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Chapter 19: Returning Home + Another Perspective

“Ah … that was fun …”

I was looking back on what happened today in the carriage on the way home.


When I thought I felt something on my left shoulder, Shana fell asleep and was leaning on me.


Then, when I look with the same feeling from my right side, Sophie is leaning in the same way.

“Sop… no …”

Sophie is awake, right? I wanted to ask, but I didn’t want her to get angry so I stopped speaking.

“I’m home! “

“I’m home”

“””Welcome back!”””

And when I realized, I had also fallen asleep and we were home when I awakened.

“Did you get something to eat?”(Dad)

“Of course!”

“What did you get?”


“” What …? “”

My father should have asked if we had hunted a monster that we could eat as a joke. However, when I said we did, he probably thought we just picked up some nuts, he had a face like that. So when I gave a detailed explanation, my father, mother and brother were very surprised.

“Did the knight there help you?”

“No. Only the three of them defeated it.”

“” “…” “”

It’s interesting to see my family surprised with their mouths open.

“Then I will take the orc to the dismantling yard.”

The knight took the orc and we broke up there. I invited Shana to join us for dinner, but she said no because she’s royalty and it would look like she’s favoring us.

“See you later!”

The next time we meet may be at the time of admission.

Kui kui

I feel like she’s beckoning me to lend my ears, so I turn to Shana.

“(Next time, I’ll make you say I need Shana, so look forward to it.)”

“Eh! What does that mean !?”

However, she waved from the carriage without answering my question.

“Huh … goodbye”

I also waved back until I couldn’t see the carriage.

“Ah …”

Perhaps it’s Sophie staring at my back. I seriously don’t want to look back …

After that, as expected, Sophie scolded me and my family praised us for defeating an orc, everyone ate the orc. I thought I would be reluctant to eat orc meat, but I wasn’t. When I asked what kind of meat is this? he said, “Orc”. and I was surprised.

 After that, I was tired and slept like a baby. Then I was woken up in the morning and left the capital in a carriage.


(Another perspective)

<King’s POV>

“How was it?”

I asked the knight captain what he thought of today.

“First of all, Miss Sophia has even mastered the basic magic spear.”


You can say that you’re a genius if you can use magic at only 8 years old. Moreover, to use spears at that age, there will only be enough to fit the fingers of both hands in this country.

“And Shina-sama is so good at stealth skills that I lose sight of her if I’m not thinking about it.”

“To even fool you …”

It’s a great talent if she can deceive the eyes of the Knight captain even for a moment at her age.

“As for Zeros-kun …”

“Mu? What’s wrong?”

When it came to Zeros, he suddenly went silent.

“He’s honestly out of standard.”

“How …”

I wondered if he was talented enough to make him say that much.

“Today, even an orc appeared.”


There was an orc in that shallow forest … It might be better to ask the Adventurer’s Guild to investigate.

“Then you finished it yourself.”

“No … only the three of them killed the orc.”


I was surprised and shouted. But can only those three really hunt an orc …

“There, Zeros played decoy right in front of the orc.”

“Is that true …?”


The reason why all beginners stumble with orcs is not just because they’re fat, but the main reason is that a single attack can kill them. No matter where it hits, an 8-year-old child can die. Therefore, it’s not easy to approach and it’s impossible to land a decisive hit.

“He attacked with sword and magic so that the hate wouldn’t go to anyone else even from such a close range.”

“Is he that strong in actual battle …”

Certainly, at the age of eight, there will be some who have such skills, but none will be able to fully exert their power in a situation where they may die. He’s certainly out of standard.

“No. That’s not it …”

“Mu? Is it different?”

“Yes. For example, are you nervous when you, as the King, shoot a fireball at a target in front of the people?”

“I wouldn’t … of course not …”

If you’re a kid who isn’t used to magic yet, you might think that you could go wrong and injure someone, but I won’t be nervous for a mere fireball. However, I understand what the knight captain is trying to say …

“Yes. Zeros dealt with the orc as a matter of course that was not worthy of tension.”


“I’m sure he can already avoid attacks from trolls just as well as long as he has the magic power to do so.”

“In other words, he has a skill?”

“I think that’s likely.”

If the knight captain says that, can he really do it with a troll … .If you’re alone, you can at best buy time when facing an A rank monster. There are only a few such people, including adults.

“I’m looking forward to his admission”

“I have a little request for that.”

“What is it?”

It’s rare for this guy to have a request.

“I want to be the supervisor of the practical skills at that time.”

“Hm … okay. Let’s do that.”

“Thank you”

“You’ve worked hard. You can go now.”


This will be a good stimulus for my sons and daughters who are beginning to become lazy. I’m looking forward to four years from now.

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