning, which I believe to be the one that killed me in my previous life, but I had no choice.

Incidentally, since the power of the divine lightning is unknown, I can't use it under normal circumstances because there is a risk of accidentally killing someone. And even if I were to use it without that, the physical burden on me would be too great. If the burden is too great, it would be impossible to enchant it. I would not be able to move even a single step. However, if it's a half enchantment that I acquired during the current fight, I might be able to withstand it, right? I thought. Well, I wasn't sure if I could enchant the non-magic divine lightning, so that was a gamble.... As a result, I succeeded in half-enchanting and my status skyrocketed to the point that I could slay all of Sophie's magic even from an impossible position.


However, even though I was half-enchanted, having my status increase that much was still a great burden on my body. As soon as I finished moving, I felt a pain that felt as if my whole body was being torn apart. The pain was so great that I fell to my knees and crouched down. However, this pain was just barely bearable, and not so much that I could not move. The problem was the damage to my bones and muscles.

As soon as I went down on my knees, I was wary of Sophie's magic. However, perhaps because she didn't know the identity of my enchantment, she seemed wary and didn't release her magic.

'Recovery triple enchantment...'

But there were still a few enchantments left. I performed three recovery enchantments that did not increase my status at all, but merely restored my stamina and injuries.



Thanks to the recovery triple enchantment, I managed to move. There is still some pain from the divine lightning half enchantment, but as for the bone and muscle injuries, the recovery triple enchantment will heal them. Now that I was able to move, I slowly stood up.

"Onii-chan? What kind of magic is that? I don't know any magic like this. I'm your sister yet you're hiding things from me. I'll cry, you know?"

"I didn't think you, who has more secrets than me, would say that."

I don't know anything about Sophie's status, like how much magic she can use or what kind of skills she has.


I muttered in a voice that Sophie could not hear. It's just a little bit, but my magic power is decreasing. Until a while ago, when it decreased, it would immediately fill up again. Ah! I see! Consumption is more than supply! Divine Lightning Half Enchantment consumes that much magic! This was no time to be dazed and staring at each other. I went towards Sophie to bring her into close combat.


As soon as I headed for her, a wall of ice appeared. Sophie must have thought I was using lightning shrink because I was going too fast. But now I was just running normally. So I can cut through the ice created by this magic.


Then I hit Sophie in the stomach with the belly of my sword while keeping the momentum of running. This sword, which has blades on both sides, does not allow for a blunt strike, so if I were to attack with the sword, I would have to hit her in the stomach. If he had attacked with the blade, he would have won, but that would have cut Sophie in half and killed her, which he could not do.

However, I could not reap her consciousness just by doing this. I kicked the ground after Sophie, who had been blown away, in order to reap her consciousness this time.

"Magic release!"


My recovery triple enchantment was suddenly removed as if it had been popped. This caused me to stop moving, even if only for a moment. However, there was no way that Sophie would have missed that momentary opening, and she cast a spell at me

"What is it this time...!?"

Fortunately, Sophie's spell was a lump of earth to get me away from her, so it was not high power. I slashed the magic in the air and landed on the ground. But I was about 10 meters away from Sophie.

And since the recovery effect for the divine lightning half enchantment was gone, the physical pain started to come again endlessly. But if I do the recovery triple enchantment again now, she will think I can't move without it. I want her to think that the status increase is limited to what it is now, and that the recovery is insurance in case Sophie's one blow hits me with a level of magic that knocks me out. I stood up calmly, acting strong.

"...why do you still have that enchantment?"

"Huh? Why not?"

''...You didn't use spirit magic, did you?"


"I would never do such a thing."

If I start enchanting with spirit descent or spirit magic, Sophie would also call a devil to possess her. So I can't do that.

"What kind of skill is it then?"

"That's... hm? Unusually for you, you're asking for a lot of details, aren't you?"

Normally, Sophie would not ask about skills in the middle of a battle. And when I asked this question, Sophie suddenly became silent.

"I mean, is there a reason why you want to know about my skills...?"


I seemed to have hit the bull's-eye. Ah! Come to think of it, when Sophie came to help me with the demons, she suddenly deactivated the skill I was using. The magic must have been deactivated in the same way. Ah...I see...divine lightning is not magic, so the half enchantment wasn't canceled?

Hmm? Then how did she disarm the Raiden armor back then? That's not magic either. From what I can guess from the situation just now, maybe there's a way to disarm skills that she knows the names and details of, like magic? If it was Raiden Armor, I've tried it in front of Sophie, so she would have known the details.

"Enchantment lock."

Sophie whispered something to me. Of course I didn't hear what Sophie said.

"What? Why won't that enchantment lock?"


Sophie suddenly started to be surprised, but I didn't understand what she meant. At any rate, my strength is almost at its limit and I want to treat my body.

"Recovery triple enchantment. ......... eh?"


I feel like I should have done a recovery triple enchantment, but the only effect is a double enchantment. While Sophie was a little confused, I tried to make it a double enchant this time. Then the effect became a normal enchantment. Next, I tried to make it a normal enchantment. But it didn't trigger.

"...... I see, that's how it works."

After thinking about it a little, I found the answer. Sophie must have used some skill to disable my enchantment. Double enchantment is probably triggered by using both enchantment and double enchantment. That's why the double enchantment became a normal enchantment. So the same principle applies to triple enchantment.... I guess she didn't hear the word "half" because I usually just whisper it when I do enchantments. So to stop the current divine lightning half enchantment, she must have accidentally made the other enchantment unusable.

"As for what big brother is doing, I can slowly ask him later....I know how fast you are now. It's fine even if you have that enchantment."

Saying that, Sophie quietly began to prepare for the enchantment. And I held up my sword to aim for an opening at the moment the magic was released.

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